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  1. Hahaha! Yeah the multiscale fan fret system is amazing though, like wow the strings just feel amazing... unless its a rickenbacker then it always feels amazing
  2. Its actually the B string its in the process of getting new strings as these were dead
  3. Couldn’t find this thread, so mine got merged but thats good cause now I know how to find it haha! Here are my Black Basses/Guitars
  4. Hey guys, thought I’d pass on this page that have been doing photoshop renders for me. They do great work. Find them on instagram @bassguitarhub
  5. Thats actually more like it good job sir. Now make it look like my Alpher
  6. Think again. Rick-o-sound. Stereo cable. Two amps.
  7. That is gross... you should be ashamed 😂 that is not at all what I meant keep the Alpher exactly the way it is. But put rickenbacker pickups on it with a ric bridge. Done.
  8. I have played a normal guitar with a splitter and a drop pedal and played through two rigs before. Splitting the signal is just as good. And you can EQ certain things. The ric-o-sound is definitely a luxury. And not sure how applicable it will be on my live set up. But who knows some day it might be useful. Excited to hear this new project of yours though and all the best in your home.
  9. Rickenbacker 4003 MBL Alpher Mako Prime Callida #67
  10. Sorry for my absence folks. Grandfather passing away etc. I have ‘t had a chance to take a photo looking down the neck yeah. Just to make people aware who are interested in owning this vox bass. I am getting offers over private messaging. I will be willing to sell it to whoever will restore it back to a playing/working bass. But offers on the price are important too. Thank you all for your interest.
  11. I’ll get a photo tomorrow looking down the neck
  12. All very good points and comments. And thank you for the links. i guess I never really expected it to be worth anything in terms of money. I have 4 options. 1. Sell it but not get much for it and hope that somebody gets use out of it after getting it repaired 2. Get it repaired and maybe be able to sell it for slightly more than if it wasn’t repaired 3. Get it repaired and use it as a playable instrument 4. Make it look presentable and hang it on the wall as “art”
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