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  1. Smooth hound used to sell a polarity converter for about £2. I needed one to power my receiver unit from my normal pedal board supply. Doesn't appear on the website now though as a separate item, only as an accessory when you purchase a main unit.
  2. Yes Jack, I agree, the Smooth hound receiver is a bit of a pain actually, but I did put it on my pedal board as I have a board of always on pedals (preamp etc) that I shove to the side of me when i play, not to stomp on, so it hasn't been a problem. I did have an early base unit which kept picking up interference despite being sent back for repair, but I was impressed enough with the service and product to buy another so now I have 2 transmitters synced to the unit as a backup. I do like the idea of the plug and play though. But with a rechargeable system, what do you do if it goes down mid gig? With the smooth hound you just put in another couple of AAA.
  3. I use the Smooth Hound Classic for my DB which works well for me.
  4. I can see now that you are central London so I would like you post if possible...
  5. Hi Dave. Thanks for this. Just been looking at reviews on acoustic guitar and general studio use. The HPF seems all I would need on upright with minor eq adjustments as I would only want clean and powerful without much colouration or drive. But I think I could have multiple uses in a small home studio. So I think I will go for it please. I can send you a paypal payment tomorrow if you send me an email address. I can't see on this screen where you are based but I think I would needed posting to Surrey. Cheers Simon
  6. Hi Dave This looks interesting. Do you think this could be used as a preamp and eq for upright bass pickup for home recording? I use mic when I can but want to add some definition with pickup as well on certain songs. Looking for something possibky multi functional that could be used for acoustic guitar di, electric bass di and upright bass. Cheers Simon
  7. I no longer have my Stagg but I also had similar problems. Not enough for me to worry about to be fair but defintiely some hiss. I started using my Vox amplug Bass which accepts an mp3 input and just used normal cable out of the Stagg.
  8. Ha! Yes, you are right any will fit in, I use my full size on in the same way but it is a bit of a faff to get in and out properly. It is very surprising though just how much easier, lighter and better to manoeuver the slimline version is. You wouldn't think it, but it makes a huge difference. I still prefer the look and sound of the full size version at home but do use the slimline the majority of the time for the convenience if I go to band practice.
  9. That's a shame, I am the opposite, I really like the feel of steel compared to something like the Innovation and Presto. And I always get small blisters with nylon strings that I don't from steel, not a huge inconvenience but slightly annoying all the same. I haven't played much these last couple of months due to a wrist injury so I haven't tried my new BC strings on my second bass yet, but still love them on my primary bass.
  10. I like the Presto's, don't get me wrong, I just prefer the feel and silkiness of steels compared to the synthetic or nylon wrapped strings so prefer the feel of the BC on a longer playing session. My favourite actually was the Innovation Honeys but they won't work with mag pickup as not enough metal content and I much prefer the sound of the mag pickup to the various piezo I tried. I did think of trying the Spirocore Solos and then tuning them back down to standard pitch but not looked at this further as it seemed a lot of cash to splash on another 'maybe' to go with the various sets of Spiros and Prestos that I have in the cupboard that I really ought to sell on!
  11. Ha, maybe! It is a little strange though as I REALLY like the set I have on my main bass. But then that bass never got on with the spirocores that everyone else raved about.
  12. As an update: I got my new set of BC strings. This might be an unfair appraisal but they 'seem' more cheaply made than previous sets, even unrolling the fresh strings they don't have that same slippery and sliding like a snake feel that I remember from previously . I put a set on my EUB and they feel a bit lifeless and rattly, no real tone, a real step down from the Prestos that normally reside. Obviously, not an ideal test being a Stagg stick bass and not a 'proper' bass, but even so. They might just not suit that bass which is entirely possible. Prestos going back on. I will try this same set on my other bass too (that also has prestos on) to see how they go before I reserve full judgement.
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