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  1. Signal limiter suggestions

    Looks like I have answered my own question in that the Boss LMB-3 seems to do what I need. I assumed it was a compressor that squished both ends but doing a search on here (oops should have done it before...) you should be able to limit the top volume without squeezing the lower notes. Thanks for looking!
  2. Signal limiter suggestions

    Hi chaps, I don't know what it is I am asking for or what I actually need but I have a problem that I haven't managed to solve so far. I play with a pick and vary my attack according to the dynamics of each song or parts of songs which works well overall, as well as using a lot of palm muting and 'tic' 'tac' type playing, but occasionally I get a bit carried away pinging open strings which tend to resonate louder than my fretted notes (particularly open E) which then distorts. I play a violin bass direct into PA (Behringer XR16) through Tech 21 VT Bass DI with only a TC Electronic Sub n Up octave pedal for occasional use and use In ear Monitors, no amp at all for the most part which probably doesn't help as the signal is distorting digitally I suspect rather than causing a nice warm distortion through amp. I have adjusted the gain on the PA input to what I think is appropriate for most things but unless I have the level set much too low for most uses, I can't get rid of the spike I get from the open E (and A too, but mostly E). Is there any pedal that I can use to tame the maximum input whilst leaving the rest unaffected for me to vary my dynamic? I did try playing with around TC Electronic Spectracomp but it seemed to squash what I was already doing too much even with very minor use. Otherwise it will be me having to knuckle down and control my exuberance on my playing... Kind regards Simon
  3. Low Power Valve amps, with desk assist

    I have used exactly the HT5 direct into desk and I think it is an emulated output. Works to a degree and sounds perfectly fine out front but you lose the feel on stage if it is loud enough to need desk support. I upgraded to the Fender Superchamp X2 (15w) to use in the same way, but that also underpowered at gig volumes, you just can't hear yourself properly, even with decent monitor wedges. Then we went IEM and a completely different experience. Only played one gig like it but it felt amazing as you can control the gain on guitar to clean up or dirty up the signal and you get your sound at the right level in your ears. I still have the Superchamp and am pretty much on bass full time but if I was doing it again I would just use the Behringer V-amp or Pod pro or something and take a fully processed sound to the desk - I figure that if I have the ear pieces in and I am taking a feed prior to the speaker then I can't see the point of having the amp.
  4. I think this ebayer may have some of his information wrong https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bass-guitar-Fender-Jazz-Bass-Power-Special-Ser-No-E918655-1963/253243997150?hash=item3af684bbde:g:0KcAAOSwVlVZ~0z4 Active 1980s bass timewarped back to 1963 anyone?
  5. Which DI ?

    Hi guys, we have also switched to IEM during the summer and I am looking seriously at this too. I have done it several times at rehearsal using Sansamp VT bass DI and it has been ok if not spectacular. Has anyone actually made the jump and sold their amp? How do you get a nice bass feel using the DI? I still normally take my amp (Hartke HA3500 and 212 cab) for the room 'bass' as with the Sansamp it feels a bit too crisp and direct even though I like a punchy rather than fat bas sound. We have a good Yamaha PA but no subs as yet. Would subs make all the difference to the overall bass bloom in the room? I would love to lose the amp entirely so could sell off bass gear to finance a sub (or subs). I do have rackmount Behringer bass v-amp pro which I use for recording at home. Would this sort of thing be better to push out through the PA with it's cab emulation etc I do use a couple of FX pedals but tend to use them for the whole song (such as overdrive or octave) so I could easily set up a couple of banks with different FX loaded.
  6. This might be a bit off the main topic but I have had great results, particularly when seated in the mix, of my Parkwood H2 which has the fishman power bridge. I just run this into an outboard Ashdown acoustic preamp and into the desk. If you use heavy strings it gets a great acoustic tone without all of the faff that goes with mics. Depends on the quality level required of course but it may well be worth looking into the hybrid guitars at that price point (Godin, Taylor etc) which will probably have better electronics on board to be able to lose the outboard preamp.
  7. Digital/Modelling amps..a thought ;)

    I am with Paul, I have the same need, I only need one (2 at the most) settings but would like to have that without all the extra bells and whistles and have the solid state for the weight etc. I actually accept the limitations of Fender solid state in preference over heavy and bulky valve tones just for convenience, weight and consistency of sound. I did go through the phase of using just a Zoom G5 multi effects into a power amp but again, too much to fiddle with. Playing with Bass I now just use a Tech 21 VT bass DI to keep consistent sound ad plug into effects loop of whatever amp happens to be available. Why can't they make some solid state amps with just good power amp and speaker with the option to add sounds via PC like TC Electronic do with Toneprint? I have a Fender Superchamp X2 (I know it has a valve in the preamp but still technically solid state I believe) and just set one sound, deactivated the rest and works well, but I actually prefer my Fender Frontman 65w 'beginners' amp with it's default sound, just wish I had the confidence in it's reliability. As Paul says, being able to choose the basic amp in whatever format you need then add the amp model afterward would make a lot of sense and surely make it easier for manufacturers to appeal to a wider audience.
  8. Ukulele tab books

    Perfect. Thanks to both!!
  9. Ukulele tab books

    Brilliant, love that rhyme! I will have to teach the children... Uke is tuned with high G. Thanks SpondonBassed, it would be appreciated. And thanks again Dlloyd, I will check out that website over the weekend. Much appreciated chaps.
  10. Ukulele tab books

    Thanks Dlloyd. I have some of these books for guitar and agree they are great. Not tried these particularly with the uke but it was the key sounding appropriate that was the issue with other (actually uke specific books). I will give it another go though with transposing. Thanks
  11. Instruments You Struggle With

    I have tried (to a limited degree) lots of instruments but can't seem to get over the bit between total novice and becoming more accomplished. I can do a basic drum beat but can't get it more than that; struggling a little with ukulele (can play all the chords but struggling to play any proper songs); saxophone, couldn't even get a proper note out; can't seem to get to grips with acoustic guitar at all, particularly fingerpicking or open chords; pretty good on the recorder and xylophone due to kids playing them at school; keyboard I can use the white keys only so have to transpose everything into C major; slide guitar I REALLY can't do and just don't understand.
  12. Ukulele tab books

    Well, here's the thing. I am learning concert ukulele to take camping and impress everyone with my natural musical ability!! Doing ok so far but at the stage of playing full songs now. When I try to play songs I know on ukulele they just sound wrong somehow. I think it because I am playing the songs as I know them in guitar keys. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good tab book specifically for ukulele with rock and pop songs for learning rather than Amazing Grace and Scarborough Fair? I got a couple off Amazon (playlist series) but some of these also sound a little odd and a lot of the tracks are a little obscure. Others on Amazon get very mixed reviews so I would prefer t go with a recommendation. I want to learn some good and easy campfire songs for people in their 40s. Thanks in advance
  13. Floyd Rose guitar help

    +1 for Ibanez. For that sort of money I would look for a used Japanese RG from 90s. Pick them up on ebay for probably a little less than that but excellent guitars and will hold its value. I think the Edge is overall a better system than genuine Floyd Rose.
  14. Bass preamp DI into PA (and no bass amp)? Can it work well?

    Well done for giving it a go Al. Really depends on the venue. Monitoring through small monitor speakers does sound really tinny but DI sounds good in my IEM and is always consistent. I still do take my amp to a most gigs, just for a backup and also for a little presence and low end heft for the people at the front (and for my use as a table to hold my stuff). At my gig on Friday night I had to turn up my amp a little as guitarist decided not to bring IEM and vocalist IEM phones broke so needed on stage sounds. We get good comments about the clarity of our sound and always DI/mic up all instruments including drums through PA. Makes it much easier to control overall sound too. Also makes it easier wen asked to DI as we are used to it.Playing a festival during the summer and the sound guy is very happy that I have no problem just turning up with pedal board and bass. He was getting a lot of stick from some of the other bands wanting to bring monster stacks wen only 15 mins between bands for setup. Just of the back of that we have probably got another gig that he gets involved with.
  15. Short Scale Fretless

    I converted one of my violin basses to fretless and intonation is a little suspect. Because of the short scale and floating bridge, a small adjustment in fingering makes a huge difference (and not always in a good way) but it does force you to listen to what you play and adjust fingering as you go along compared to the jazz bass. I don't play fretless often enough really to be good at it, but I am sure you would become used to it I actually use a bass ukulele for this sort of sound and find it a little better.