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  1. Looking for a rock and roll (as opposed to full on rockabilly slap) bassist to help out on a project. Upright or electric. At this point a short term speculative project for some fun but could maybe become the main event. Essentially I am doing upright bass and vocals in a 50s and 60s rock and roll band doing all the usual suspects and a few less known tracks (Elvis, Cochran, Cash, Perkins, Berry, Cliff, Beatles etc) with a guitarist is very traditionally minded and has that 50s feel and sound. The sound that my drummer and myself have in our heads though has a bit of extra grunt and a slight punky attitude into it and want to try out a couple of sessions with myself on guitar and a different bassist. This might be brilliant and we switch the personnel, but it may not work at all, most of that riding on me being able to play well enough (been a while)! So it could just be a couple of jam sessions for some fun with no commitment or it may work well and we want to continue in this vein, either with whomever comes to help, or to advertise for a full time member. If it worked and everyone wanted to continue, the aim would be to play locally probably only about 10-12 times a year at pubs, social clubs, charity events, village fairs and festivals. Not intending to get on the rockabilly circuit at this stage. We are based in Woking and Walton-on-Thames and rehearse in Sunbury. Just drop me a message if you are interested and I will ping over some basic demos we already recorded in this style.
  2. True, but you could treat the family to a day out at the London Eye, and just happen to make a stop off on the way! Everyone wins
  3. As I mentioned in an earlier post, if anyone happens to be London way then you would be more than welcome to come and try out. I am only a few minutes from mainline railways station or M25. I have a Stagg EDB too which I really like too but it does fall away from me as I play which the slimline doesn't.
  4. Mine doesn't seem to like Spiros so well. I tried both Mittel and Weich and it just felt a little 'choked'. I used Presto Ultralight for a long time and now use Blast Cult Lowlifes as I use Magnetic pickup mainly now to get a slightly more 'electric' sound. Interestingly, I tried recording my full size with both a pickup and condenser mic (positioned by bridge on E side) at home. I recorded the Slimline one with the same setup on 2 other tracks too for comparison and I couldn't really tell much actual difference and picked the slim one for the final mix on the demo!!
  5. jrixn1 It does get a little lost in a full depth bag so is a little uncomfortable on shoulder straps, and I put a couple of cushions in the car to stop it moving around. But it is much lighter and less cumbersome and I even put it neck down in the footwell with the back resting on my front passenger seat (laid flat as much as possible), so I can go to rehearsal in my convertible car if the wife needs the estate.
  6. Compared to my full depth bass it is probably about 25% less volume, maybe a touch more. Loud enough to play along to rehearsal tracks but not loud enough to wake up the kids or to play along with anything more than an acoustic guitar. It is perfect for me, it is easier to play than my full depth, easier and lighter to transport and easier to amplify, so it is my go to bass. That said, it doesn't have the same mojo as my full depth bass, for some reason the front is very plain and a yucky reddy brown gloss varnish whereas the back is nicely flamed.
  7. I have a set of silver slaps that I have just taken off my stagg and put steels on. You are welcome to try them if you haven't sorted this. Drop me a message if you are still looking
  8. I have one too. I really like it. Even my luthier was surprised with it. He hadn't seen one before but was generally impressed. As you can imagine, the sound isn't as strident and loud as a full depth one and is less complex, but still pleasant and sounds like a 'proper' DB, just a bit quieter - ideal for home practice actually. If I was playing in an acoustic bluegrass band it wouldn't be my choice, but I play amplified and it is SO much easier to amplify than my full depth one. It is also easier to transport being that little bit thinner although it does look a little strange when you are used to a full size (which I think happens to be a good thing as far as I am concerned - I do like to be a bit different). If you happen to be all the way down south towards London then you would be more than welcome to come and try out.
  9. I am also interested in trying out a Far West but also got no replies through the website contact page. I like my Stagg for the convenience and the sound, but it doesn't suit my 6'4" frame particularly well and keeps rotating away from me slightly when playing and singing. I have made a real effort to get my acoustic DB to sound less like a DB and more like an EUB (don't ask - the guys in the band prefer it) so it is less of an issue now but I would ne keen to try another EUB to save me having to take the big car every time to rehearsal!!
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Update: Had my first rehearsal last night using some of the suggestions. Firstly I tried the Kent Armstong pickup into my regular Phil Jones bass rig - was ok, but not quite what I wanted, still sounded too detailed and double bass like, so then I went from my pedalboard preamp into a Carlsbro keyboard amp that was in the studio. A major step up closer to what I was after! I had to remove a lot of the low bass as it got very woolly very quickly, but it was a flatter sound just from my Mesa preamp DI and sounded both very 'electric' and punchy at the same time. I might try compressor as also suggested, just to smooth out the delivery, but the other guys were very happy with the sound so I didn't need to use my EUB at all. So, thanks to all those suggestions, it has put me a lot closer than where I was a week ago.
  11. Hi Beedster: I have been using the Krivo magnetic pickup but it still sounds very double bass like to me, I still get those nice overtones, ambience and finger noise but I can't seem to dial in the big fat sound that I have in my head, but I can using the EUB. When I played a little while with a folky country band it was perfect, but this band seems to need / want a different tone. On TheRev's sggestion I am going to try out an Armstong pickup which I am led to believe is a bit less detailed and run just it into my normal electric rig to dial out some of the offending frequencies.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I will try these out at the next couple of rehearsals and see if anything works. TheRev: I happened to catch up with the guy locally that had used the Kent Armstrong pickup and he didn't like it for exactly those reasons, a bit sterile, and not enough finger noise. He still had it so I am borrowing his to try, to save you posting one out (very much apprecaited by the way, a very kind and trusting off to make!). He also wants to keep it as a backup so if it works I will contact Armostrong and get one made. Thanks for the input!
  13. Thanks for the offer Rev, much appreciated, I may well take you up on that offer. Where are you based? I will try that idea of blocking up the f holes and damping the resonance first, sounds like a reasonable observation, it does definitely sound like it has far too much 'air'. I had a slimline bass from Thomann a couple of years ago but sold it on when I moved house and it certainly used to amplify better than my current squeeze, but it was half the depthc of a standard bass. An acquaintance locally did have a Kent Armstrong pickup too a while ago which he didn't like so I may talk to him about what he didn't like.
  14. I tried one of the Fishman preamps, but this gave it more acoustic 'air' so I just started going straight into an amp, but I do have the Mesa Boogie Subway DI for my electric bass so I might give that a go (I go straight into PA with electric bass as we all used IEM). Strangely, I used a touch of reverb and TC Electronic Body Rez on my Stagg to make it feel less 'flat' and to dail out some of that piezo quack but didn't really consider using preamp on my regular upright. I can't quite work out why my Stagg with piezo pickup can give that fat fretless bass sound but I can't get my upright to do the same. I am always loathe to boost bass and swamp the sound so maybe I need to cut some of the upper frequencies or high mids. Thanks, I will dig out my Subway DI and give it a go next week at rehearsal with a flat amp. I suppose along similar lines, using my Ashdown head would give me a different approach than my Phil Jones so might take both. Back in the day an Ampeg SVT with 8x10 cab seemed to be the thing but I need to fit all my gear and a full PA into my car so need to keep my own rig quite small.
  15. Very bizarre concept I know, particularly for this part of the forum, and I don't want to start an argument, just looking for some suggestions... My current band (a modern slightly jazzy take on rock and roll, jive and swing) has just single guitar, drums and bass. The others prefer the sound of electric bass to really fill out that bottom end but I want to play the upright (partially because I prefer it, partially because I have on going shoulder issues which makes wearing an electric bass uncomfortable). So currently I play my Stagg EUB almost exclusively which allows me to boost the bass without the feedback which works for the most but I am struggling to replicate that with my actual upright and I would prefer to use it over the Stagg - I use steel strings (either Blast Cult Lowlifes or Spiro Weic)h and Krivo magnetic pickup - but it still sounds too 'double bass' like for them. They like the sort of sound that Lee Rocker used to have in the 80s with steel strings and magnetic pickup but I can't seem to work out exactly what he used or how he did it. Would it help if I went up to a higher tension on the strings and played with a lighter touch? Would that create less of the finger noise that seems to make it sound more double bass like? Is there a less detailed magnetic pickup that I could try - or I can maybe build my own out of a P Bass pickup and build a support frame for it? Cheers
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