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  1. TC,DG,MXR,Tech21 Aguilar

    Is that a Darkglass Vintage deluxe rather than ultra?
  2. Alpher Mako *SOLD*

    I picked up my Alpher last week and it's exceptional. If I had the cash I would be buying this bass!
  3. Hi, if it's the 2nd gen then I would interested. Thanks
  4. Pm'd, great pedal!!

    Hi, how much is shipping to UK? Thanks
  6. Hi, I am posting this for my old band Bootleg Zoo. If your interested please get in contact. Thanks!! Bootleg Zoo are looking for a new bass player! We are a well known covers band playing around 35 – 40 gigs a year in pubs, at parties and festivals, all over Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire. We are looking for a great musician and experienced live performer who loves to play covers by Queen, AC / DC, Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Sterophonics, Led Zepplin, Foo Fighters, Fleetwood Mac and many others. If you can sing harmonies as well, that’s a bonus! If you think you’ve got what it takes then please contact David on 07776 163929 or Sharon on 07958 617063.
  7. Dingwall Lee Sklar

    That's awesome! Where are you based?
  8. Sorry if you didn't get a response but they have found a bass player.
  9. bassist just moved to Leicestershire.

    Hi, are you still looking?
  10. SOLD American Standard P bass

    I love P basses and purple is my favourite colour! Very tempting...
  11. Mike Lull PJ 4 (£1350!!!) SOLD

    I think I played this bass when it was at Bassdirect. I tried it a few times and by the time I decided to go for it someone had bought it! It's a real player and sounds great!
  12. * SOLD * Ibanez Roadster bass 1982 with case

    Very nice! Is shipping an option?
  13. [quote name='b.a.s.s.p.o.r.n' timestamp='1483449243' post='3207174'] Hi, Grant. Did you trade your old bass with Bass Direct? Asking, 'cause that's where I got this one. Fancy getting her back? ;-) Cheers. Thanks for stopping by. [/quote] Bassdirect sold the bass for me a few years ago. I would be tempted but the exchange rate puts it well beyond my means. Good luck with the sale. Thanks
  14. Looks like my old bass. The clear scratch plate was made by the Sims custom shop in the UK. Is a great bass and I do miss it...
  15. Alembic Spoiler 4 String

    I can see why, it's a great looking bass! Thanks