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  1. All of the above! If it makes you feel any better my Squier P didn't come with a lot in the box, if I remember rightly it was just the Allen keys.
  2. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1393415280' post='2379880'] I'd go with the behringer DI thingy... seems to get good reviews and cheap as chips [/quote] This. I used to run a small open mic/acoustic night and the only time we had a bass running through our (basic) PA without a DI it sounded pretty awful. Worthwhile investment.
  3. Nice! The grain on the neck in that last photo is lovely!
  4. [quote name='HowieBass' timestamp='1393352046' post='2379197'] A Squier Vintage Modified or Active Deluxe or Classic Vibe Jazz bass should serve you very well. [/quote] This. Both the Classic Vibe Squiers and the Modern Player Fenders are made in China, and in my experience the quality is very similar.
  5. After a set up my VM Squier plays just as well as my Mexican Fender. As said above, don't be fooled by the label!
  6. Mike bought a set of strings from me last week. Honestly a pleasure to deal with, extremely quick to respond, and payment received within 5 minutes of agreeing the sale. Would happily sell to (or buy from) Mike in the future.
  7. Black Dog Not a huge Zep fan but this is great fun to play!
  8. [quote name='Beer of the Bass' timestamp='1393158154' post='2376731'] Here's a WD plate, bought in 2010 and the brown tortoiseshell rather than the red. Why on earth did I sell that bass? [/quote] Is that a Highway One I spy?
  9. Have been GAS'ing for an SUB on and off for a few months. This thread doesn't help matters A chap I used to know at school had a white one which was a bit of a mistake (finish was marked in no time) but it was always nice to play.
  10. [quote name='topheteatwo' timestamp='1391810181' post='2361681'] Mine is this the bassist from Brand New, criminally underrated, that riff is just great. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOHg1rKzWuE [/quote] +1 there are a couple of tracks where he does some really great, subtle work (see Gasoline) My other pick would be Roger from Less Than Jake who regularly impresses me with quite intricate lines whilst sharing vocal duties. Below is a personal favourite example: http://youtu.be/WG1ZtRs2TA8
  11. [quote name='Graham' timestamp='1393088327' post='2376100'] I'd love to play Anchor by Cave In, but it'd fall flat on it's face at our gigs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_wzzq_uyXQ This video always gives me Gibson Ripper GAS [/quote] Always loved that song. As a bassist it would be Welcome to Paradise http://youtu.be/zM58kGx_xpU In my current situation (flying solo) it's always been Let's not Sh*t Ourselves by Bright Eyes. I've never found a situation where this one (9+ minutes) would be 'audience appropriate'. Plus I think it would only really work with a full band. http://youtu.be/pDWKSie5gLo
  12. I had a similar situation recently - saw a bass on gumtree, arranged a price and a time to meet and try it only to see the same bass on eBay (with bids) with the listing ending the day before I was due to go round. Sent the guy a message asking the obvious question of "Que?" and didn't get a response until after the eBay auction ended when he kindly told me he had told the winning eBayer (who bid more than I offered) that he was then selling to me instead. Didn't feel right so I pulled out and wished him all the best.
  13. I currently have a family of five - three basses, an electric guitar, and an electro acoustic. I haven't gigged playing anything other than the electro acoustic for a few years now, and I have to admit I am feeling slightly guilty about the third of my three basses (J&D Jazz) It's the only one on the rack that I can't provide a 'real' justification for owning, other than "it's surf green" The rest all mean something to me sentimentally or get regular home use (or both!) so I would make a strong case for keeping all of them regardless of my gigging situation.
  14. [quote name='karlfer' timestamp='1393060355' post='2375655'] And me [/quote] We aren't half keeping him busy!
  15. [quote name='Protium' timestamp='1393082581' post='2376007'] I picked up an official 3/16" Fender T bar tool from the states for something like $10 posted, bit of case candy [/quote] Nice! I popped to the DIY shop down the road and grabbed a set of imperial and metric keys in the end - it cost about a tenner. Slight overkill given I only needed the one key, but I'm sure I'll find a use for them. No flat pack furniture will be safe
  16. How does the bridge compare to the Badass out of interest?
  17. My brother might be interested in this (he lives in Stafford) I've dropped him a link and will PM you if he's in! Cheers, Dave
  18. The neck on my VM Precision is noticeably thicker than the Jazz neck on my Deluxe Precision, despite the nut widths being 41mm and 38mm respectively - it doesn't sound like a huge difference on paper but it's really pronounced when I go from one to the other. A jazz neck would be a much closer match to your SR, but before you take the plunge, two bits of advice from me: 1. Get to your local shop, pick up a Jazz and give it a play - better to be 100% sure that you're comfortable with the feel - you might decide you like the Precision neck better, and if so you're £100+ better off! 2. MEASURE UP. Make sure you check the actual measurements of the neck pocket on your bass line up with the specs of the neck you plan to order. I (rather foolishly) bought a Squier neck without the bass I was buying it for in front of me, and unfortunately it didn't fit - luckily I was able to sell it on but save yourself the hassle!
  19. [quote name='ikay' timestamp='1393078214' post='2375913'] Fender website specs say 3/16" hex for both American Standard and Mexican Standard Ps [/quote] Which is the key that just worked a treat :-) thanks for your help!
  20. Thanks for the reassuring response. There's a DIY shop at the end of my road who should be able to sort me out!
  21. Hello, So I've just gone to adjust the truss rod on my Fender P, but I don't have an Allen key that fits (bought it 2nd hand and didn't get the original) I went to use the key that came with my Squier P (fits nice and snug in the Squier) but it was completely loose in my Fender. Am I being ignorant to think that the Squier key should fit? Is something horribly wrong with my Fender? Can anyone point me in the direction of an Allen key that will fit? Thanks, Dave
  22. The SVT-VR and 2x12 that is sat by the counter in Wunjo's. Unbelievably rich tone even though I was playing a Squier through it!
  23. theyellowcar


    Here's mine! Love it!
  24. [quote name='Chiliwailer' timestamp='1392921762' post='2374287'] The Bass Doc has the best t/shell I've seen in modern times. Lovely nitro and awesome value. Someone should tell Fender Custom Shop... [/quote] I have one of these in production with Howard as we speak - excited doesn't quite cover it!
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