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  1. Thanks Tom! It is a brilliant bass, and the only reason it's going is because I can't justify having three Precisions
  2. I bought Mike's Mexican Precision from him today, he's a top chap and you can buy with confidence. Thanks Mike!
  3. For sale is my 6 month old Squier VM Precision in Amber. I'm sticking strictly to my one in one out policy, so it has to go. Condition is immaculate aside from a couple of marks on the pickup cover and the scratchplate. I will photograph these for you. It currently has a SD Quarterpounder installed which comes included with the price (a few marks on the pickup cover from the previous owner), but I do have the original Duncan Designed pickup if you wanted to swap back and we could discuss an appropriate discount for that. I'm located in East Dulwich in SE London, but am between West London (Paddington) and Hertfordshire during the week so could arrange to meet near there too. I'm looking for £200 including the Quarterpounder - I paid £275 for the bass alone 6 months ago. Edit: it has also a brand new set of Rotosound strings on it in the last week. Full Squier specs are available here: http://www.fender.com/squier/series/vintage-modified/vintage-modified-precision-bass-maple-fingerboard-amber/ Added picture of the mark on the pickup cover.
  4. [quote name='skej21' timestamp='1394271330' post='2389691'] I've just been watching this and now I've got GAS for a fretless ray. I'm not sure I even know why!! Damn you Basschat! [/quote] 'Tis the nature of our disease!
  5. Howard has just made me two pickguards for my Deluxe Precision, a 4 ply tort and a 3 ply white one. Both are brilliant, the tort is honestly STUNNING. My bass has never looked better. Highly recommended.
  6. Here's some more of Howard's phenomenal handy work in the flesh (apologies for the sideways picture) my bass has honestly never looked better.
  7. Good work, although it's only half a job without pictures!
  8. It's looking good Anthony! When you re-finish it are you going for a solid white, or a nitro type finish with a bit of grain showing through?
  9. [quote name='Phil Starr' timestamp='1393756826' post='2383963'] If you are using a 100W+ amp in a rehearsal the usual reason for not hearing is that you are standing too close to your amp and it is pointing at your ankles not your ears. Tipping it back and pointing it at your ears will help a lot. Hope this helps [/quote] This would be the first thing to do - repositioning the amp and adjusting to account for the directional nature of most bass speakers could be a much cheaper (albeit short term) fix.
  10. [quote name='Highfox' timestamp='1393752961' post='2383917'] I have a music shop giftcard that is burning a hole in my pocket, That 15" 200w combo might just be the job [/quote] You won't be disappointed!
  11. Very nice! Steal for the price too. I never found an Epi Thunderbird that I got on with, but I've always heard great things about the Tokai equivalents.
  12. [quote name='wateroftyne' timestamp='1393752588' post='2383910'] Oh - forgot to mention... from the look of the cavities, she used to be candy apple red. [/quote] Those in favour of resurrection, say "Aye" Lovely looking bass, congratulations.
  13. [quote name='NancyJohnson' timestamp='1393755094' post='2383945'] This is great fun and another hour wasted! It does make you wonder why manufacturers don't offer a degree of configuration/customisation even in a limited way...it's 2014 kids. Fender (for instance) must be producing hundreds of bodies/necks globally on a daily basis; this isn't a case of following through an instrument or keeping it in house from start to finish (a la their Custom Shop), it should simply be a case of 'simply' stockpiling parts and screwing them together to satiate the desires of their customers, rather than force feeding them a limited number of standard models plus artist editions. [/quote] This! My biggest bug bear is that I'll probably never be able to buy a Surf Green/Sonic Blue Fender Precision off the rack for less than a couple of grand because they're seen as 'obscure' finishes.
  14. Never been a fan of gold on a bass.
  15. I was intrigued as to what made up the £400 difference. £599 seems a steal for a US made bass with a hard case!
  16. Top. I like the contrast between the body and the neck
  17. [quote name='Grissle' timestamp='1393707544' post='2383668'] I'm really anxious to hear/read a comparison of the new Fender 40 and the Ampeg ba110??!! [/quote] I'm probably the least objective person to ask - I bought two BA110's from two different retailers and had to send both back for different faults. After that debacle I bought a Rumble 15, which was faultless, and then last week I traded up to the Rumble 40. If the BA110 had worked, I would've kept it happily, but looking back now when I think about 'bang for buck' the Rumble 40 wins hands down - more flexible EQ, XLR out, built-in overdrive, 3 built-in tone voicings, and trust me, the Fender weighs [b]a lot[/b] less. I can't emphasize that enough.
  18. I've just ordered a set of Roland RH-5's which I preferred because of the fully closed back. I will report back once I've given them a go.
  19. I'm sure The Bass Doc could knock you one up
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