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  1. mine would be rust in peace-megadeth slowly we rot-obituary ride the lightning-metallica playing my game-lene marlin heaven on earth-Belinda carlisle the American way-sacred reich abba gold-abba appetite for destruction-guns and roses somewhere in time-iron maiden in search of sanity-onslaught
  2. I hated the mb range mine was plagued with problems. but I had one of the first runs. first the 115 speaker went pop then when you ran it at 2 ohms the head suffered from thermal shut down issues I did like the classic tone when it worked
  3. when brain fart strikes my go to move is volume down and pretend the lead has failed or bass has packed in and join in once I know where I am in the song. when asked dodgy lead/volume pot
  4. as the title says the new band I've joined is looking at buying the rcf evox12 system.i have my doubts as to if it would be loud enough to run drums bass 2 guitars and vocals.has any of you lot used the evox12 and if you have whats it like
  5. when I spoke to the online sales person he assured me it was a u.s head and I should really buy it straight away because u.s heads are rare and that one was a steal
  6. ah it wasn't to be.my back should thank its new owner
  7. try backing the bass off to about 9 or 10 oclock on your streamliner it works wonders.
  8. we stopped playing at a pub in Appleby after one of our gigs.as we finished our last set the landlord came over I cant pay you any more but ill have a whip round.so off he went round the crowd with a large sweet jar collecting extra cash for us to continue.so we played another 7 songs and by the time we finished he had disappeared with the all the extra cash he had raised.
  9. neck issues as I found out.having had gigs Friday Saturday and sunday I didn't think and left all my gear in the car with the basses on the back seat. over the corse of the weekend the action on one of my jazzes went from 1.9mm to 5.3 lesson learnt
  10. I use 2 2x10 focus cabs stacked vertically light loud and clear and an adjustable tweeter control on the back of the cab.not had any gas for any other cabs in about 3 years
  11. my next gig is cannibal corpse in Manchester its going to be brutal
  12. bobbytodd

    Rig help

    ive went through a fair few amps and cabs until I bought a genz streamliner and two of the 2x10 focus cabs.think im set for life or atl east until it goes tits up.it took a few trys to get the sound I was after but once I turned the bass down to 9-10 o'clock it sounds great
  13. ive recently got m hands on 90's samick bass so the first thing I did as swap the old pick ups for a spare set of Duncan design ones out of my vmj.thing is the output is still thin and weak sounding.so whats the best way to increase the output? the bass plays well and is so light my back loves it
  14. ive had a natural vmj for a while now.its been modified with new electronics and fender cs pick ups as well as a babicz high mass bridge.and it plays better than my fender or lakland the only problem I have is that after a gig my back aches like hell.so today I weighed the bass and it weighs twelve and three quarter pounds.im using a mono strap to try to help with the weight but it isn't working. any other helpful tips.also whats your heaviest basses
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