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  1. Saw this pop up on eBay the other day and was very tempted (desperate for a Surf Green bass!) but I'm one bass away from filling my allowed 'quota' so I shied away. How does the neck pickup sound when solo'd?
  2. Gah! This thread has got me hankering for a couple of new guards for my Deluxe P! (A BWB, and maybe a white pearl)
  3. Very very nice. I keep looking at these and thinking "I must try one" How does it sound compared to the P I spy in the background? I imagine it being similar but with a little more thump and a bit cut out of the mids?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Plenty to get stuck in to! The favourites so far (having cruised through a number of YouTube demos) are the BDI21, the LPB-1 (which both look to be exactly what I was after) and then the Hardwire, which just looks incredibly versatile and well put together! Plenty to think about!
  5. My current backline set-up is pretty limited, i.e. I don't have a gain control to add a bit of crunch/warmth to my sound. I'm not looking for anything drastic, just something add a bit of grit without having to push my amp to the point it shakes the walls of my house! Final caveat, it would be great if the bill was sub-£40! I have no aversion to used gear!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. To echo everyone else, I rate the Affinity basses, the only complaint I have is the stock electronics generally makes it sound like there's a bee hive somewhere in your amp.
  8. Right now I can't stop playing my VM Precision. Lovely slab of wood, classic warm precision tone, and it only cost £270!
  9. Lovely! Looks great without the power station floor pickguard they shipped with!
  10. Keep looking at these and thinking about selling my pair of P's to trade up. Gah GAS! Out if interest how heavy is the lacquer on the neck? Is it similar to the CV basses?
  11. My old Peavey 1x12 was built like a fortress, and survived some serious abuse over the 5 years I owned it. No bad words to say about the Laney gear I've used either.
  12. I have the Active version of this bass and I love it - incredibly fast Jazz style neck, really solid build which I perceive to be significantly better than the Standard MIM range of the same era. Good luck with the sale!
  13. A custom shop Jazz, with a Precision pickup at the neck, and a big ol' MM humbucker in the bridge. Surf Green or Sonic Blue, pearl plate.
  14. Many moons ago I was desperate to get my hands on a black BB604! Phenomenal bass.
  15. [quote name='bartelby' timestamp='1382887269' post='2257571'] I saw a Black/Maple Fender Modern Player Jazz Satin in real life yesterday. The build quality was fantastic. I refrained from having a try as I would depress me not being able to buy one there and then. But currently it's top of the GAS list. [/quote] Top of mine too. That and trying to hunt down a Sonic Blue CV Precision (which mysteriously appeared back on the Squier website last night!)
  16. Still trying to find my brand. I have Rotosound Rotobass on both of my basses at the moment. They sound great on my Fender, which I had time to set up when I changed strings. My Squier is a totally different story, just illustrating the point that every player/bass/pack of strings is different!
  17. Congrats! I picked up the VM Precision a couple of months ago and absolutely love it. It gets played daily! I look forward to seeing the pics when they make it up!
  18. Ok experiences with GAK - two orders, one good, one bad. To be fair to them the bad experience was a faulty product which was returned and promptly refunded. I can strongly recommend PMT based on my experience dealing with their team in Birmingham. Called their web team at the weekend with an enquiry, the number actually pushed through to the Birmingham store where The chap (Steve?) processed my order and threw in a free set-up and Saturday delivery.
  19. Had this exact issue with a BA110 before sending it back. A Google suggests that it's driven by relatively loose cab construction and is fixable with a bit of work on the innards. As I said above, I sent mine back and picked up a Fender Rumble which has been impeccable.
  20. I played the black 2013 in Wunjo on Saturday to see if the Rumble amp I was picking up would handle an active bass, and I have to say I was really impressed. I had it set completely flat and got a lovely tone out of it. The neck was to die for.
  21. Reduced to £50 shipped, final final price, come and get it.
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