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  1. Looks like they have re-vamped the budget line of combos too.
  2. Nice!! Which of those pics is the most accurate version of the colour? Looks incredible without the guard! EDIT: [quote name='Lee Carter' timestamp='1390577460' post='2347147'] So getting one of these as a mod toy. Which would you say is the closest to the actual colour? I have to say the tort guard is my favourite. [/quote] Great minds think alike!
  3. Get rid of the Lakland: 1. Biggest return 2. No inherent sentimental value (it sounds like the 'rare' factor is the main thing it has going for it!) 3. I'm sure you could get a decent Jazz sound out of the Peavey or the G&L
  4. I have a Rumble 15 (previous gen) which I rate very highly as a bedroom amp. If I had a regular requirement for something bigger I would be all over one of these. They look SO good. And no doubt if the quality is consistent with the previous range they will be cracking amps.
  5. [quote name='Dazed' timestamp='1390244752' post='2343122'] Manchester area but regularly travel down to South Wales and happy to meet up on the way. [/quote] For once being in London is completely useless! Bit out of the way for either of us really!
  6. Possibly interested - where are you based?
  7. [quote name='Conan' timestamp='1390205076' post='2342474'] I wonder if that body would fit a standard Fender J neck? At that price it's almost cheaper than a refin in surf green.... [/quote] This. Throw in a white pearl plate and that's me sold.
  8. [quote name='Mattanorak' timestamp='1390136495' post='2341771'] Thanks for your help; I tried a VM Squier Jazz and loved it.. Nothing came close for the money and I was genuinely astonished with the quality. The RBX has gone and the Squier is now my travelling bass of choice, [/quote] Glad to be of service. I love my VM P!
  9. Oosh. That looks ace. Still toying with the idea of getting the Surf Green Jazz.
  10. Apologies first because I believe my photos have gone a bit wonky. Nonetheless I'm pleased to introduce my pair of P's, the first is a VM Precision with a 1/4 Pounder thrown in there. The second, a MIM Deluxe Active P that I basically stole (£300 second hand on eBay) in about 2005/6.
  11. It arrived today! Exactly what I was after, with room to drive it further if I want to! Thanks for the advice folks!
  12. Possibly interested in the LPB1 - can it add a bit of drive to the tone or is it a completely clean boost?
  13. Had one off a car boot sale for £30 many moons ago. Had to completely gut the electronics and start again from scratch, but it ended up as a pretty decent sounding bass. Mine weighed a tonne though.
  14. Might have to pop over there and make my thoughts known! Still, if the blue made it over here at the same price as the other SUB basses I don't think I would be able to stop myself!
  15. On a slightly related note, did you see the new SUB finishes? That blue!!! https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151967996267302&id=267855672301&set=a.267941452301.140511.267855672301&source=46&refid=17
  16. Great deal. I still await the day that a Daphne Blue HW1 P pops up for sale on here. It will be mine!
  17. So once again thanks to everyone for the advice and recommendations! For the time being I've gone for a BDI21 (I was sold by the DI functionality) which should be arriving either Monday or Tuesday! Thanks again.
  18. I would take a look at the VM and CV Squiers, great quality basses
  19. [quote name='andydye' timestamp='1388775772' post='2325995'] They could be built into a single housing as part of a custom build though which would look fine? [/quote] Good shout - megabucker! I've always thought this would be a killer combo, but never had the £ to spare (or the technical ability) to mod one of my basses/start a bitsa project.
  20. I own a VM Precision (in Amber with the Maple body and board) and have tried a bunch of Affinity P's and a couple of CV 60's P's. In short, I would probably buy the VM again rather than an Affinity/CV. The electronics in the Affinity basses are usually pretty shocking so would need swapping out, otherwise they're decent basses. The CV basses are near-flawless but I'm not a fan of the finish on the neck (very heavy gloss finish) and when I was in the market I couldn't quite justify the extra £65. All that said there's no substitute for getting down to a shop and playing all of the basses in the right price range and going for the one that feels right.
  21. I own the VM P and love it. However, I have just upgraded the pickups to Quarterpounders because even the Duncan Designed pickups were a little thin (great lows, but the D/G always sounded a bit wimpy for my liking) My recommendation would be to swap out the electronics on your Affinity first and see how you get on (my Quarterpounders only cost £36 used on eBay) If you're missing the anchor you had with the J/MM style pickup maybe drop in a thumb rest in a similar position? Much cheaper than a new bass ;-)
  22. Saw this pop up on eBay the other day and was very tempted (desperate for a Surf Green bass!) but I'm one bass away from filling my allowed 'quota' so I shied away. How does the neck pickup sound when solo'd?
  23. Gah! This thread has got me hankering for a couple of new guards for my Deluxe P! (A BWB, and maybe a white pearl)
  24. Very very nice. I keep looking at these and thinking "I must try one" How does it sound compared to the P I spy in the background? I imagine it being similar but with a little more thump and a bit cut out of the mids?
  25. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Plenty to get stuck in to! The favourites so far (having cruised through a number of YouTube demos) are the BDI21, the LPB-1 (which both look to be exactly what I was after) and then the Hardwire, which just looks incredibly versatile and well put together! Plenty to think about!
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