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  1. Hi Rich apologies for delay in replying. Yep I'm interested - you can contact me on [email="[email protected]"][email protected][/email]
  2. Hi I'm looking for a band to commit to. Ive been playing for over 25 years both semi pro and professionally and am now looking for a high quality band to join. I can play any genre but am really into hard rock. I'm not looking to be paid or be told that the band is the latest best thing on the planet and when you get to the audition you're greeted with a 65 year old bloke wearing a bandana and using 'band' talk, dude, - so no timewasters please - I've had my quota of these. So, if you're a down to earth band, who know you're REALLY good and can play well then PLEASE get in touch and I'd be more than happy to provide more information/links of my playing etc. Thanks for reading.
  3. Thanks guys! Mm string ray 5 is the way to go...
  4. Which one guys - MM stingray 5 OR Reflex 5??? OR Jazz bass American deluxe 5 string??? HHHMMMMmmmmm???
  5. I did something [i]really [/i]stupid my mistake....I pulled the jack lead out of the last pedal on my board half way out which sent a high volume/pitched noise through the amp and the overdrive/protection/clipping light came on while I quickly pulled the plug right out of the pedal. It may be just me, but the amp sounds like theres less power being output - but it may be that my ears were also shot to pieces by the signal! The amp works fine functionally, (no awful distortion/sounds like blown channel etc) - but just need your advice. I was using headphones/practicing at the time so the amp wasnt connected to any cab. cheers J
  6. I've sold the compressor and octave ....must update signature....
  7. Yep I've also got it bad...I think it goes with the territory really. ENT consultant told me its permanent and to get used to it. Interestingly, you can get a masking device that emits white noise at a very low level and if you use this for a while your brain gets used to listening out for that noise and doesn't listen out for the tinnitus....until you remember you've got it!
  8. I've heard some real abortions recently - all involved 'bass synths'.
  9. There must be a total of 3 bass pedals that sound good to my ears - the rest sound .......well, crap - and yet I keep seeing 'em held in high esteem by some people.....(Big Muff springs to mind)..... Surely if you've got a good basic rig, a preamp, chorus and compressor that's all you need?? Am I missing something or is it just clever marketing by manufacturers?
  10. "Let's do sex on fire!" .....,someone shoot me
  11. Damn spellcheck! Meant BM (bass merchant) not the motor company! :-)
  12. I went there to look for some new kit (Genz Benz shuttle and Fender Jazz ) and Chris wasn't around. There was a load of disco stuff but only some bass gear in boxes and I was told "Oh yeah there's a load of boxes but I don't know what's in em"(!). Don't think I'll be using BMW again - Bassdirect are excellent and Mark is really informed. I miss dealing with Darren and Chris as they're both good guys. Has anyone used Guitar Guitar in Epsom? They seem to have a large array of basses and amps (judging by their website)??
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