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  1. These are now available online with GuitarGuitar, PMT and Absolutemusic. Had it in my basket twice but really want to play one before buying. Guess i am taking a little trip to find one.
  2. Looking like June for these to finally make it across to the UK.
  3. I haven’t preordered one and was just waiting to see who got their shipment first. Was hoping for first week of April which Thomann have on their site.
  4. Looking like it’s probably mid April before these arrive over here.
  5. I’ve had a Swollen Pickle mkII since it launched about ten years ago and i like it. Plenty of room for tweaking out a few different sounds. I am curious to compare it to the Pork and Pickle and see how different they sound.
  6. I’ve glazed longingly at many a Sadowsky online. If the price point is close to £1400 than it could be a very competitive option.
  7. I am fine with Fender pumping out the same old design. Just make a mid priced Jazz and Precision bass that keeps the same specs and line up name for at least five years but rotate the colours every twelve months. Fender have a few under used finishes in the catalogue. It’s not going to be to everybodies taste but there is a demand for more colours. 2018: Grafitti Yellow, Fiesta Red, and Vintage White 2019: Sonic Blue, Shell Pink and Race Green 2020: Mystic Aztec Gold, Burgundy Mist and Competiton Orange 2021: Sonic Grey, White Blonde and Daphne Blue. 2022: Surf Green, Candy Apple Red and Imperial Blue.
  8. JMJ let the thread over on TalkBass know that there has been some production issues and things are behind schedule right now. I was very close to pulling the trigger on a pre order recently but want one in my hands first to have a good feel.
  9. Bought a Fender Flea jazz bass from Jack today. Great communication through the whole deal and even though he couldn't meet me in person today he arranged for someone to be there on his behalf.
  10. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1377296378' post='2186087'] The maple fb neck with the white blonde would be nice. [/quote] Fender offer them both with maple or rosewood.
  11. Something "new" from Fender. Was there a gap in the market for this? It has a couple subtle changes from his old one like the added forearm contour. He also played one at Reading and Leeds festival tonight. Here is the sweet talk from Fender Fender and hard-hitting Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt join forces once again to bring you the Mike Dirnt Road Worn Precision Bass. With original-era 1951 Precision styling, its ash body wears a 3-Color Sunburst or White Blonde lacquer finish worn to perfection to simulate years of hard-played onstage glory. Other distinctive features include a comfortable forearm contour, a volcanic custom vintage-style '59 split single-coil pickup, side-mounted output jack and custom Mike Dirnt neck plate. The maple neck has a thick "C"-shaped profile and a classic '51-style Telecaster headstock shape, with a 9.5"-radius maple or rosewood fingerboard with 20 medium jumbo frets and black (maple board) or aged white (rosewood board) dot position inlays. The bass also has a single-ply black pickguard, two knurled chrome flat-top control knobs (volume, tone) and special '70s vintage-style tuners.
  12. I one i saw was in Falmouth. Interesting that Padstow have them too.
  13. Two gentleman that divide opinion wherever they go. My local art gallery has a Damien Hirst designed Fleabass for sale. Not quite the $50k that was the asking price a couple years ago for the multi coloured ones but the more "sensible" price of £10k. 125 of these have been made (and probably all look the same to the untrained eye) Crazy money since before Hirst jizzed paint over it the whole thing was worth £100. The only redeeming feature is up close the case looks bombproof, a real heavy looking so-and-so. Nowhere is the word Fleabass used, the model is described as Modular (kinda close to another brand)
  14. [quote name='mart' timestamp='1374267074' post='2147132'] You want a sunburst, and you're in Cornwall? You, mate, are in luck: just get yourself down to Mansons: http://www.mansons.co.uk/product/squier-vintage-modified-bass-vi-rosewood-fretboard-3-tone-sunburst-5672 Sadly, the rest of us who want a white one have to wait. [/quote] Very tempting. I have one on order with my local shop but a little trip to Exeter could he fun.
  15. Getting a sunburst, could be anything between two and five weeks. Wish i didn't wait and just got bought one last week.
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