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  1. Any interest in a trade for a USA Standard P in Mystic Red?
  2. Lovely telebasses.... I can feel my wallet weeping.
  3. ENGL are not my cup of tea sonically, but I have to say, there is something about their brutalist design that I love.
  4. It's a cheap bass, in my opinion the perfect platform to try things you wouldn't dare on your more expensive instruments!
  5. Yep, I am over that like a rash.
  6. You get some very odd plates on Fenders, the left handers go even more crazy. They really should just use the same hole layout etc on every model..
  7. Well, spoke to the seller, it's gone to Brazil!
  8. sh*t! Just down the bloody road from me and I missed it.
  9. [quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1495789896' post='3306568'] I've shared this before, but it still makes me chuckle, so worth a repeat.... Many moons ago my band played a corporate gig at a very sw***y London hotel. The room was an immense space and there were several hundred guests who were dining at these large round tables, which during sound check, were set out beautifully. Full silver service, lovely centre pieces on each table and individual place settings. No expense spared. It had been a particularly early load in and during set up our old singer had wandered around looking at the place settings. Stage time was quite late and as such the singer had sunk quite a few beers by then. In a gap between songs, he starts a dedication to a particular lady at a table in our audience. We look around at each other a little befuddled not thinking he knew anyone at the gig. Once he'd connected with Mrs.Whateverhernamewas on Table 14, he then leads us into the aforementioned song with 'so this one's for Mrs.X 'cos your first name's Sally and you look like a horse - 2,3,4'. I'm not quite sure how we made it through the song. [/quote] Does the swear checker really get triggered by sw***y? Edit - Blimey! It does!
  10. Active model in French Violet? Want to get her back..!
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