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  1. Hi all thanks for the interest this bass has now sold! @throwoffyes these are great, hoping to try an am pro II jazz one day if I can find a lefty nearby
  2. hi all, selling my precision - it’s in excellent condition & Hardly played so I think this is a great price, can post U.K. mainland for around £50. Comes with the Ultra hard case and some bits.
  3. Excellent condition. Loads of videos on youtube demonstrating these, treated myself to this new on March 10th 2017 from guitarguitar for £2799 (have reciept, probably still under some sort of warrenty) Reluctant sale, but sprog #1 on the way and require cash injection, serial #M9366. Pics and full specs to follow, just been setup with DR sunbeams. Bass is in Swansea, UK. Can deliver at additional cost https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/170111306055007-572087--sadowsky-metroline-rv5-dark-lake-placid-blue-lh-m9366
  4. Ashdown ABM Evo iii bass amp head Ashdown ABM NEO210 8 ohm 500w Ashdown ABM NEO115 8 ohm 500w (older model) All in great working order Head is in v. good condition Cabs are 'road worn' will get more photos sorted soon Rig collection from Swansea, Wales, UK
  5. Bump with 10% off before eBay. I'm getting married next month and need to pay for that somehow!
  6. Radial PRO DI Passive - £80 (used once) Pedaltrain nano with case - £30
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Hello all, Its time to sell my amazing SR5, plays and sounds fantastic and in my opinion one of the best colour/board combinations (I cant seem to take a picture that captures richness of the actual colour its a transparent teal not blue). In full working order, has a few dings and the input jack and battery compartment are very so slightly loose... had it setup professionally not so long ago so nothing too serious. Will upload more pictures soon or on request sooner. UK Shipping (+£25) is no problem as it comes with MM hardcase and I have a sturdy box ready to go. Serial no. is L 58255 Cheers, [attachment=246061:IMG_0669.jpeg][attachment=246062:IMG_0670.jpeg][attachment=246063:IMG_0671.jpeg][attachment=246064:IMG_0672.jpeg][attachment=246065:IMG_0674.jpeg][attachment=246066:IMG_0676.jpeg][attachment=246067:IMG_0680.jpeg]
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