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Show us your rig!


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it's an old photo, and i changed the head to an EA iamp. but have since gone back to this.

after some twit blew the 10" cone in the Schroeder it has been demoted (or promoted? it gets more use now..) to being the sub in my van.

EDIT: yay! got in there first! woo woo!

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Very nice - Mike I remember all of those rigs!!

Here is mine then, a lovely Trace Elliot V4 200w all tube combo with a 15" speaker and horn.

Atop the trace is my other 'amplifier' - I use this more than anything else, in the studio, at home and live.

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The main live rig now looks like this -- it's getting its first major outing on New Year's Eve in Cheltenham:

Trantec wireless, Yamaha FX, Focusrite Trakmaster preamp, and Crown XTi-1000 power amp.
The cabs are still the Nemesis 2x10 and 1x15. The first time I cranked it up in my garage, my bike toppled over and a shelf fell off the wall. Mission accomplished. :)

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I have to confess I've trimmed down from this...

To this...

and though I'm much happier I'm alternating between the Thunderfunk and the Tech Soundsystems Black Cat amps so often that I'm back to not caring which amp I am left with when one sells!

If this is the worst dilemma I have in 2008 I'll be over the moon :)

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Here's both of mine currently.

Trace Elliot V8 valve rig: Good for fat sounds, heavy sounds, and random internal decoration. GK SS rig: Good for the Smith basses and situations where I'm swapping between instruments often.

Plus two 140w Burman Pro4000 heads:

One of these has 10 hours playing time since new in 1984.

My first decent rig was a Peavey TNT150 followed by a Trace AH250 Series 6 with a Peavey 410TX and then an SWR Triad cab. That all happened before I actually owned a camera. Photographic records started with this:

and at one point it got as crazy as this:

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Ok then, first the big heavy back knacking trouser flapping rock rig,

SWR750x, Goliath 4x10 + SoB 1x15

And then the not so big, not so heavy, not so back knacking but still trouser flapping small rock rig,

SWR750x, Schroeder 21012

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[quote name='BeLow' post='110399' date='Dec 28 2007, 11:31 PM']Have not got a decent picture of the rig at the moment, I am trying to keep the rig cheap, compact and small. Sadly this means that the band can now leave me to shift the PA as well so have decided to got for one of these.

It's not that I can lift them I just want to cut down on the number for trips to and from the car.


Don't know how big your PA is, but we've got one of those trucks, and to be quite honest, they're pretty small and don't handle too well.

For £25, we got one pretty much the same as this [url="http://www.sacktruckcity.com/product_info.php?products_id=3"]http://www.sacktruckcity.com/product_info.php?products_id=3[/url] from Costco (although you'd have to know someone with a membership card or get membership yourself - I was already a member anyway), and it's fantastic. Cuts loading the van down to half the time.

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