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  1. Shuker killed my GAS. Ended up getting rid of all my other basses and have not looked at another for 10 years now!
  2. Fantastic work there! One question though, where does the 3rd battery go?
  3. Also: [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=122138&hl=shuker+artist"]http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=...l=shuker+artist[/url] [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=38251&hl=shuker+artist"]http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=...l=shuker+artist[/url]
  4. Yes Loverly instruments.
  5. Username and avatar tattoo'd on your forehead? But then if you ever changed your avatar....
  6. 50 quid for a plywood body?? Wish I'd kept my Encore now... o,0
  7. Jon made the pickup covers on mine so i'm sure he can do it for you! I have Seymour Duncan pikups in my bass, a MM type and a 1/4 pounder jazz. The plasic surround of the jazz came off, but it doesn't on the MM pickup and so the wooden cover had to go around that. Making for a very large lump of wood. Good thing thats what i wanted! But in both cases the route had to be bigger than normal, so there will likely need to be some with you too. Might as well let Jon do it!
  8. I have an Eden WT550 and 2x15 cab. I think it's the best of both worlds? The WT550 is by a long margin the most impressive head I've had the pleasure of using. More power than you'll need, best sounding and most versatile preamp i've used, small, 2ohm capable, and as light as is needed. The 2x15 is a freakin monster, huge sound (obviously..) but with as much punch and top end clarity as other, smaller cabs i've owned (schroeder, glock, eden 2x10). Easily moved around thanks to built in tilt-back casters. But amazingly light considering what it is! Easy to lift on your own (though it's size makes moving around once you've picked it up tricky..) and a breeze with 2 people. Also, it fits in my Nissan Micra! Deffinitely the best of both worlds!
  9. [quote name='tommorichards' post='1178879' date='Mar 27 2011, 10:11 PM']So last night the DJ didnt save your life....[/quote] *groan* yes... that was the joke...
  10. Not if the pa was set up properly. Though (poor) DJ's have a habit of trying to improve the sound by pushing gains and eq's until eventually everythings maxed out. If you set things up and [i]then[/i] they did this preamp channels would be clipping, and likely power amps too. If you weren't keeping an eye on the desk and this happened I guess damage could be done, even more likely if the amps were on full power already.
  11. As stated, things can get messy when people start saying what they contribute to the group, and what it's worth. If your a function band then i guess it's all done with letters and contracts? If so, maby having a band fee + administrative fee would be more effective?
  12. [quote name='thebrig' post='1164287' date='Mar 16 2011, 12:11 PM']Unfortunately, most new laptops don't have express card slots either.[/quote] Really? I suppose the more expandable/upgradable things are, the less often people need new ones... I've been following this thread as i have a Phonic Helix mixing desk that has a firewire I/O with 18 sends, would love to record a band night, but have each channel recorded individually to help with mixing. But my laptop doesn't have a firewire input.. Gonna try Oldg's suggestion. Didn't know such a thing existed, and for 20 quid it's gotta be worth a punt! As for you, if you don't have an express card slot, then it looks like you're left with just 2 options. New laptop, or a USB interface
  13. Shame he danced around the fact it's an Overwater built by Tanglewood. Hope whoever bought it doesn't think they're getting the real deal. Even so, looks like a helluva lotta bass for the money!
  14. For more balance, my first combo was a Commando 15. Sound was good on it's own, but i found it was totally lost in a band setting. Got a Peavey 115 after that, found it miles better in a gigging situation.
  15. I've got the Red5's too. Good set of mikes, amazing for the price! Though i do find the snare/tom mikes a bit on the big side, and usually end up putting them underneath the drums to keep people from tripping over them when playing.
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