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  1. Thinking of a self-build project - a precision with a P/MM pickup config, and was wondering whether such a thing as a stacked Volume/Volume knob exists so that I could still use a standard top mount jack etc. So BC'ers, am I living in a dreamworld?
  2. I would go with 2 or 3 in black. Look forward to seeing the result!
  3. Welcome to the club. You will never leave.
  4. A short scale bass, I played a couple of Mustangs and a Squier Jaguar yesterday and they were lots of fun.
  5. [quote name='gsgbass' timestamp='1395506946' post='2403206'] i thought about the third generation Rumbles. But I'd rather stay with Markbass, or GK. For heads, or combos. [/quote] Quite a substantial difference in price though! The new Rumbles are pretty much best in class if you want lightweight on a budget.
  6. Rosewood is my preference, it's just coincidence that I have more Maple basses
  7. [quote name='Billy Apple' timestamp='1395424944' post='2402394'] You might be able to knock them down, as there's a couple of dings on the back [/quote] well played
  8. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1395421359' post='2402324'] Coda Music have one going second hand at present for £699: http://www.coda-music.com/fender-mike-dirnt-roadworn-bass-white-blonde-secondhand-p-18196.html [/quote] That is an absolute steal.
  9. [quote name='sPiKi' timestamp='1395413813' post='2402208'] Cheers theyellowcar for the response. Any chance you could tell me something about the weight in comparison to other P basses you've played? Can't seem to find a guide weight on the RW anywhere. Thanks. [/quote] It was light compared to the Maple bodied Squier that was my main bass at the time, probably about the same as my Alder Precision
  10. It's more likely to be busy/lazy (delete as appropriate) shop assistants. Manufacturers ship basses de-tuned to reduce the risk of damage during transit - a neck under full tension is easier to damage than a neck that's not. I imagine with the sheer amounts of guitars shipped to shops they don't always have time to tune every one exactly to pitch before they go on the wall, which may end up with the odd one being a semi-tone out.
  11. I got to play one a few weeks ago and it was probably the nicest Precision I've played - it certainly beat both of my MIM's for build quality/feel. The sound was as you might expect - a Precision with a bit more punch in the top end, but rolling back the tone made for some sweet dub-style tones.
  12. [quote name='MrCrane' timestamp='1395322112' post='2401073'] Sorry to butt in here guys, but I'm a bit confused with the specs published by Fender. As far as I can make out the 40 and the 200 combos have headphone out but the 100 doesn't - (at least as far as [url="http://www.fender.com/series/rumble/rumble-100-v3-120v-blacksilver/"]http://www.fender.co...0v-blacksilver/[/url] indicates). Is this correct? If so why would they skip this feature on one model (particularly if they include it on a higher powered one)? [/quote] It's an omission on the site. The spec sheet I got with my Rumble 40 also has the headlines for the 1/2/500 combos and they all feature a 1/8" headphone out
  13. Loving the yellow. It's begging for a black pickguard though!
  14. [quote name='johnny_frog' timestamp='1395272980' post='2400645'] Would heartily recommend the following [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/28020-Analog-Soldering-Station-150-480-C-60-W-with-Silicon-Wire-/280757198381?pt=UK_Home_Garden_PowerTools_SM&hash=item415e6ede2d"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/28020-Analog-Soldering-Station-150-480-C-60-W-with-Silicon-Wire-/280757198381?pt=UK_Home_Garden_PowerTools_SM&hash=item415e6ede2d[/url] [/quote] Thanks for the pointer! I managed to get a 'refurb' of the Maplin one I posted earlier for a tenner in the end.
  15. Howard just bought my VM Precision. An absolutely stellar bloke to deal with, super proactive to the extent that he even sourced the details for a courier including the exact price that it would cost to ship the bass. I couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction. Hope you enjoy the bass!
  16. Only colour I've ever really taken to on a Ric. Congrats, and I look forward to the pics!
  17. Sounded good Slab! That set-up had some serious punch!
  18. Might be worth measuring one of these against the current routing: http://www.emgpickups.com/bass/extended-series/passive/35hz.html http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/bass-pickups/soapbars/5string/passive_phase_i/ Because the screws are within the casing itself it might stand a better chance of fitting than doing something wacky like wiring two aftermarket single coils together. EDIT: or even look at these Rio Grande humbuckers which look like they would actually fit! https://www.riograndepickups.com/scart/SubCategories.asp?ProductName=For+Bass&SubCatName=BASS+HUMBUCKINGS
  19. [quote name='Jasonoon' timestamp='1394695401' post='2394038'] Thanks guys! Will check those out... the Behringer sounds like an interesting option! [/quote] For £30 you can't really go wrong, and I'm pretty sure you would get your money back on here if you didn't get on with it. It is a great bit of kit. I've heard stories of people using them as a credible amp replacement at gigs with PA support.
  20. I don't think there are any aftermarket replacements that would fit the MPJ without routing/drilling because of the location of the mounting screws.
  21. [quote name='Ou7shined' timestamp='1395095927' post='2398764'] I recently gambled on the cheap blue variable temp solder station from Maplin so I could have one in the house as well as the workshop and it turned out to be pretty good. About 20 quid and its every bit as good as my 60 quid one. [/quote] I was thinking a variable temp one would be a better shout than a fixed one - mine doesn't appear to be able to maintain a consistent temp for long at all. EDIT: was it this one? http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/50-w-solder-station-n78ar [quote name='HowieBass' timestamp='1395095970' post='2398766'] ... and though I'm an utter noob when it comes to soldering I think the advice is make sure the ends of the wires are tinned first too. [/quote] For sure, I always tin the wires and the tip of the iron.
  22. [quote name='Ou7shined' timestamp='1395095225' post='2398744'] Try it that way first and if it works ok you're golden. A decent iron should only take a couple of seconds each. [/quote] Shame my iron is utter garbage any decent ones that you could suggest as a replacement?
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