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  1. TI Flats for me - then one set lasts your playing career 😉 But that’s something I’ll let him work out what he likes
  2. today I ordered a Yamaha 234, EBS Session 30, and TGI Gigbag from Bass Direct 👍
  3. Aye in this - he doesn’t really have any specific bands or artists at this point that he’s imprinted on (but he does have lovely taste in music - and diverse) initially when we talked about it he was all “yeah anything is good” but the last couple of days he’s started to express a preference here and there and do his own nosing around and I’m keen to go as much as possible with any preferences he has for loosely those reasons - harness any preferences to maximise the initial interest To hmthat end he’s decided he likes the look of the Yam BB234 in natural, so I may ring Bass Direct tomorrow and what they can do on a bundle with one
  4. As I say, was looking at the Classic Vibe so up to around 330 I reckon
  5. For anything in particular? (which is the thrust of the thread 😉 )
  6. cheers - looks like that one is a 3month+ order - I nosed around a bit and all the mdoels I looked at needed to be preordered - appreciate the pointer though - will keep an eye out
  7. So we were all set to order a black/tortie Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazz and it seems there are none to be had until “late sep/early oct” (and I’ve been down that moving-delivery-date-rabbit-hole before, and he’s decided he doesn’t like the other colours lol - so looing around for something of similar quality/price (used is also fine) - needs to be something that is actually in stock - not “available to order” shenanigans. I’m leaning to Jazz-style (I have a CV Precision already so be nice to have something different style in the family) I noticed the Yamaha BB234 from Bass Direct - PJ - any good ? What would be catching your eye if this were your son? thanks
  8. He’s 5’4” - 11yo - big unit for his age
  9. Hi there - I’m a lapsed beginner player myself (ended up just an acoustic guitar player) but my son wants to learn bass. We have a teacher locally and obv I want to do the proud Dad thing and get him a practice amp - I may go for one practice amp and one headphone unit as he splits his time between my house and his Mums house) ideally I’d go used to start off- any suggestions as to what’s worth looking for? Fender Rumble? Other things decent value and quality? (I’ve got an old Classic Vibe P he can use, but toying with picking up a CV Jazz for him that’s easier on the hands size-wise - any thoughts on that? thanks folks
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