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  1. Fantastic! Well done Andy, I love the colours! It's a really gorgeous, sophisticated looking swanky type bass.
  2. Absolutely fliping fantastic Andy, well done, you've done it again! I bet you and the new owner are positively pink torpedo-a-hoop! (I quite like this swear filter... stinky poo.)
  3. https://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/musical_instruments/guitars_basses/el_basses/bb/index.html
  4. Could you hang it up in the boiler cupboard/airing cupboard?
  5. Does seem like a big difference in price for not of extra value...
  6. I think the specs are very different. The four banger is basswood, fiver is Figured Ash, five is active, etc... Four: http://www.basscentre.com/bass-collection-jive-bass/BC-PORTRAIT.html Five: http://www.basscentre.com/bass-collection-jive-bass/bass-collection-jive-five-solar-flare.html
  7. Sorry for spamming your thread. This video explains: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVj3Gi5ruYc[/media]
  8. I should add: The reason that your bass teacher is suggesting this, is to aid in muting the strings that you are not playing. Without moving your thumb, it is harder to stop the other strings from ringing in sympathy with the note you intend to play.
  9. My thumb moves often. I tend to rest it on the string above the one that I'm playing. I'd suggest you listen to your bass teacher, you're paying them for their wisdom, why not accept it?
  10. [quote name='Andyjr1515' timestamp='1507121554' post='3383448'] Jabba has spotted what might have been throwing allighatt0r's eyes squiffy....the 5th fret is a teeny bit offset Less than 1/2mm but enough. Luckily, at this stage, easy to fix... And I'm going to have to get my glasses changed for not spotting it myself [/quote] Aaah yes, now I've looked again, that explains the uneasy feeling I was getting
  11. [quote name='Andyjr1515' timestamp='1507029409' post='3382805'] Just to add a tiny bit of extra styling, which hopefully works. Fret dots on the 1st and 3rd are often seen as superfluous - I've seen guitars without any dots earlier than the 5th. Does it offend or just catch your eye and make you wonder? [/quote] Certainly doesn't offend! just catches the eye and makes me wonder. I'm not sure I would have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it. I think it will be even more subtle with the addition of strings.
  12. Is it common to use slightly smaller dots for 1st and 3rd fret marks? I can't say it's something I've noticed before but now I can't stop seeing it on this fretboard. Why have you gone for smaller dots? I assume it's just due to the neck being thinner down at the bottom end?
  13. Quite sad that I don't have that bass anymore, she was a real thing of beauty! I think it's still in the hands of a BC'er though. The thread in question is here, but the photos have gone AWOL [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/246859-thunder-jet-yesanother-westone"]http://basschat.co.u...another-westone[/url]
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