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  1. Feedback for Scannerman

    Just bought a Morley volume pedal off Steve - good communication, and the item arrived well packed & sent promptly. All good - I recommend him to other members!
  2. Source Audio Distortion, Mini cry baby wah.

    Hi - I got the Morley volume pedal - all good, thanks!
  3. Effects/Board clearout!

    Hiya - have you still got the Boss ODB-3 £40.00 & the Boss TU-3 Tuner £40.00? Would you take £70 plus postage plus Paypal fee for these two? How much to post to Oldham, Lancashire please - or do you live nearby?
  4. Looks great. How much to ship to Royton, Oldham, Lancashire please?
  5. [font=Arial, sans-serif][size=4]Here are four 8” Bugera speaker chassis up for sale. These are used but almost new and are rated at 30watts RMS and have an impedance of 4 ohms each.[/size][/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif][size=4]I got these off a chap in Bolton and was going to build either a 4 x 8 inch 120 watt RMS guitar speaker cabinet or a pair of 2 x 8” cabinets either for use as a small PA system or for Acoustic events, but I never got around to building them.[/size][/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif][size=4]They are very light, and the overall packed weight of all four is just under 5 kilos. If I had to post them it would cost £8 by MyHermes tracked & signed for and they will be sent in the Celestion speaker boxes that I got them in, but note they are Bugera speakers. They are guitar rather than Bass speakers but I have also posted them in "Amps & Cabs for sale" section of this site.[/size][/font] [font=Arial, sans-serif][size=4]Preferably you can call and pay cash and collect them from me in Royton, near Oldham – I’m about 5 minutes away from the A627M which is at Junction 20 of the M62, or I could meet up within a ten mile radius of my house.[/size][/font] [attachment=255732:Bugera Speakers (2).JPG] [attachment=255734:Bugera Speakers (5).JPG] [attachment=255736:Bugera Speakers (7).JPG][attachment=255737:Bugera Speakers (6).JPG]
  6. Feedback for Misdee

    Hi - I bought a set of Dunlop strings off Misdee. They arrived in record time, well packed, all as described, good price. Good communications too, so a thoroughly OK buying experience. Thanks Chris
  7. Hi - are these long scale - for a Fender Precision?
  8. New Sandberg California TT v2 basses

    No - but just had a look at their website & specified myself a dream bass - next step is ask the price...... and if I do get one it will be your fault....
  9. Bump for Wednesday.
  10. [font=Arial][size=4]GLX Digital Delay pedal DD-050 with original box and manual.[/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=4]Great sounding delay with two time ranges, use output 1 normally, or, if you use it in stereo, the first output Is processed signal, the second output is dry signal. [/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=4]It’s very much styled on the Roland/Boss pedals – the battery compartment opens the same way, and it is a solid cast casing.[/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=4]See link below to this pedal on sale via Amazon, and read buyers reviews. It’s in good condition and in full working order.[/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=4][url="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Electric-Guitar-Digital-Delay-Effects/dp/B0013NB06Q"]http://www.amazon.co...s/dp/B0013NB06Q[/url][/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=4]I’m looking for £35 to include First Class signed for postage within UK mainland, or you can call and try it out and pick it up and save a fiver.[/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=4]I’m in Rochdale, just off the A627M, junction 20 of the M62[/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=4]Email me with queries or for more info.[/size][/font] [attachment=201023:P9190006.JPG] [attachment=201024:P9190004.JPG] [attachment=201025:P9190005.JPG]
  11. [font=Arial][size=4]Tech 21 Tri-O.D. pedal up for sale – these are a great piece of kit – link to the manufacturers website below:-[/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=4][font=Arial][size=4][url="http://www.tech21nyc.com/archive/triod.html"]http://www.tech21nyc...hive/triod.html[/url][/size][/font][/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=4][font=Arial][size=4]These are really good as you can have one, two, three or NO overdrives set – if you have one, two, or three drive sounds set then you can toggle between them in turn, or between no effect and one or two drive sounds. If all three are turned off you can use it as a boost pedal with the volume control, plus, of course you’ve got the tone controls for treble & bass – gives you an emulated speaker output for recording.[/size][/font][/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=4][font=Arial][size=4]It’s in great condition, full working order, and I’ve got a reprint of the owner’s manual, but no original box. [/size][/font][/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=4][font=Arial][size=4]Just bought a Blackstar amp with all the drive sounds I need so this is up for sale. [/size][/font][/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=4][font=Arial][size=4]Cost a fortune when new, but I’m looking for £65 to include First Class signed for postage within UK mainland, or you can call and try it out and pick it up and save a fiver.[/size][/font][/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=4][font=Arial][size=4]I’m in Rochdale, just off the A627M, junction 20 of the M62[/size][/font][/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=4][font=Arial][size=4]Email me with queries or for more info.[/size][/font][/size][/font] [font=Arial][size=4][attachment=201021:P9190002.JPG] [attachment=201022:P8260001.JPG][/size][/font]
  12. Hi - the slide is fine - it moves smoothly in and out with no sticky spots at all. The inner and outer slides are free of any dents or bends. The only dents on the instrument are at the curved end where there is a small "stud" piece fitted to protect it when you rest the 'bone on the floor. These are not massive dings, but I have included photos of this area below. Hope this helps. ]