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  1. Provisionally sold pending collection and monies!
  2. Special Xmas Price that I'm gunna run until 1st Jan. £350 firm... a whole £100 off. No more cab for the money can be found in the land!!
  3. Will consider sensible offers on this due to size/collect only. Bumpage!
  4. Please mark as sold and close thread mod dudes! Thanks all.
  5. Hi All, Up for sale here is my Fender Bassman 610 Neo Cab. This is an absolute monster of a cab for tone, but significantly lighter and easier to move around than most larger cabs. It's the first I have seen come up on here but people seem to appreciate them over on TB with one chap apparently swapping his Bergantino in for one! Please don't mistake this for a cheap cab, its produced in Mex factory (not china) using ply and loaded with 6 x 10" Eminence USA Neodymium speakers. I have used it over the last year and it has been well looked after as with all my stuff. It's loadable into and out of the car on your own and the carry handles etc are all super useful. Tiny bit of tolex peel around the joins on the back but easily stuck back down. Wherever you look this cab will set you back £1040ish. Based on the fact its COLLECTION only I feel I have priced accordingly. Trials most welcome. Tech info here : [url="http://intl.fender.com/en-GB/amps/extension-cabinets/bassman-610-neo-black/"]http://intl.fender.c...-610-neo-black/[/url] Price is £450 OVNO - Collection only from Bournemouth Area.
  6. Hi All, Up for sale is my Sansamp VT Bass pedal v2. Its a truly amazing bit of kit and has been a part of my live setup for the past year or so. I'm selling up all my gear so this is now up for grabs. Condition is superb, everything functions as it should and comes with tin and instructions. Priced at £85 inc Postage to mainland UK. Thanks for reading! JM
  7. Don't know if this has been mentioned on here already (Search didn't turn anything up). Steffi Stephan (?) Signature Squier Jazz V. Looks quite nice imo. Oly white with matched headstock etc. Graphic is a bit dubious but not overally imposing. Link below..... http://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_sq_steffi_stephan_jazz_bass_v.htm Cheers!
  8. Thanks for the kind comments everyone. I agree listening through on something with a bit more beef down low it could certainly use a few tweeks there! There is indeed a slightly different bass line over the outro chorus, It's actually in the dusty end of the fretboard but needs to be a touch more prominent than it is now. I think the bass tone is also a bit clankier than recorded currently so might need toning down a touch. We're all getting older and what with (trying) to appeal to a wider audience we have consciously steered away from the offensive side of things with the lyrics. As we receive the other songs I will be happy to post them up here and of course the finished article when we get it. Cheers.
  9. Hello fellow BC'ers. My bands next EP is currently in the mixing stage before we get it mastered. We've tweeked it so far with our recording chap to a point where we think we are fairly happy. I wonder if you wouldn't listening to this rough mix of one song to see if anything obvious could be improved. https://soundcloud.com/joeplaysbass/set-in-stone-mix-10 Any feedback welcomed, if punk-esque music isn't your thing just be polite Cheers, JM
  10. I absolutely love my GZR P in my Nate Mendel P. Vintage P with extra balls.
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