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  1. Thanks guys appreciate all help
  2. Where best to buy either a replacement tone knob - or even just the reflector which is missing - it’s niggling my crazy OCD ! 2006 Gibbo Tbird
  3. Just bought a Mark Bass 8x10 cab from Sean - he is a total gent and pleasure to deal with. Totally recommend - thank you Sean !
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. I think it could well be - but the covers, brass plate and foam is all quite welded together with age so I can't even see where all 3 wires connect. I don''t want to disturb it with my basic skills and make it worse - given the age and originality so I thought time for an expert.
  6. Got a 73 P pup which seems to be cutting out intermittently. Have taken it out of bass can't see anything as covers and bass pretty stuck together with age. Put in a temp replacement and works fine. Recommendations please for an expert to test and repair ? (assumption is I could post it during the virus lock down) Cheers !
  7. BMBR

    Feedback for Jonse

    Bought an Orange AD200B from Chris - top bloke and highly recommended to all BC'ers Chris - thank you !
  8. Just bought an Ashdown cab - Mike is absolute top bloke and couldn't recommend him higher to fellow BCers Mike you are a gent - thank you.
  9. Thanks Lewis yes please do send me his details 👍
  10. Recommendations please for a service - Ampeg USA SVT (late 70s) in the South East area ? I used to go to Stan at Surrey Amps who was a complete amp god but think he retired . . . Cheers !
  11. Please world stop scratching out "Made in Japan" ! I have 2 JVs (a strat and a tele) where the phantom scratcher of Olde London Towne has struck
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