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  1. Van Halen II on cassette tape on a little stereo cassette player from Lidl. My component system one broke
  2. Ooh and that album by John schofield , however you spell it. The cover has a city rooftops themed type picture at night and I think there’s a song on it called watch out for popo . also fat alberts rotunda and similar herbie Hancock type stuff
  3. These albums . Van Halen I Van Halen II and fair warning . I think VH II and fair warning have the edge on summeryness. who’s the boss album by mick jagger too.
  4. That’s awesome, I remember Vito Bratta of white lion playing one
  5. Hi all, finally got round to listing this . A few years ago I decided to start a project making a bass with a tele neck like billy Sheehan’s . I ordered a vintage modified precision bass and a tele neck . The new neck was removed and stored in a box. Like a lot of projects it never got finished and I parted out some of the stuff on here last year . All I have left is the neck and now I have a box and cardboard to pack it in. It is in mint condition i am asking £90 or best offer. I am assuming that seeing as it came off a vintage modified it will fit most Fender precision’s . I have held off taping up the cardboard yet so I may be able to measure bits if you tell me . buyer to pay postage costs. Once it’s bought I will wrap it up and get a postage cost . I have no idea how much it will be. I’m estimating about a tenner. I think it’s a fair price someone advised me on here. I did say I was going to donate 10 % for advertising but I had to pay £7 so I think that covers it and hope it keeps this board going.. I play guitar but I love to read stuff on here. i am not very knowledgeable on if it will fit, dimensions etc, but I will be glad to help with any questions . It will be well packed i have cut up an Epiphone Les Paul guitar box and will wrap it in bubble wrap too. I usually use ups for guitars but I think this will be ok via Royal Mail Thanks .....Paul
  6. That’s an epic fail. I remember phoning a skateboard shop in about 2001 asking if I could pay by cash or postal order and they said they didn’t have facilities to deal with that. I didnt get a credit card til about 2003
  7. My mindset from the old days is .... if I am a fan I must have it on vinyl ,cassette, cd , 8 track whatever it stems from the old days when it was important to your status to own the music you loved along with accruing knowledge of said band, record etc. I remember when skyscraper by David Lee Roth came out and beast from the east by Dokken , a lad who worked in the video shop next door leant me the cassettes , and I had to copy them til I could buy the vinyl, I still play them all the time now. It was evangelical too if you had something good you had to share it, unfortunately , I had to stop this practice to all but the most trusted of trusted after loosing too many records.
  8. That’s awful what happened to your friend, I am pleased he is getting his guitar back , £60 quid is a bit steep but it was a funny situation to be in, private swap’s are a bit of a grey area, the only other option would be to make a damn nuisance of yourself til he got fed up and swapped back . There are some very dodgy people on Facebook , gumtree is bad enough . A guy I know lost a few hundred buying a drone off a Facebook dealer when it’s a lot safer to buy on eBay. So pleased he is getting his chapman back though , it was a hard lesson.
  9. Guns n roses, Van Halen , Rolling Stones and Aerosmith all did great albums long past then
  10. Hi have here a custom hot 30k sidewinder bass pickup from artec Description: Pole Piece: Adjustable Screw Bobbin: Plastic Cable: 1 Conductor with shield Magnet: Ceramic Output Resistance: 29.7 K Dimension: - 53.5 mm x 89.5 mm x 32 mm Measurements between mounting screw holes: 37.5 mm x 74 mm Pole spacing(from 1st-4th): 51.5 mm £15.00 inc postage
  11. Hi have a chrome wilkinson Pbass bridge 4 brass type barrel shape saddles. I think it may have been off a vintage V4 Pbass . The five screw holes are app. 5mm wide. The distance from the centre of each hole to the centre of the next is app 12.5 mm the distance between the centre of the edge of each hole is 12mm. The distance from the left side of the left hole to the right side of the furthest right hole is app 75mm. Width of entire bridge is 80mm Length of bridge to curve is app 42mm, distance between string slots app 20mm distance between intonation screws app. 19mm. £10 inc postage or best offer
  12. Hi I bought a vintage modified Pbass by squier from GAK 9th June 2014 for a project which never got finished. The pickguard was removed straight away and has been kept in a cardboard envelope since. It looks like it has a few scratches but it could just be on the protective film. Can send pics if you pm me your email I have the chrome knobs for the pots too. £25.00 including postage
  13. Hi these were for an unfinished project, new in bags Split post , minimum fit headstock hole 17mm with 18 mm push in bushes and screws. 20:1 ratio £15 inc postage
  14. Picture of the hb 35. Behind my les Paul, sorry if it's wrong way round
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