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Stumbled upon this little beauty in a local 2nd hand music shop. It had just came in the same day! I don't know the exact model or year but I know they don't make these ones anymore, just the cricket bats for some reason (why is that? the M/GR shapes are so cool). Been a while since I owned a 6 string. I was actually looking for an ugly pointy metal guitar as I've agreed to cover for my friend's death metal group for a couple of shows over the summer, but I hardly ever see these anywhere so how could I say no?

I know it's not a "true" Steiny but it looks the business! Must be 15-20 yrs old at least and not a mark on it!


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I had massive gas for one of these a while back.

There's something about the full body/headless aesthetic on a guitar that just really works for me.

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