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  1. I'd never heard of a Gibson EB750 either. Another interesting bass, though I suspect if I looked around I would find finishes better than this one:
  2. These have been around for a bit, but I haven't really noticed them. <fast show voice>Nice!</fast show voice>
  3. [quote name='neilp' timestamp='1456779716' post='2992267'] Don't really care how they get known, at least they're being heard [/quote] Agreed. Many people will be hearing the song that otherwise might never have heard it.
  4. Happy NBD. I've been tempted by these for a long time.
  5. [quote name='Andytre' timestamp='1456770039' post='2992099'] [url="http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=311448102399&globalID=EBAY-GB"]http://pages.ebay.co...lobalID=EBAY-GB[/url] This is the 4 pot version can't seem to find the 3 pot one I bought [/quote] Thanks. I had a look through the sellers 700 odd items including 126 that mentioned bass and couldn't find the item you bought. I found a maple neck: is that the one you bought?
  6. [quote name='Jimryan' timestamp='1456339449' post='2988075'] I had a seven string a while back (strung it with a low F#). With this I'm afraid I won't be much help as I don't have it any more (wish I did though). Weight, light for what it is. When I ordered it I was expecting it to weigh a ton but was pleasantly surprised. Best person to ask is BCer "annoyingtwit" he has one too and I believe still owns his. The string spacing is tight but bearable. Do it, order one. [/quote] I have mine, but I don't typically measure it. It seems fairly typical in string spacing compared to six strings I have played. The pickups are humbuckers but 'narrow' humbuckers rather than big slablike things. I find it comfortable to play.
  7. [quote name='Andytre' timestamp='1456401849' post='2988570'] And there gone! Finally got around to finishing a PJ deko project last night, £28 deko + a £39 Chinese eBay neck + a £5 Chinese active preamp and it's a beast of a bass! The neck is especially nice really good glossy finish and I really like the dark tint, the preamp is also surprisingly good for the price clean sounding and keeping the P-bass tone but with a bit more control with boost/cut bass and treble. Apologies about the awful picture I only have my phone and crappy lighting in my music room [/quote] Do you have a link to the Chinese preamp?
  8. HBZ2004 [url="http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_hbz_2004_deko.htm"]http://www.thomann.d...z_2004_deko.htm[/url] Shorty P-Bass: [url="http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_pb_shorty_bk_standarddeko.htm"]http://www.thomann.d...tandarddeko.htm[/url] Rosewood Tele: http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_te_70_rosewood_deluxedeko.htm
  9. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1455786924' post='2982354'] A bargain for someone... I had the sunburst one as well, they really were excellent basses. Worth keeping an eye out for any more if anyone is after a decent jazz for a ridiculous price [/quote] There were some (including sunburst and LH natural) yesterday. I'd guess that there will be some tomorrow. But, anyone who wants one will have to be damn quick.
  10. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1455785571' post='2982335'] I had one of those it was excellent [/quote] Somebody (or some other people) thought so as well. It's sold out.
  11. And today, just one RH Jazz. http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_jb_75_na_vintage_serie_deko.htm '75 natural.
  12. 6 string bass and neck through stripey 'jazz' came and went while I wasn't looking this morning.
  13. [quote name='bartelby' timestamp='1455626915' post='2980803'] I doubt it's just us looking at it... [/quote] I wasn't thinking it was. I was hoping that the same decrease in interest was happening elsewhere as well.
  14. [quote name='CustardFilled' timestamp='1455619992' post='2980682'] How did those all go so quickly...? :| [/quote] It seems to be the new model for Dekos. They go fast. I'm hoping that the lesser interest in this thread now is indicative of lesser interest in the world in general. So that eventually we'll get back to the point where dekos will last hours or even days before selling out.
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