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Fender Precision - with Jazz neck?


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I have two versions of the Deluxe Active P-Bass, one is the 9V preamp version which I bought as my first Fender back in 04/05. I also got the newer 18v preamp version more recently (2015 I think) Both are excellent, the newer model has a more modern flatter neck profile and an active/passive switch. Both great basses. The newest version of these (Player Plus series) has had a bit of a price hike so I would definitely scout the used market. 

I do also own more than one shirt. Promise. 




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What about an Aerodyne Jazz? I have one, and only use the P pickup (recently updated with the Geezer Butler P/j set). It's light, and the neck is a 'jazz' version which is almost identical in feel to my early 2000s Mexico jazz.


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