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Fusion recommendations

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Hi everyone,


Tentatively starting something with a guitarist for a fusion trio.

Just looking for some good pieces to try that might work well on bass, guitar and drums.

So far were looking at Chromazone by Mike stern, some Billy Cobham tunes, kumquat kids by Eddie Henderson, slugbug by Mark lettieri.


I'm not a huge fusion nerd but having fun exploring.


Any other suggestions from the great basschat hive mind?

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30 minutes ago, Fishfacefour said:

Chromazone by Mike stern,


Oh good choice sir. We used to play several of his tunes in my old fusion trio a few years back.

Check out some John Scofield tunes too, maybe some Brand X as well. 

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Give Ohm a go, great band.



Extraction by Howe, Wooten and Chambers will challenge you, but is quality



No talk of fusion is complete without Mahavishnu Orchestra. Although they were a five-piece, I think there are songs which could be adapted for a trio





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12 minutes ago, toneknob said:

Excellent, my previous jazz/fusion band used to do Chromazone. You've got this right? (it's pretty accuarate) https://basslessons.be/transcriptions.php?i=19



Thanks for those recommendations.


Yes I've been using that transcription. It's excellent! It's so great to be able to find these things as part of this community. 

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(Scofield is a monster)

My personal preferences are (is) fusion before fusion was called fusion...

And the The Canterbury Scene (British). Examples: Gong, National Health, Hatfield & The North,...

The quirkier stuff, but with great playing. 

And for me, again, it was guys that were recording that my band-mates would say, "Hey, this sounds like you."...

...Percy Jones & Jah Wobble. 

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4 hours ago, Chris2112 said:

 Just to echo this recommendation

Also Loud Jazz and Still Warm from this era of Scofield.

Loud Jazz is probably a better description than Fusion, but we could say Jazz Rock too.

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