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  1. It's hardly a cheap approach. You need a computer, software, headphones or speakers, a decent interface etc. GAS soon kicks in and before you know it youre spending thousands on outboard, synths or extra plugins and extra controllers.
  2. Sure this must have been posted before but this is lovely
  3. Home listening is definitely my preferred approach these days. Most recently been loving this whole mixtape:
  4. Diamonds on the soles of her shoes - Paul Simon
  5. As bass players, perhaps squarepusher might be a good way in? The missing link between jazz funk and jungle
  6. simple, but sonically devastating in the right context
  7. Listening to individual tracks only gives you half the picture. This is dance music and the performance is in the mixing of the tracks together to make new hybrids. The 'music' exists in the timbre, the rhythmic complexity and subtleties in programming. It's hard to appreciate in a single YouTube track. Also most of the tracks originally had an extremely short shelf life, only existing as dubplates. The attraction was similar to reggae dancehall where the newest sounds are an attraction. This is why they style changed so rapidly over a relatively short space of time (93-95), after that it became codified in to a genre, with bandwagon jumpers a plenty ( cough David Bowie).
  8. If you like reggae at all, use that as the way in. Some great jungle tracks based off dancehall vocals. I tend to hear it as double time drums with reggae speed bass. It partly comes out of sound system culture so the sound is meant to be felt as much as heard. I'll post some favourites when I get a chance later.
  9. Give it up or turn it loose - James brown
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