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WITHDRAWN - ACG J-Type 5 String
Strensall, York


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FS/ FT - £1700 ACG J-Type 5.

Trade for lined Fretless 5

Classic wood combination with classic 70s single coils to match. Bought direct from Alan at ACG. Excellent condition.  Home use and rehearsals only  Comes with Hiscox case and original scratchplate. Shipping included

  • Top Wood Swamp Ash
  • Body  Wood: Swamp Ash
  • Body Finish: Satin Lacquer
  • Neck Wood: 3 piece Maple.
  • Finger Board: Rocklite
  • Radious: Flat
  • Scale: 34″
  • Neck Finish: Satin Lacquer
  • Pickups: 2 x ACG SB70 Vintage wound Alnico single coils.
  • Hardware: Hipshot Type B bridge, Gotoh GB350 Resolite tuners, Dunlop Dual Design Straplocks,Hipshot String Treee
  • Pre-amp: East Uni-Pre 4K



















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They are works of art and so easy to play. Good range of tones from the John East pre-amp. I’ll add the weight later but it’s light. Looking to fund a custom build hence the sale.

I had a Finn 5 up on here recently, Wenge and Bubinga a la Thumb. The weight (5.2kg) scared people, I think.

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I think most ACG folks on here would share my view when I say, ‘no’. I’ve got a P-bass and switch between the two without thinking about it. I’m not a pro so that may be a factor but , like I say, all ACGs are easy to play.

I see you’re near Swindon; whereabouts?

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Another +1 for ACG basses here. I've had maybe 6 over the years and recently had a custom 6 ACG made, it is simply stunning. Alan does exceptional work. Having owned more or less one of every boutique bass over the years, Alan's work is right at the very top of the list for quality, playability, sound, everything. You may find different basses, but you won't find better. 

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I have a passive version of this bass which I like a lot. I do do feel the asymetric profile and the difference between curved and flat fingerboards, but switching is not a problem for most players.

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Lovely 😎 I have a similar one in a black painted finish. When GAS comes calling I think about selling or trading, but then I play it and realise that I will not get anything of similar quality for anywhere near that price.

Excellent basses 💜

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