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  1. Influenced me… Martin Turner - Wishbone Ash John Paul Jones Percy Jones Chuck Rainey
  2. Never got beyond Black Sabbath as a yoof and was lucky enough to catch Zeppelin at Earls Court in ‘75 but of late have survived on a diet of John Martyn, Nick Drake and Kurt Wagner’s (as opposed to Shari Lewis’s) Lambchop and a smattering of prog. However, having caught a glimpse of Rammstein at the Download Festival on BBC4/Sky Arts (can’t remember which) I sought out the Madison Square Garden gig on Amazon and am eagerly looking forward to the Paris show, also courtesy of the bald megalomaniac. I’m starting to obsess, I can feel it, so much so that I’m looking for tickets for Coventry next year when l’ll be in ‘Will you still need me, will you still feed me’ territory. Cracking stuff!
  3. I paid 2.5k for an Arcam setup about 15 years ago, CD not vinyl and all now sold; don’t intend spending any more than £300/£350 on the RP1. I can overcome Hi-Fi GAS 😉
  4. Yes, I’m thinking of getting the turntable with a built-in phono stage so one less box to clutter the place up. Quality will depend on the source recording because of the unforgiving nature of the monitors and the only way to tell us to demo it. Just looking for anyone who’s gone down that route.
  5. I haven’t had a proper ‘music’ system for years, having lived in a house with built-in speakers and streamed music for the last 10 years. My office/refuge has my UR242 and powered Studio monitors and I’m considering treating myself to a Rega RP1 turntable. Anyone got a similar setup?
  6. Yep, common or garden redwood 😁
  7. Yes, Alan sprays the wood to give an idea of the finished article.
  8. Deleted and reloaded.
  9. Yes, champing at the bit! Once cleaned and lacquered, the woods will really show their true colours.
  10. Latest pics. 🤗
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