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  1. Very irresponsible to keep people waiting. Even after 2 private messages not able to reply. Shame on you!...


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      Tatiana Lang

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  2. Jason just bought my Warwick Streamer LX. Paid immediately and we’ve texted/chatted during that slightly suspenseful time between dispatch and receipt. Good chap to do business with. Buy/sell with confidence.
  3. I have a couple of paper tickets for Michael Head at the Crescent York tonight. Decided against going for Omicron reasons.
  4. skb558

    MLP Basses

    Does anyone have any information on the luthier, Molnar Laszlo and his basses. I’ve seen the website and emailed for info a couple of times to no avail. I acquired this Princess 6 SC on here in a trade and am thinking of putting it up for sale. It came with EMG pre and pickups which I’ve replaced with a John East Uni-pre 5 and Delano pickups. It’s a buyer’s market at the moment, I know, and something is only worth what the market is prepared to pay but I’d love to put a rough value on it.
  5. Always late to everything 🙄…that is beautiful 😍
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. My old bass. Alain is a lovely chap to deal with. Good price for a great instrument.
  8. For Sale/Trade: Warwick Teambuilt GPS Streamer LX4 - £1100. Heading elsewhere for sale in the New Year. Great example of a classic bass. Purchased new from Bass Direct 6 months ago as a ‘replacement’ for a 2002 model I sold years ago. Will supply with Hiscox case. The knobs have been replaced with John East black but the original ‘gold’ will be refitted. Machineheads: Warwick Machine Heads Nut: Just-A-Nut III Neck Wood: Ovangkol neck Fretboard: Wenge fingerboard (fretted) Fluorescent Side Dot: Luminous side dots Fingerboard Radius: 20" Scale length: 34" (long scale) Width Nut: 38,5 mm / 1.5" Width 12th fret: 54,0 mm / 2.1" Width 24th fret: 62,1 mm / 2.4" Fret quantity material and size: 24 Jumbo Nickelsilver frets (width: 2,9mm/ height: 1,3mm) Frets: IFT - Invisible Fretwork Technology Body Shape: Curved Body Shape Bodywood (Topwood / Backwood): Swamp Ash back with Flame Maple top Pickups: Active MEC P/J pickups Electronics: Active MEC 2-way electronics Pot layout: Volume push/pull / balance / bass / treble Bridge system: 2-piece Warwick Bridge Strap system: Warwick security locks Construction: Bolt-On Hardware colour: Gold Hardware Included accessories: Warwick User Kit bag including hex key tools and Cleaning cloth (RB PROD WGPS TOOL CO)
  9. Used but in great condition. Includes postage.
  10. For Sale: PJB CAB-27 £125. Bought on a whim a while ago. In excellent condition. Not surprisingly, it hasn’t been out of the house. Deceptive little thing that punches above it’s weight. Can ship, meet halfway or deliver (if not an obscene distance from York) Model CAB-27 Power 200 W Speaker PJB Woofers + 3" Tweeter + 2x7" 8 Ohm 35Hz-15KHz Dimensions 13 x 16 x 13inch 330 x 460 x 330 mm (W x D x H) Weight 29lbs / 13.1 kg Colour Black
  11. Caravan - Leeds 15th Steve Hackett - Newcastle 16th
  12. I went to Leeds on Tuesday. Having last seen them in 1984, I almost felt like an interloper. I came away having thoroughly enjoyed the show, great performances and great lighting but with a hint of sadness at how Phil must have felt and be feeling on this tour. Yes, he’s a consummate professional and a great showman but I couldn’t help but wonder, listening to some of the lyrics. The acoustic bit was good and I really liked the arrangement of the ‘Lamb’. I freely admit to listening to ‘Invisible Touch’ for the first time about a week ago, and probably won’t listen to it again, but the newer (to me) stuff came across really well as you’d expect. Nic’s drumming was excellent and I got to thinking, as one does…Phil has said no more Genesis for him after 2021 soooo…get Pete, Tony, Mike and Steve to settle whatever differences still linger, get Mike to learn some of the old stuff, persuade a more mellow Tony to play some of the Lamb, and add young Nic to the stew and, hey presto, pre-Trick of the Tail Genesis back together for a tour of the stomping grounds of the 70’s, the de Montforts, the City and Town Halls and a University refectory or two. Does anyone have Tony Smith’s number? 🧐
  13. Shame there’ll be no ‘Los Endos’ this time around.
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