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Pending Fender MIM 50’s Precision (Burst) - *SOLD*

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Well…inevitably buyers regret has sank in.


If I were wealthier I’d keep this as it’s lovely.


Bought when the vino was flowing…always a key time for bass purchases 🙄


A great example of the 50’s Classic Precision (Now Vintera series).


9lb 7oz.

Includes Gig Bag

Plays superbly - wearing half rounds, but can be restrung with EB rounds if you’d prefer.


Covers are present as is thumb rest.


A previous owner has drilled the bridge cover holes - they’re a little off. I’ve checked with the cover present and they would be invisible if you decided to drill it correctly.


I am happy to do that FOC if you wanted.


Generally Very clean for a 2015 bass. Some minor dinks but nothing shocking at all.


Sounds lovely - quite focussed but still very warm.


Always thought the burst was the quintessential 57 type P. 

Anyhow - postage is possible at your risk/cost.


£25 in UK (more insured) but I do have a reputation for over packing gear so it takes 2 hours to get into it.



Trav x





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These basses are exceptional in every way. I found the quality for the price was superb and everyone who saw it loved it. I replaced my sunburst one with a red one and it’s a beauty.

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Good thing I'm out of vino or I'd be on this like a shot 🍷

Excellent Ps these and very versatile - Duck Dunn for sure but snarls with rounds. GLWS!

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Ah, that old problem of online guitar shops while under the influence. Fatal eh? @AndyTravis?


That looks lush. I just recently bought myself one of these from this very forum, in Fiesta Red.


I definitely didn't "need" another P bass. But I'm so glad I went for it, as its a stunning bass. Feels, looks and sounds superb.



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After spotting a few classic 50,s i thought i,d better investigate. Folk were making some very big claims. 

I received mine on Monday. I wanted it to be bad.   There was absolutely no way this mex guitar was making the rack with my other basses. 

Me and a friend blind sound tested a US 60th anniversary p, US ltd rosewood and the classic 50 straight out of the box.

The classic 50 just had an extra 5%, too our ears. There was more feedback through the body despite inferior hardware and a badly cut nut.

It had a lower, woody tone all of its own in a mix. No doubt due to the one piece cricket bat neck. 

I will swap the bridge for a babicz as i hate all fender bridges anyway, and round the fretboard edges. 

But mines going nowhere, ever.  Someone needs to grab this.......

You will not regret it........ Decent price too


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