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  1. How's the neck-dive or lack of with the new lighter tuners?
  2. I still can't stop drooling over this bass, someone please buy it as it's a bit out of my reach.
  3. I am surprised it needed the fretwork?
  4. I can't believe this is still here? "bump" It's just too far for me to get too and try "that's my excuse"
  5. Why are all the basses I like, so far away? Grrrrr
  6. So so nice Have you noticed 3 of the strings are not sitting on the bridge rollers?
  7. Nice, shame its not a 5'er, it would have been a nice partner to my No.008 GLWTS all the same
  8. That don't sound so bad, maybe its because most of them look so nice?
  9. I've been spending far too much time looking at the basses for sale on this site, probably because I can't plass bass at the moment, but I cannot quite beleive the number of 6-stringers that come up for sale. To me it seems dis-proportionate and the most obvious reason would be, people buy them and don't get on with them.
  10. Looks lovely, whats the longer screw on the "G" saddle for?
  11. Oh Lord, shame its so far away, I'd be interested to know how the balance / neck-dive is?
  12. I been trying to find a traditional Jazz Bass (4-string) or perhaps a P-Bass that has ZERO neck-dive. You woud have thought it easy, but I'm extra sensitive or in-tollerant to neck-dive because I have played a headless bass for the last 25 years. I recently went to a large retailer in the south and tried a lot of basses ranging from expensive American made Fenders to Sires to Squires. My conclusion was that they ALL seemed to suffer the issue to some extent with the best being a £299 Squire Jazz (Contemporary Model) This particular Squire model was the heaviest bass there, so I beleive its "cheaper" heavy body was able to counter balance the headstock better. Why did I not buy it? It was severly damaged. So before I finally pull the pin on the Squire, or similar cheap & heavy bass, has anyone else been here?
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