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  1. Sure is nice, but is the nut really as wide as 57mm?, what's the string spacing at the bridge measure then?
  2. The switch switches both pickups to single coil or humbucker mode. Found the answer in a review 😊
  3. Yes they are a 5-string set, I'm not sure what happened to the picture, I will try to add it again. To me they sit somewhere in the middle of "flat" territory, not completely thuddy, but not bright either... I expect they will get thuddier with time. If you have used flats before they will be familiar sounding just more awesome because they on a 37" to 34" scale Dingwall. Strings are a very personel thing, I do not like the Dingwall Nickel's at all, but loads of people love them. The Payson ML Nickel's sound just right to me, I'm trying the Payson Black Daggers now. As you can tell I like to try lots of different strings on my basses
  4. These are brand new/Unused, still in the "sealed" packaging. They are for 37" scale Dingwall's etc. The 3 big ones are also Tapered at the bridge end, much like original Dingwall strings. I was meant to pick these up from a friend in the USA, but due to this virus my mate sent them over. What he did not realise was I got bored and bought a set locally. So, that is how I know they cost £72 (£69 plus postage) These will therefore be a bargain for £45 inc delivery
  5. I would not get too concerned because the website has indeed changed recently, just concentrate on getting your bass made perfect or be compensated for the fact it's not
  6. As one of the guy's stating "now looking elsewhere", I still can't get my head around why this has not been resolved. Is this "Adrian" the owner of the company? he has to be surely because why has he still got a CS job? I fully appreciate things can and will get past QC and end up getting to the customer, making them very disappointed etc, but it's the "putting it right" bit that can still leave you smiling & happy. If I had read on here that PP had jumped all over this, calmed the OP down and set about putting it right, I would still be ordering a Maruszczyk Bass. Such a shame & I hope the OP gets it resolved "eventually"
  7. Glad I just read this whole thread, its taken a long time. I am about to pull the pin on a similarly if not more expensive Elwood-C build. I get the posters original mail could have been better, but that is not what matters to me. The CS response from the company is, things do go wrong and need fixing or correcting etc. So with that being said, I shall be looking elsewhere now.
  8. Wow, that is some serious top end workmanship, if only it had frets GLWTS
  9. Nice bass. Re. the scratch-plate, are you sure there is not a second film that you have not removed? It kinda looks like film is still on it, leave it on though as it'll be a great selling point. GLWTS DT
  10. If this had been a 63, I would be going crazy trying to work out where I could find £5k. It sure is a superb instrument, GLWTS
  11. Interesting concept, how would this be strung from factory?? Just Curious here, GLWTS
  12. Took the words right out of my mouth
  13. Does the flat FB radius take a a bit of getting used too?
  14. Wow.........the more I see of these ACG's the more I like them
  15. Me Likey This One 🙂 BTW, what is the FB radius? its looks quite flat.
  16. The dates on the post are 18 months old from 2018, all very confusing.
  17. It is very lovely, shame its so far away from me. I really would need to try it for neck-dive as I notice even the slightest amounts, even when others don't. GLWTS, I'm sure it'll go soon, it must be hurting to be selling it?
  18. 42mm is good too, I'm still looking at it. ☺️
  19. Why do I keep looking at this bass, over & over again
  20. Bought this last year on a whim, its never been on the floor or operated with a foot so its totally mint. When I did use it, it sat on top my cab but I have not used it for ages so I should get rid of it now. Its the "Full" spec model, not the cut down cheaper version, the price is FIRM and I will not accept offers as its a good deal already. It includes the box, transformer etc as per picture, I will post & insure it too. I also have the "FULL Premium" content SD card for it that includes everything available in 2019. i.e. it contains hundreds of songs etc. Check the website. This is available for an additional cost of £100, (it cost me £170) PM me if you have any questions.
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