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  1. If this had been a 63, I would be going crazy trying to work out where I could find £5k. It sure is a superb instrument, GLWTS
  2. Wow, another ACG stunner
  3. Interesting concept, how would this be strung from factory?? Just Curious here, GLWTS
  4. Tankdave


    Took the words right out of my mouth
  5. Does the flat FB radius take a a bit of getting used too?
  6. Wow.........the more I see of these ACG's the more I like them
  7. Me Likey This One 🙂 BTW, what is the FB radius? its looks quite flat.
  8. The dates on the post are 18 months old from 2018, all very confusing.
  9. It is very lovely, shame its so far away from me. I really would need to try it for neck-dive as I notice even the slightest amounts, even when others don't. GLWTS, I'm sure it'll go soon, it must be hurting to be selling it?
  10. Nice, where is the bass BTW?
  11. 42mm is good too, I'm still looking at it. ☺️
  12. Why do I keep looking at this bass, over & over again
  13. Bought this last year on a whim, its never been on the floor or operated with a foot so its totally mint. When I did use it, it sat on top my cab but I have not used it for ages so I should get rid of it now. Its the "Full" spec model, not the cut down cheaper version, the price is FIRM and I will not accept offers as its a good deal already. It includes the box, transformer etc as per picture, I will post & insure it too. I also have the "FULL Premium" content SD card for it that includes everything available in 2019. i.e. it contains hundreds of songs etc. Check the website. This is available for an additional cost of £100, (it cost me £170) PM me if you have any questions.
  14. Can you confirm the scale, spec shows 34" but review states 35" GLWTS, it looks very nice
  15. Price dop due to ensure this one is £50 less than a shop bought one.
  16. Due to a change of plan and circumstances I no longer require these awesome cabs. They are totally mint and you will not find the slightest mark on either of them, even with a good magnifying glass. They have not been gigged and there is nothing wrong with them. They are under a year old and have not left the house. They have factory finished purple baffles, it breaks up the drab, boring all black. If you don't like it, its easily rectified by removing the grills and painting over it with matt black paint, or any other colour. I might even be persuaded to do it, if it bothers you that much? The cab specs are, Gen3, 12"+ Horn, 8ohm, Max 800W, Weight is a mind blowing 13kg. IMHO they sound fantastic, what goes in comes out. My price is £575 each if sold separate, or £1100 for both. Payment in cash or bank transfer please and I'm not interested in trades, sorry. I do have the original packaging they came in but if you want them posted, I will have to leave that to you to organise, collect & pay for. I much prefer they are collected from me as couriers may throw them off a truck etc. Any questions? please message me.
  17. This is 6 months old, I bought it as an introduction to the 5-string bass, but towards the end of the year some additional "work" money came my way & I bought a "5-String" Dingwall with it, so with that being said, I quite simply do not require this one any more. It is genuinely mint, except its been set up properly "by me" and I gave the fingerboard a nice drink of lemon oil. Its not the lightest of SR's but that was good for me because it balances perfectly, it has a real zero% neck dive. I have checked it over again and I cannot even seen a mark on it, not surprising as its never been out the house and I have OCD about looking after my gear. The neck is quite slim and the string spacing is 16.5 mm at the bridge so its not too wide, the 3 way pickup selector & active eq allows for quite a few alternative sounds but I'm sure its crying out for some better strings, I just never got round to it. NB. It's also got a bridge that has saddles with 2 adjustment screws so they won't suffer fatigue like the single screw ones can. Its not got a case but I do have the "box in a box" packaging so I can courier it but I don't wish to be responsible for any damage that could happen. I will insure it but I would rather it be collected or I'm prepared to travel a certain way also. The specs are freely available but IMHO its rather solid, well made and from good materials, especially considering its a £300 bass, so for £200 its a real deal. Basic Specs are - Metallic Sage Green, Maple & Walnut Neck (5pc), Jatoba Fingerboard, Nyatoh Body. Sorry, I'm not taking offers or need more basses.
  18. Oh man, I been wanting one of these but Black Friday spending has taken its toll. BTW, what is the spring spacing at the bridge? GLWTS
  19. How's the neck-dive or lack of with the new lighter tuners?
  20. I still can't stop drooling over this bass, someone please buy it as it's a bit out of my reach.
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