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  1. Just out of interest, what's the scale & string spacing?
  2. I've found it to be a "low-action" related thing, get a great low action, no fret buzzing, and now an annoying clicky clacky sound. The answer is to raise the action back up a we bit. Action is all a compromise
  3. I'm on the hunt for an Ibanez SR4005E Prestige to try, has anyone seen one anywhere?
  4. Need it gone, my "much smaller" place will soon be ready, room needed
  5. A rather arrogant little man, he most certainly is talented but destined to be a solo player up in the clouds where he lives.
  6. Sorry, I need to get rid of gear, the whole lot of my gear might be going up FS too, as I need to downsize big style
  7. Singing sure is "bloody awefull", but it takes "all-sorts" I suppose.
  8. It's only been used at home for a few hours, under 10 for sure.
  9. A bump from my very boring hotel room in sunny Chesterfield
  10. [quote name='walbassist' timestamp='1360791554' post='1976695'] Astonished this is still here, these are such good amps! [/quote] So am I? I've not used it since November, it's still packed up from the house move.
  11. [quote name='skychaserhigh' timestamp='1359995563' post='1963195'] If you're wanting quality build , finish and sound quality try the vanderkley 212 , can't fault it . [/quote] Or the Vanderkley 2 x 112 solution
  12. Brand new, never used, not opened etc. etc. When I tried to find a set of these in the UK, I could not and it turned out that the new importer stuffed up and never imported any 5-string sets. So, whilst on my yearly trip to the states, I picked up TWO sets of these babies, a set to use & the other for some daft reason I can't recall. I only want what I paid for them, which worked to be £40 for each set.
  13. £550 for this, an essentially new amp, used for just a few hours, now packaged away in its box, it now needs a loving home.
  14. I wish they would bring out a set of these TI's with a higher tension, providing they sound "exactly" the same because they do sound nice, especially the lowB. Great sounding strings, (best of the flats I've tried) but you need a real high action to stop them buzzing like crazy,
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