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  1. I It's my only bass now and pretty much does everything I need, I love it. I've just fitted flatwounds on it to see how it sounds. Not plugged in yet but I have a feeling I'm going to like it alot. I record a lot and have always found flats sound great in a mix and I think the full range of the MFD is going to really compliment flats.
  2. That's what I mean, just wondered if it might be the same one, they normally come with white, unless both previous owner's ordered a black one from g&l
  3. I've just seen a post by you on Peds sb-1 thread with a picture of your SB-2. Yours had the black pickguard that wasn't standard - is there a chance that I have your previous bass?
  4. Great stuff, they are great are they. The bass this one replaced had a honeymoon period of about 2 week's, but already can just tell this is the one. The setup on it was perfect so the previous owner must have fettled it nicely. I think the pickguard has been changed form stock as it is meant to be white with this finish, but I'm liking the black.
  5. Two NBD in a month! I traded an old Yamaha for a Squier CV Jazz V which I subsequently couldn't get on with and decided 4 strings is what I really want again. Sold the Jazz and a got me a lovely 2011 Bordeaux red G&L SB-2 Tribute. I was originally shooting for a mexican Fender P-bass, but realised I might miss having the jazz pickup for blending. After doing some research online and through searches on Basschat I thought the SB-2 tribute would actually be the one and I wasn't wrong. Loving the slim neck and the punchy pickups! Lack of tone control doesn't bother me, as I can always use some form of parametric EQ if I'm desperate, or just run the volumes lower. Definitely a good purchase and feels very well built and those pickups are superb. Anyone else have one of these?
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. I thought it might be something like that but didn't know the science behind it, that's good to know thanks. It's a 130 guage, so it's not exactly thin. Definitely a huge improvement not just in the B but the whole bass. I have shimmed guitars before but it's a lot more noticeable with this bass.
  8. Turns out after a few days I couldn't adjust to the low string being C, so I tuned it back to B but was getting increasingly frustrated with the sound and feel of it through, it sounded really dead and thuddy, even with a fairly high string height. Reinstalled string again to sanity check it wasn't twisted and set witness points again but issue the same. Neck was fitted properly so not a neck pocket issue. I had previously done a pretty thorough setup including lowering nut slots, setting relief and saddle's but thought best to go through it all again to troubleshoot the issue. The action was fine on E - A - D, but G string was still a bit high and couldn't go lower because it had run out of adjustment on saddle and was still a tad too high relative to the other strings. I decided to shim the neck at pocket end to get some adjustment back across all saddles and then take it from there. Doing this his has actually resolved two things. All the saddles are now able to be higher with the correct action so plenty of adjustment available and I could get G to where it needed to be. Also, I'm not sure if it's because of the new neck angle, but it has made the B string feel a bit more taut and I was able to get it's string height proportional to the other strings and it now sound's correct! It's not flapping and the notes sound tighter. I wasn't expecting to resolve the issue of the B with the shim, I did it more to sort gain more height on the saddles, but I'm very happy with the outcome!
  9. I know what you mean. I've actually played a 5 pretty much the whole time I've played bass. Around 1999 I got gifted an 80s Yamaha by my sister's fella while living away at uni, so I just kind of fell into using one, so when I bought a second bass around 2012 I opted for a 5 without thinking about it. I did eventually get into 4 strings, although I just have one of each now, a 4 and a 5, many have come and gone!
  10. Not a bad idea actually, though I think I'd miss the normal positions (EADG) for tracking anything in E standard. I tend to mostly treat the bass like I would a 4 when doing anything in standard but using the lower register for anything drop tuned. I definitely prefer the low B up tuned a semitone though
  11. Let's be honest, the low B on a bass can be a floppy little fella on the majority of basses. I've certainly found this. I got a new 5 string CV jazz bass and the low B was predictably a bit rubbish, but I do find five's useful for me because I only have one bass for recording and I record in various tunings - E standard all the way to Drop C. Which made me do an experiment recently which I'm quite happy with and can't believe I hadn't thought of it before. Tuning low B string up to C. The increase in tension has made it sound and feel better and I'm able to drop the saddle height a bit. It also sounds equal output when recorded now and none of the boominess. Recording bass lines over drop C is better now because rather than using a fretted C like I was doing before I've got a nice fat open C note. Obviously position switching is a bit confusing at first but I've got used to it. Anyone else ever done this? I know I could get a heavier guage B, but this seems like a useful way for me to repurpose the low "B" so it's infinitely more useable with current guage and may become the norm for me
  12. Haha, thank you. I'm not going to lie I still love the six string but something about playing bass again that's very deeply satisfying (must be the low end)
  13. First post for a while! When I play in a band I play bass, but as I've not been in a band for 8 year's I've predominantly just been playing guitar and occasional home recording, only picking up a bass to do the bass part's then putting it back in the rack. The band is reforming once we can after lockdown, so I wanted to get my bass chops back up again. The 80s tastic pointy yamaha I use as my main bass doesn't really inspire me to play it anymore so I advertised it on FB and got offered a lovely Squier CV 70s 5 string Jazz bass which I picked up last week. Setup on it was horrendous, but after a full setup including nut dressing, truss rod and saddle adjustment it plays very well indeed and has really got me back into playing and practicing! I will putting more time into bass now as well as six string now as it's made me appreciate the bass again. I've done my first mod to it, installing a push pull switch to change from series to parallel. I once hard wired a jazz bass copy that I also own like that and it's a nice sound so wanted that option. Overall very happy with it. Anyone else got one of these? Any recommendations of other worthwhile mods? Pickups sound ok to me but might still look to change at some point.
  14. Anyone local ish fancy swapping a Westfield Jazz bass for a Westfield P-bass? I've just recently acquired a 5 string Jazz so don't need but would love to swap straight for a Westfield bass if anyone has one? It's in good condition, no dings just a few marks. Is currently fitted with Fender flatwounds which are about 9 year's old and still sounding very good! Based in Wigan, could meet local ish.
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