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  1. Hi, Shamelessly aiming this at Sibob who I know is/was employee at Focusrite- I bought a 2i2 ages ago and have only just decided tonight to register it and install some bundled plugins and also managed to get a license for Ableton 9 lite. I notice there is a bundle for some Softube plugins, but on the Softube site it refers back to Focusrite site but page cannot be displayed. Is this bundle no longer available? I did have to jump through a couple of hoops to get my Ableton licence as they needed proof I owned the device so didn't know if I had to do something similar with them? Thanks ! Greg
  2. Thanks Ill check out the G&L PTB as well I have seen videos on someone using that before and it seems very useful. I'm assuming that the amount of cut will depend on the size of the cap being used?
  3. Technically a query about a guitar, but I'm wondering if anyone can help. I've just aquired a Hagstrom Ulstra Swede guitar which is HH with 1 vol, 1 tone and a coil split switch. The split coil sound isn't that great but a mod I would love to do is to rewire this switch if possible so it is a passive bass cut instead, in a similiar vane to the "dry-switch" that is found on Yamaha Revstar. Ive not been able to find a clear wiring diagram on how to do this online, I was wondering if anyone might know how to and what capacitors etc I would need? Thanks Greg EDIT: - AS soon as I posted I think I may have found the answer to my problem - using the bass cut wiring to replace the current coil split wiring
  4. Greggo

    NGD - Sheridan A150

    The honeymoon period was short with this one - Since getting it I end up trading it straight up for a squier standard telecaster!
  5. The fact its got a glued in neck (from an accuracy of the guitar its copying point of view) is a bonus. Often these Hondos have bolt on's for their 335 / Les Paul styles. Good find
  6. NGD - Sheridan A150 , which is a copy of a Les Paul Junior Doublecut . Aquired following the sale of an acoustic for a decent sum of cash, but i saw this having known a little bit about the brand I took a punt and it is excellent. Single P90, set neck. Sheridan were like a sister brand of Westfield, but seemingly with better electronics and this apparantly sports an EMG-HZ dog ear P90. It needs new strings and a setup, but its a great litttle guitar and has a really raw sound to it. Anyone had much experience with these or indeed the Westfield LP Junior DC (which it basically is the same thing as)?
  7. This data sounds are getting really bad. I have installed all the correct drivers for sound graphics etc but the same problem is occurring. The ground loop is pretty much rectified but even when recording low gain especially with single coils getting this dreadful high pitch sound that sometimes goes off for a second then comes back on. I turn WiFi off and it remains. If I point the pickups directly at laptop keyboard it gets really noisey so it's definitely something internal, but really strange how it's got really bad following Windows reinstall!
  8. Thanks all some great suggestions there. I've got a feeling that the drivers could potentially be culprit so I'm going to get the model specific drivers and replace in case any generic drivers have been used on this build of the laptop build. Other than that there has been no change of room, no change of power supply etc, so I'm thinking the re-image of laptop is the cuplrit. Its the increase in data noise that is annoying as the power supply hum I can deal with by simply unplugging when recording. Stangely if I do something on the laptop like turn the wi-fi off, the data noises stop for a second then carry on.
  9. Nothing - silence until a guitar is plugged in it is almost certainly the pickups picking up something, it's better with humbuckers but real bad with single coils. I did reinstall Windows that is the only change that I can think of?!
  10. It's just the laptop plugged into a 4 way and the interface I'm using is USB powered. It was absolutely fine but just seems last few days this humming occurred. I thought the adapter was bad but after changing it same issue.
  11. Sorry forgot to say as well, changed cables used a different interface, same issue. Really bizarre.
  12. Hi all. I've been primarily playing my guitar through a laptop using vsts for over a year now with great success. Very recently though I'm finding that despite no change in setup I'm getting hum when laptop plugged in and very loud data sounds when it is unplugged. Just like overnight there is a lot more noise and inference. I've tried with another ac adapter even tried with same setup on partners laptop but same. Any ideas on what can be causing the increase on noise? Playing and recording guitar is now virtually impossible because of this random increase.
  13. Update - turns out I needn't have worried too much. There isn't any clipping on guitars through the instrument setting with gain right down and is a real healthy signal. One of my basses clips direct through it, but not a big deal as can use a buffer to help this.
  14. [quote name='Bobthedog' timestamp='1475925313' post='3149794'] Does not the 2i2 also have a pad button as well as the gain knob? I now have the 2i4 2nd gen and that certainly does. I had a first gen 2i4 and that did too, I think. [/quote] Picked it up this first generation doesn't have pad button, hence why I'm thinking of having inline pad connected to workaround it.
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