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  1. Can't speak for their nickel offerings, but I am a fan of the Bass Centre Elites. In my case, I went with the Stadiums (Stainless) and found them to have a great sound, feel really nice (not as harsh as some other SS strings I've used) and last for a long time while still having a nice zing to them. Their Players are the nickel version: http://www.basscentre.com/elites-player-series/elites-player-series-iv.html Might be worth a look?
  2. Thought my Custom Shop Chrome CTM 300 would be appreciated here
  3. Here is the updated picture from my first gig with the current band! As I said, same bass, hat and boots!
  4. That is gorgeous. I remember seeing the red and blue sandblasted basses around a bit and had some serious GAS for one, but sadly never actually saw one in person.
  5. Here's me from a few years ago playing a show with my old ska band, The Mighty Shrimp. I'll try and get a slightly updated one as well, but not a lot has changed! Same bass, amp and cab (directly behind me), hat, jacket and boots. Hell, I still have those jeans as well! Except the current ska band is Ska Dogs, so bigger, land-dwelling creature with fewer legs.
  6. Fingers crossed things work out! A load of my gigs have been cancelled, rescheduled or are totally up in the air, including festivals and loads of local gigs. It sounds like either option would be made to work then, so it all comes down to whether you want one trouser-flappingly loud box with wheels, or two smaller ones without!
  7. Sorry @Stofferson, I feel like this has become a bit off-topic now! In answer to your original question, it seems like it is more of a question of how easily can you move the 610 compared to a 410 and a 210?
  8. Well... you have the cab... I have the head... I reckon once this virus blows over, there might be a chance of a fun afternoon! Maybe I need to actually get to one of these Bass Bashes I see advertised on here to try some of these things out, eh?
  9. Do you think Mark would take in my cabs to put in the B Stock blowout? 😅 You guys are going to drive my wallet to an early grave at this rate.
  10. I know I'm happy with my ABMs and CTM, but the more I think about it, the more I think maybe the cabs are my 'weak point' at the moment, as I sort of worry about my NEO 210 at higher volumes.
  11. That is why I went for the NEO 210, and that is pretty capable of filling the stages I play. I don't know if maybe I'm just trying to find an excuse to try something different.
  12. The more I see people with Ashdown amps using Barefaced cabs, the more I wonder if I'm missing a trick by still using Ashdown cabs. My ABM610, ABM 810 and ABM NEO 210 sound good to me, but those Barefaced offerings always get incredible reviews.
  13. Pretty sure you can, but probably best to check the manual and/or with the guys at Ashdown just to check which inputs/outputs should be used.
  14. I'm pretty sure you can get a rackmount kit for them. The chassis for the rackmount and standard are the same, as my chrome faced ABM600 is just a rack version stuffed into the standard head sleeve
  15. You have an ABM600, you don't need another head! Unless it is a CTM maybe 😉 Or an ABM1200...
  16. I normally favour a modular setup to give me options for different sized venues, but having taken my 610 to my last gig, I think I actually preferred just loading the one larger cab compared to several easier trips. It may just be me trying to justify giving the 610 more outings though as it sounded glorious! The larger cab may be easier to move overall due to the wheels, but may be more difficult to actually get into your vehicle compared to two smaller cabinets of different sizes. I fear that I may have not actually helped, but possibly highlighted a few areas to consider 😅
  17. Must remember to come back to this thread! I'm in a ska and 2Tone covers band and always need new ideas for riffs and fills. Would performances be welcomed here as well?
  18. Well I caved and bought a set. Should be with me next week. Fingers crossed I get a get a fresh, sturdy set!
  19. This thread has very much got me interested in trying a set of these. I've been using Stadium Elites on my Jazz for several years now, had to put on a spare set of Dean Markley Blue Steels and have found that they have stayed a little too bright for my tastes (they were free with a subscription, so nothing lost). Being sonically somewhere between a flat and a round, with the feel of a flat sounds really interesting, and my Dimarzio filled Jazz spends most of it's life with the series setting engaged for playing ska and 2Tone. Hesitations come from a set of these costing about twice what a set of my regular SS rounds would cost me, and the numerous QC issues that seem to get touted. Is it likely a case of those who draw the short straw are usually vocal, and those that get a good set don't feel the need to say ''I win the game, my strings didn't break'' making it seem like there was a larger problem than there really was?
  20. I would definitely recommend the Ashdown CTM heads. I have the 300 and it is an amazing sounding amp. Gets pretty rocky and grindy with the gain cranked, but also does the nice subtle 'warm and round' sound that you would expect from Ashdown and a tube head. The 100 also gets a lot of good reviews, with a bit less weight and a chance to get the power tubes wroking for that really rich sound. Has a DI and can be user biased, so a few modern amenities. The EQ gets a bit of getting used to, but does a decent job once you know how everything interacts. The buttons, particularly the Shift button, make a massive contribution to what the amp can do.
  21. I was very tempted by a pair of these when they were first announced as I recall that their power handling rating was very high for a 110. I think Lee was implying that 2 or 4 of these with a CTM would be a nice modular setup to suit people gigging in a variety of different sized venues.
  22. I'm really interested to see how this build pans out, and excited to see the result. I would also like to take a moment to say that the above colour is absolutely bloody gorgeous!
  23. Don't leave us hanging @BassBunny...
  24. My Meters OB-1-B just landed! Initial impressions are very good but take a little bit of getting used. May be worth noting that these B-Stock ones were the V1, so without the EQ switch that lots of online reviews mention. I've been using my Marshall Major IIIs for a long time, but do remember the initial transition being very similar, with EQs on devices needing tweaking a bit to my taste. Very comfortable, very cool, very Ashdown!
  25. I love finding out that I have been turning my amp off 'wrong' for 6 and a half years 😅
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