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  1. Thanks for the input guys. I started looking at making my own but ended up just buying a Van Damme Starquad and Neutrik equipped cable from designacable as the price of similar quality cable and the connectors plus shipping was pretty much the same as just ordering a premade one. The band do have a couple of spares in the box, but I would much rather have my own kit.
  2. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Martin bought my MXR Bass Envelope Filter.[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Great comms, very fast payment and generally great to do business with.[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]I would definitely recommend him to anybody on here. [/font][/color]
  3. Nathan bought my MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe. Good comms and fast payment. I would definitely do business with him again.
  4. I sold an IdiotBox Blowerbox to Dan and he was a pleasure to deal with. Good comms, quick replies and prompt payment. Would definitely recommend him to others or deal with him again
  5. BUMP for the now lonely Bass Envelope Filter!
  6. I'm a long time fan and user of Ashdown gear. I have never had any issues with reliability with my EB combo, ABM 900 EVO III or CTM 300 or any issues with any of my MAG or ABM cabinets. As others have said above, there were a few mistakes made in the past, but they seem to be just that... in the past. Ashdown are a great company to deal with and I urge every bass player I speak to who is curious about their gear to try it out. Personally, I love the tone that is achievable from their amps and am currently just about to pull the trigger on an ABM 600 EVO IV having played through the ABM 1200 at the London Bass Guitar Show and being blown away with how it sounded compared to my ABM 900 EVO III. Great amps from a great company with great customer service and support.
  7. Blowerbox and Bass Chorus Deluxe are SOLD
  8. Having a clearout of a few bits and pieces that aren't being used and these 3 deserve more attention than I am likely to give them anytime soon. [s][b]Idiotbox Blowerbox - £110 Shipped in the UK [/b][/s][b]- SOLD![/b] Great rat-based distortion handmade in the states. Fantastic sound, very aggresive and gets an awesome grindy tone. Loads of flexibility thanks to the Hi and Low controls. This is the smaller etched version offered currently on the website, not the older, larger version with the light up eyes. This pedal is brand new with the box and sticker, never been out of the house or gigged. It doesn't even have any velcro on it! I don't think I have actually turned it on using anything other than my hand. [url="http://s848.photobucket.com/user/BruceBass3901/media/20150707_183639.jpg.html"][/url] [s][b]MXR Bass Envelope Filter - £85 Shipped in the UK [/b][/s][b]- SOLD![/b] Another great pedal. These get lots of great reviews on here and on Talkbass. Good range of tones available. I'm just not a filter kind of guy it seems. Again, this is brand new with the box and without velcro. Never been gigged or out of the house. [url="http://s848.photobucket.com/user/BruceBass3901/media/20150707_183623.jpg.html"][/url] [s][b]MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe - £75 Shipped in the UK[/b][/s] [b]SOLD![/b] A chorus pedal that keeps plenty of low end thanks to the 2 band EQ and Crossover switch to keep the low frequencies un-effected with a fantastic flanger serting to boot. Again, brand new with box, never been gigged and no velcro. There is a small chip in the paint on the top right hand corner that was present when the pedal arrived. [url="http://s848.photobucket.com/user/BruceBass3901/media/20150707_183632.jpg.html"][/url] I'm not really interested in any particular trades but feel free to PM me with offers. Also willing to consider offers on the prices.
  9. Hi guys, I had a quick search around and found some of the information I was looking but not everything... I have had an Ashdown rig of some form or another for some time now but have usually used a DI box at gigs as the bands I was playing with always just used the venues PA, so I tried to stay out of the soundguy's way and just do what he said, which was normally use the DI box he thrusted/threw at me. I'm now in a band that run their own sound through their own PA, so have had to get together a few bits and pieces to make sure I am gig ready. The last piece to my puzzle is a cable to go from the DI output on my amp (currently either an Ashdown ABM 900 or CTM 300) to the bands desk for PA use. The current bass player (whom I am replacing as he is moving away) uses an unbranded cable to do this and suffers no problems whatsoever. My only experience of using the DI on my ABM directly is that it caused an awful hum, which it turned out was due to the cable having its pin 1 connected to the DI plug casing, not a problem with the amp itself. This was confirmed by Ashdown. I cannot find information on any of the packaging or details online of the DI cables I have been looking at as to how they are wired, and as I do not want to buy a cable and then find it is not suitable, I thought I would ask here... Does anybody know a good place to get a decent quality DI cable (about 20ft/6m should be fine) which will be wired correctly for my needs? Or would I be better off making my own cable up? If so, what cable are people using for DI cables? Thank you kindly!
  10. I've read the same; cut into the lacquer with a scalpel blade so that it doesn't crack when the nut is removed
  11. I have to say that I have played through a couple of Ampeg rigs (both valve and solid state) and have never really gotten on with them. I just find that they don't give me what I want. If I was shopping for an all valve amp to get that valve 'heft' to my sound, I would either go with a Fender Super Bassman 300 or an Ashdown CTM 300. I own a CTM 300 and it is hands down the best sounding amp that I have ever played through and I have played through my fair share of both valve and solid state. While I haven't had the chance to play through an SVT-450, I have read very few positive reviews of them, so try one and make your own decision if it is for you, but definitely try some others to compare it to.
  12. I think I am right in saying that the idea is to attach the bridge to a section of the instrument which is made from a different material, usually to increase sustain or change the tone (supposedly). Alembic did this quite a lot by having a brass 'tone block' under the bridge, others have used Ash, Alder or Mahogany.
  13. I actually kinda dig that... Other than the silverburst and tort combo
  14. Are there going to be any physical copies? Or just digital download?
  15. Really digging this! Great work man. Look forward to hearing more
  16. [quote name='Adrenochrome' timestamp='1432149350' post='2778706'] Hmmm - is bluetooth wireless bass next? [/quote] The Ashdown B-Social and Blackstar ID Core BEAM are already doing it
  17. I'm noticing more and more shops stocking less and less bass gear, let alone decent bass gear! My local shop only has 2 unloved Fender Jazz basses and a second-hand Precision copy and then 2 ratty looking Fender bass combos... They used to stock a load of Overwater basses, plus a number of Squiers and a few acoustics, but now it is just a handful of secondrate gear
  18. You may want to indicate where you are based as there aren't any details on your profile? And what colour/fretboard/pickguard combination is the bass?
  19. Are you looking to get an amp to practice with on your own, practice with a band or go gigging with? If you are looking to practice with a band or gig, what are your guitarists playing through and how loud are you generally? Is there a PA available at practices or the gigs?
  20. If you want a to try and get similar sound to your current setup, maybe look for one of the Ashdown MAG 600 heads? Or look into moving up to the ABM heads. Lots of headroom available from the ABM 500 or 900 EVO III range (in my experience) and apparently even more from the new EVO IV range. You get greater control with the ABMs as well as you have either a 7 or 9 band EQ as opposed to the 5 bands on the MAG. Or, if you are considering getting a preamp at some point anyway, why not look into getting a decent poweramp instead?
  21. Not a colour combination I would normally go for, particularly not with relicing but that is actually a very nice looking bass! Very tasteful Glad to hear you were able to walk away with so much and so happy
  22. Somebody please correct me if this is bad advice, but I have heard several people suggest getting a roundwound string of the required size and gently running it through the nut slot to act as a file works for small adjustments. Failing that, a needle file would do the trick. Just go slow and keep checking
  23. I would say contact Ashdown about it as there customer service is normally excellent. It sounds like it could be a valve or dirty input to me. Does it stop when the valve drive is disengaged?
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