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  1. Hi All, I have commented on this before and had any number of suggestions, however I have tried every conceivable combination of settings, including an MXR compressor, (which frankly seems like a waste of time and money as it has absolutely no discernible affect on the sound). I have also tried adjusting the decibel knob on the 15" speaker to the absolute extreme in both directions, with absolutely no difference in the sound. This rig sounds as dull as ditch water on every setting with a brand new Roasted maple neck Stingray. I intend therefore to procure an entirely new set up. Does anyone have a suggestion for the ultimate lightweight rig?
  2. Many Thanks, I even got a reply from Chris Fryer who owns Smooth Hound, telling me the same thing. My confusion was caused by a negative Amazon review, which was the result of a mistake which Chris made me aware of. I think I'll give this unit a try. Regards
  3. Thank you. To be clear It is a normal three pin UK plug, ie I don't need an adaptor?
  4. Thanks for your responses to this. Does the Smooth Hound wireless rig come with a conventional 3 pin UK mains plug?
  5. Does anyone have any opinions about what the optimum wireless rig is for Bass, or is such a notion anathema ?
  6. Hi all Many thanks for the useful input. As I said I've tried just about everything, however I will persevere with the aid of your comments. I may very well try some of the alternative amplification you have all suggested, as it's always useful to have some back up anyway. The Trace rig pictured is what I use in my rehearsal facility, and the Mark Bass purely for practical reasons, is my gig rig. On another note (pardon the pun) I'm wrestling with the bass line to "Hit me with your rhythm stick". I can manage an approximation of it, but maintaining the fluidity at the speed Norman Watt-Roy plays it, is quite a challenge. Any tips, or is it just solid practice?
  7. Hi All Pictured is my Status Energy, which I think was an entry level Status Bass. I bought it brand new 20 years ago and it has been my workhorse for that period of time complete with the Trace rig pictured. Inevitably as I have got older, lugging the Trace rig around with it has been increasingly onerous, so I treated myself to the Mark Bass lightweight gear pictured and a Stingray for good measure. The problem is that with both guitars, I don't seem to be able get anything like a decent tone out of the Mark Bass rig at all. I've tried every conceivable setting, including a compressor and it still sounds as dull as ditch water. Someone I note made a comment on this forum some while back in a similar vein and expressed it by suggesting it sounded like it had a duvet draped over it. Does anyone have any observations? Or does anyone have any recommendations about what is the best lightweight gear? It will give me another excuse once this dreaded pestilence is banished, to pester my local music shop and buy some more gear.
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