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  1. We'll keep an eye out in the Northeast for a seismic event 😉
  2. That is absolutely gorgeous. I'm not usually a fan of the Mk2 shape, but that has come out looking really elegant. Very much like the pickup covers as well. Hope it brings you many, many hours of enjoyment.
  3. Really getting into Death From Above again, and particularly enjoyed their House of Strombo show:
  4. I totally understand this. I can't stand push-pulls. I think for me it is that the pulled position looks and feels weird. I would much rather have a toggle switch or rotary switch.
  5. I have a VVT setup on my Jazz, but also installed a Series/Parallel rotary switch (4 hole plate, with jack on the side on the bass). The Series option is the one that gets used about 90% of the time for me. So the second Volume gets disregarded and the Tone still works.
  6. Here you go @Merton! Not pictured is another winged badge engraved on the back.
  7. A rather lovely pair of Meters OV-1Bs! These will replace my Marshall Bluetooth headphones. I must get a snap of my CTM for you tomorrow! Although you can see a sneak peak in my post in "Share Your Music" today 😉
  8. It was only a matter of time really... After seeing Mark's posts today, I made a purchase! They need the space, so I'm helping them out, right?
  9. Hi everyone, My band have been working hard to get a feel-good track recorded during this isolation, which was a very steep learning curve for a lot of us, but I would like to share this with you: For those that are interested (and let's face it, you are on a bass forum, you probably are!) this was my own handmade Jazz style build with DiMarzio UltraJazz pickups through my CTM300 and ABM810. My recording method was very low tech, so you probably don't get the best representation of the sound in the room, but it does the job!
  10. As has been said, the fans are 'present' but far from obtrusive. You notice when you turn the amp off that there was something there, but when doing anything actually involving the amp, the sound of the fans is totally lost. And they are certainly needed; my CTM300 gets nice and toasty.
  11. Stop talking the damn thing up @Merton! I'm resisting getting one as a practice/recording kit with a bonus of a decent speaker for my tablet.
  12. I've had the Line6 G30 unit for several years now and never had any issues with it. Wish I had gone for the G50, only because the construction was a little more robust, but my G30 is still unbroken and fighting fit.
  13. I do wish you hadn't said that...
  14. That is absolutely gorgeous. And here I was thinking my chrome faced CTM300 was a bit special!
  15. I'm not particularly hopeful that any of the gigs we had booked until September/October are going to go ahead. Most in April and May had already been postponed, but I should imagine we will have guidelines through the summer regarding social gatherings as others have said here. I reckon a lot of the pubs and social clubs we normally play at will be having a hard time once this has ''cleared up'' and I don't know if trying to organise gigs will help or hinder that... Could convince people to come out, or might just be an extra cost for them to have us play to an empty room. Either way, we'll take it as it comes, being cautious and law-abiding in the process. My trumpet player has had it, and while he isn't a young chap, he certainly isn't what I would have considered to be at risk or vulnerable. From what he has told the rest of us, it is a truly nasty and vile thing to get through. He is still recovering.
  16. Well I see your regular comments in the Ashdown FB groups, so take it as being a known Ashdown Addict 😉 FWIW, once I worked out who you were (mainly but rig pictures) I was disappointed to learn that you are not in fact a bass playing meerkat. Back on topic, those B-Socials have peaked my interest.
  17. That will look wicked smart. Although, that tolex with the white cloth would look very sharp 😉 My CTM lives on top of very beaten up ABM810, but sounds great through the ABM610 as well.
  18. Is it ever really a question of need? Would 2 810s not 'spark joy' with that CTM? EDIT: And are you going for the classic black grille? Or maybe the red or white cloth?
  19. Best of luck with it. I love my CTM300 and reckon it will work perfectly for what you want. It has a pretty 'baked in' tone, but by god is it a good one. Play with the pushbuttons, particularly the Shift and Bright buttons, to get a bit of sculpting going on. I have seen a few posts around recently saying to crank the Bass, Mid and Treble controls and then just uses the pushbuttons to suit the room. I haven't given it a go as my ABM 600 is my go to for gigs. If you want bag loads of clean volume, crank the master volume all the way up and set the output with the gain control. If you want a bit more dirt, balance the two. Enjoy it!
  20. I was eyeing Merton's one as well, but sadly reality struck and my music-fund had to take a hit. Keep me in mind if you decide to shift it? 😉
  21. I'm not at all surprised to find Merton sitting pretty in this thread 😅 I was very tempted by the LB30, but sadly it sold before I could decide. It would have looked lovely next to my chrome ABM600 and chrome CTM300, but sadly the LB30 I think will always be ''the one that got away'' for me and my Ashdown collection. The 427 would be a lovely rare beast to have, but something with that much grunt is just too much for me. Now... if a Spyder 550 head was to emerge from the shadows, I would jump on it in a heartbeat.
  22. [quote name='KingBollock' timestamp='1467069200' post='3081033'] The Ashdown Hyperdrive is the most disappointing pedal I have ever bought. I kept thinking that I'd eventually figure out how to dial a sound I liked into it, but I just ended up not using it at all. And it takes up an awful lot of room for nothing. They were still being raved about at the time. But then, as soon as I got mine, there's been barely a peep since. I feel like I was conned! [/quote] I was disappointed with the Lorenzo Hyperdrive when I first got it, so flipped it pretty quickly. Not long after, Ashdown posted a video with James Lorenzo showing how he dials it in, which really opened my eyes to the possibilities. I got another one soon after and have found it great to get a mid-focused distortion that really cuts through
  23. I've got the DiMarzio Ultrajazz set in my Jazzbass which I just love and sound great in my ska band, so I sort of trust that the Model P will do the job. But PlungerModerno is totally right; I can change things around afterwards! Definitely going to ensure the body is able to accommodate the P Retro so that I can have a pretty versatile bass.
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