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  1. That is absolutely stunning. Amazing colour, particularly with the maple board. I really need to try out a few Dingwalls, because seeing so many gorgeous examples on here is giving me serious GAS.
  2. That isn't what player's path does. This gives particular pieces to learn, practice and work through, in a similar fashion to the grading system used for many instruments, particularly in schools. There are then particular courses and lessons which are attributed to to certain pieces based on the techniques required, the theory at the foundation of the piece, etc. Totally get that Scott''s style isn't for everybody, I find him a bit waffley sometimes, but I learn and like having the resources.
  3. Reading that was a rollercoaster of emotions for me... Starting with temptation and excitement (opportunity), touch of jealousy (''he must be upgrading''), then just... SAD. Fingers crossed we can all get out and gigging again
  4. Looks like you have that amp on the road to recovery. Fingers crossed for you as these are stonking amps. I adore mine, even if threads like this constantly make me reassess whether I should be looking for a cab upgrade! (Looking at you @Merton and @stewblack)
  5. Did you pay full whack for it? Or was there a deal? If you paid full whack, I reckon send this back to PMT (hopefully so they don't then just send it on to the next person) and contact Ashdown about purchasing one direct.
  6. Just bloody stunning, and incredibly interesting seeing the process
  7. As far as I know, Ashdown''s ''Full Size'' heads (CTM, ABM900/1200) are all the same width as their cabs, so there is some uniformity.
  8. I see how it is... Not sharing with the class. I've had students like you 😒
  9. Waiting for @Merton to come along and lend some assistance here!
  10. I've opted for grey pearl, so still darker but with a bit of 'texture' to match the rest of the bass
  11. I bought a Musicman SUB from Phil and it was a total pleasure. He offered a a video call to show me the bass' condition and that everything worked before I made the journey, had everything setup for a demo for when I arrived and we were able to do some socially distanced chatting before we exchanged 'duh monies' for a well looked after bass. Top bloke, would definitely make another purchase without any hesitation.
  12. Seriously though, that is an amazingly well thought out and clearly high functioning setup. I had a very similar input/effect loop/bypass box setup on my last board, and now I hate that I didn't see the opportunity to have the missile launch style switch!
  13. So I finally tracked one down... A teal Musicman USA SUB! The first tutor I had for bass had one of these in the black/grey/graphite colourway, and I remember thinking it was so cool. Little did I know how great these basses were, and as many of you on here know, these are basically a Stingray with some of the 'luxuries' removed. This one has had a bit of love and attention, so frets are in lovely condition and the neck has been stripped of the black paint to reveal a lovely bit of maple underneath. It has also had the 'tasteful' checkerplate pickguard replaced with a W/B/W replacement. This lovely example came from @Jimbogubson on here via an appropriately socially distanced purchase made over the bank holiday weekend! I will probably switch out the pickguard for a grey pearloid one, and I would like to fit a Zero-Mod thumbrest, but the shipping cost and time make me a bit nervous at the moment (hence the thread in the Accessories forum). Suffice to say I am a very happy chappy!
  14. Hi everyone, I've just bough a Musicman USA SUB (NBD thread being prepped for this afternoon) and after a bit of playing around I'm enjoying it very much. I've been using Jazz and other multiple pickup outfitted basses for a very long time, so I'm used to having a few places to anchor my thumb, so the single H configuration of the SUB is proving to be a bit limiting. I'm aware of the floating thumb technique being used in such applications, and have found a few instances where this is appropriate, but for a lot of what I play, I would rather have a solid anchor of some type. I've read of the Zero-Mod thumbrests for several types of basses, and the Stingray version will fit my SUB with no problems, but I've seen very few reports on what these are like from this side of the pond, and indeed whether there is anybody stocking them over here. Can anybody share their experience of these before I pull the trigger through the Zero-Mod store? Thanks in advance!
  15. Design and Engineering. I only started at my current place of work a couple of months or so before all this craziness kicked off, but I was teaching the same subject at A Level before. Now back to Ska! There is a lot of fist wave love going on here, but are there many fans of second or even third wave ska? Some amazing bass players in this field and some incredibly fun songs that I will have to share if people are interested.
  16. Thanks a lot Greg. Yeah, our singer is a proper showman. He has props and everything at gigs!
  17. I will definitely check that out Greg, thanks! Every day should be a learning day (not just my opinion as a lecturer at a University 😅)
  18. Well here is my band's take on It Must Be Love by Madness (we even got retweeted by Madness!) that we have recorded during isolation. My only guide track was the drums, hence the look of total concentration!
  19. A little bit of Ska in isolation recorded as a fundraiser and general feel good opportunity during this difficult time:
  20. With a bit of luck, tomorrow will be a NBD!

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  21. Currently, it works out at roughly £100 for the year. All the prices are USD, so do shift a bit. If you get in at the deal price, you are grandfathered in at this price, but can upgrade to a 'Lifetime Membership' which is a one off payment that I have not looked into. If you go through the registration for the free 14 day trial, you get all the prices on the next page.
  22. I'll throw in to the mix that I am actually a member at SBL and have started on the Player's Path and am really enjoying it. Even at Level 1 or 2 (of 9) I'm noticing little bad habits I have allowed myself to pick up, and have a more visual and workable method of filling in a lot of gaps in my technique toolkit and theory knowledge, so ticks plenty of boxes for me. His recent stuff seems to be a bit more 'interweb targeted' so a few more memes or GIFs thrown in than are really necessary, but Scott seems like a nice guy, his teaching method is good, even if he has a tendency to waffle (as a teacher, I know how easy it is to get caught up in a train of thought) and the experienced musicians he has the chance to talk to and work with on his courses is just great. I totally get why the marketing grinds people though. I'm signed up, and still getting fed up of all the YouTube ads inbetween other videos!
  23. Initial impressions are pretty good with these. Nice sound, definitely still got some brightness. Higher output than the Blue Steels I had on before, so will have to do some pickup height tweaking to keep everything playing nicely. Overall setup is going to need some tweaks as well as these are different tension and have generally thrown my bass out of whack. Liking the smooth feel, but they are a tiny bit sticky, I suspect from some kind of treatment at the factory, so I guess that will disappear with time. Very different to what I am used to, but I can certainly see the appeal. Sound great with a pick, which is nice to know, but I don't ever play with a pick with my band. Will definitely be keeping them on and seeing how they break in a bit, but I need to put some serious time into getting my setup right as these have thrown everything out. Unfortunately, this will probably be a bigger job as there are a few things that I will take the chance to sort out (new nut, fret levelling) but that is far more to do with my bass than these strings, I think these have just highlighted the issues.
  24. Lovely collection, and that frettless 'Ray looks beautiful. If you want an unhelpful comment, it may be worth pointing out that you could make space to explore 60s vs 70s Jazz basses... The pickups are in different positions, so there must a difference, right? And both 'Rays are H configurations... an HH might be nice as well?
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