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  1. Tried it just now. Pretty good, I'd say! Much better sound than a distortion pedal, less harsh. I whacked up the drive and blend to max, the treble and volume to half and that was a good bit of overdrive. Too much treble and it sounds too harsh (but I have a lot of treble on the bass and the amp). Oh and I used it with a Laney R500H amp with an Ibanez SR300 bass.
  2. Will do. The pedal arrived today, so I will try it later this evening (UK time).
  3. Thanks all. I just ordered an Ampeg overdrive pedal - let's see if that does the job.
  4. Hi, I play at home and want a new amp (the two I have sound too clean output and I want a nice crunch). Now I think I played through an Ampeg fridge back in the mid-90s when I recorded a demo with a band in a rehearsal room in Wembley - I really cranked it up and got a massive crunchy sound out of it! I can't afford one of those, so was pondering an Ashdown ABM-300-EVO IV, which I can get for £429 (rrp is £579). Would that be worth a punt? Cheers Pete PS: The two heads I have are a Hartke HA2500 and Laney R500H.
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