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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Well... after much soldering and tinkering, it didnt matter where it went so seeing as it still works as a volume knob, ill leave it as it is! Thanks for your help tho guys
  3. Thanks for the schematic - same one as I've found, but it doesnt say what to do with the push/pull. I haven't a clue what the push/pull does. At the moment it doesnt do anything but obviously the knob in it's current state acts like a standard volume knob. I've attached a couple of pictures.
  4. Hello... Right, so I've been doing my head in with trying to find a bleedin' wiring diagram for this bass I've just picked up. As the title suggests, its an old school Warwick Rockbass - It's one of the Streamer models with the single pickup (like this) but in black. It didnt quite sound right when I bought it, so off came the back panel. I've discovered that there is a black wire that comes from the push/pull volume pot to the tone pot that is linked to another black wire that goes nowhere - I thought it would be an easy job to find a diagram to reattach it in its rightful place but havent been able to so far... Can anybody help me with either a wiring diagram or just tell me where the [email protected]@rd thing goes?!! Thanks Mark
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Ive just commented on the Facebook post. Im from Leicester (ish) and am doing some charity gigs in August if its still available and local.
  7. If you've got a female vocal in the band, then Alannis Morrisette's "You Oughta Know" is a really tricky bassline to a great song. Plus, anything by No Doubt - again, trickier basslines than you think to really catchy songs.
  8. I agree. It would wind me up. Well, I was in a similar situation and it did rack me off. Not wanting to hijack the thread (and admin feel free to move) but im slowly finding myself in a situation where the band im in need to relieve one of our members from their duty - what are other people's experience with this?
  9. Id steer away from superglue. I played a gig on a Friday night and was struggling to hear myself so I dug in more. It was in my early playing days so I blistered quite badly. My amp wasnt the loudest or best and there was no room on the pa for a di. A friend of mine suggested superglue for my gig the next night, which was duly applied. Halfway through the first set the superglue started to peel off my index and middle finger of my playing hand and by the end it had actually taken the cap off both fingers from the end phalange over the nail. The skin underneath was understandably raw and I struggled through the rest of the gig with a borrowed pick and what was left of my fingers. My fretboard was covered in blood which looked cool but actually nearly made me pack in! In the end I found that an enforced rest, surgical spirit and a change of string brand did the trick. Since ive swapped to elites ive never blistered like that. So my best advice is to rest, but if you have to play then surgical spirit is the best.
  10. [quote name='JTUK' timestamp='1405978191' post='2507260'] £270 is minimum cost as we pay 5x£50 and £20 for the P.A... we have a new P.A so that may have to go up. I think it is an insult to pay anyone less that £50 for a pub so that is what we bill at. Anything over 25miles away needs petrol exes... Parties start at £550 for family and friends, and normal parties start at £750 excluding P.A and lights and travel. Maximum playing time is 2 hrs and we charge to put sound through the P.A... if only because that means it may have to be up and running for longer. If people want music until 2pm, we tell them to get a disco but if we have to do it..we charge them for keeping 3 people standing around for how many hours waiting to pack up. [/quote] So we're not too far off really, but why do you charge for taking PA and lights? Isnt that like charging extra to take your guitars, or is it that you've got a separate sound/light guy? Sorry if that sounds sarky btw, its just something thats always narked me.
  11. So what is the going rate for gigs then? Do you have a "bass" (geddit) cost (of say £200) and then add on extra $$$ for longer sets etc? I've played bass in the same band for yonks now, and we started off playing pubs for £160 (when we first started out as a 4 piece) and then that went to £200 as we became more popular. Now we are a 5 piece we play 1st pub gigs for £250 and subsequent for £300. We have pretty much always done 1x 60 min set and 1x 90ish min sets. Weddings/parties we charge double for (£600 just for the band) because the majority of the time we have to setup early/the day before so theres a lot of travelling. Set times are normally chosen by the person thats booked us. I've heard of some bands that charge more to bring their own PA/lights and things, which I find ludicrous really. In terms of playing for 4 hours, I think I probably would as long as its pointed out upfront and reflected in the booking fee (I will never forget the time that our guitarist couldnt do a gig so we did it as a 4 piece with about an hours notice - it was a common gig for us but a new landlord. He asked the 4 of us to play from 10pm til 1am with a 15 minute break (we used to do 9:30 - 11:30 under the old landlord). He knew we charged £250 (first gig for him) and we managed to get thru the gig by playing our normal set as best as we could and blagging a few others. He came up to us at the end of the gig and paid us £200 and told us that he didnt need to pay us fully as we were a man down! What an idiot. Needless to say he didnt stay there long!)
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. There is on hotcovers.co.uk abd its £41
  14. OK, so I got the 2x10 version of this on Monday.. Initial thoughts were "hmmmm". Took it home, put gain, volume, and all eq flat (12 o clock) and notched the master volume up to an acceptable level (not even 4 clicks round), and it sounded OK. A quick mess with the EQ made it sound a bit better, but not much. Tried the tweeter switch in the on, off and -6db and could tell the difference. Cranked the gain up to distort slightly, and you do get a nice warmish tube type sound - but all the way might be a bit much if you're using a pick. I took the speakon out of the back of it, and plugged my headphones in (custom built with extra bass response) and I didnt like the sound I got - No matter what the gain/volume/master/eq was set at, I couldnt get rid of that bassy fuzzy clicky sound you sometimes get with some cheap headphones (mine werent cheap, but appreciate it could be the headphones rather than the amp). The best thing about this is the contour knob - it does make a subtle difference to your sound. Well, actually, no - the best thing about this amp is using it live. Took it to a gig last night. Gain was about 11, Volume about 2, Contour knob about 10, EQ flat, and Master Volume at about 9. I turned the tweeter off. I use a Squier VM Jazz Bass, newly strung for this particular gig. I tell you what - this thing shook me from the 1st note to the last note - i alternate between fingers and pick throughout the set (pub rock covers) and this thing really got me moving. Clarity was fantastic (we play Life in the Fast Lane by The Eagles, and you could hear the "ghost notes" as i was hitting muted strings), volume was superb, plenty of headroom - and as i was initially messing with the amp, i cranked the gain up with the volume, and you get this lovely crunchy tube sound. I could have done with a bit more top end, but now i know what its like with a flat eq, and no tweeter, I can custom my sound from there. This is a great amp, and I would recommend buying it if you are looking for something lightweight and loud.
  15. Right..I'm going for the 210. Will hopefully have it and have gigged it in the next week or so and will report back.
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