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  1. The Dual VU is indeed the same amp, but designed for rack use and with input AND output levels being shown. Other than these, the guts are the same, so the same killer sound in a different package, plus built in Essex rather than overseas.
  2. Really digging the style of it, but reading the blurb on the website it seems to be an ABM EVO-IV with a couple of controls shifted to pre-determined levels via the footswitch and some very specific requirements of the Taurus pedals. Obviously, this was designed with a very specific user-case in mind, and rightfully so for Guy, but this isn't jumping out to me as something to add to my rig over my ABM EVO-IV.
  3. The Beat - Live at the Roundhouse
  4. Absolutely love it! Pretty close to my ideal P. Only thing that irks me is how close the KickAss/BadAss bridge always looks to the back of the bass.
  5. Festival set last weekend was a total success! Ended up using an SVT-450H into an SVT810 rather than the Ashdown MAG head that I was told was being provided.

  6. Last rehearsal tonight before Victorious Festival this weekend! Beyond excited

    1. GisserD


      Ace line-up there this year!

  7. First gig back tonight; socially distance / seated... Mix of incredibly excited and totally bricking it!

    1. SpondonBassed


      How'd it go?

    2. BruceBass3901


      Bit of a mixed bag to be honest. But good to be back on stage and seeing people enjoying what we play.

      Notes made for bits to work on, and a firm reminder of how heavy all my gear is!

    3. SpondonBassed


      It's good to have a bit of a challenge though.  Nothing worth doing comes easy.

      Well done.

  8. You take that back Merton...
  9. Medium for Stadium Elites are 40 60 80 100. Standard is 45 65 85 105. With regards to the question at hand, tuning down, even a half step, will reduce the tension in the strings, and therefore the tension on the neck. This will shift things slightly, but it is hard to explain exactly where. Might be worth taking it back up to standard tuning, measuring the relief and string height, then tuning down and measuring again, just so you can compare. Seems odd that a half step would be making a massive difference, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say.
  10. I used to play the Stadium Elites and loved them, then gave a set of the Ernie Ball Cobalt Flatwounds a go, just to give some flat profile strings a go. Really like the overall sound and character, but find the tension is a bit much. Has anybody compared the Elites Groundwounds to the EB Cobalt Flats?
  11. You won't be disappointed with the upgrade. I ran an ABM 900 EVO III for a long time, but got an ABM 600 EVO IV and it blows the EVO III out of the water. Louder, punchier, fuller, more flexible... Everything I loved about the EVO III but more. Really hope you enjoy it!
  12. Mine had had the neck stripped and oiled when I bought it, leaving only the headstock in the black. My old bass teacher had one of these (hence my desire to have one at some point) and his was bought from new and I definitely recall patches of missing paint on the back of the neck through years of playing. Always felt great though.
  13. I have and it works great. Really straightforward.
  14. I clicked into this thread to put precisely what @Muppet has already put. Great little unit which I have found excellent as a practice tool and a recording interface.
  15. I was part way through planning a black and white paisley Precision build and this just makes me even more excited!
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