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  1. You won't be disappointed with the upgrade. I ran an ABM 900 EVO III for a long time, but got an ABM 600 EVO IV and it blows the EVO III out of the water. Louder, punchier, fuller, more flexible... Everything I loved about the EVO III but more. Really hope you enjoy it!
  2. Mine had had the neck stripped and oiled when I bought it, leaving only the headstock in the black. My old bass teacher had one of these (hence my desire to have one at some point) and his was bought from new and I definitely recall patches of missing paint on the back of the neck through years of playing. Always felt great though.
  3. I have and it works great. Really straightforward.
  4. I clicked into this thread to put precisely what @Muppet has already put. Great little unit which I have found excellent as a practice tool and a recording interface.
  5. I was part way through planning a black and white paisley Precision build and this just makes me even more excited!
  6. I saw this one of eBay and really had to ask whether this was a better option than the teal one I got at the start of lockdown. These are fantastic basses!
  7. That is just stunning. And the rest of the collection looks pretty tasty as well!
  8. I got a new (to me) bass at the start of lockdown, which I am still loving, but that is not stopping my desires for a fan-fret or a headless! Or a Nate Mendel signature P...
  9. This is a really nice sounding little amp! Very impressed after the video and if I was looking for a new little rock amp, this would certainly be on my list.
  10. Definitely prefer the black. Totally transforms that bass! Looks ace
  11. I just tried a bit of quick and dirty recording (bearing in mind that I have absolutely zero experience of home recording) and it was very straightforward on my Windows 10 laptop. Plugged everything in, opened up Audacity and tweaked a few levels about, and off to the races I went! Probably not the highest quality available, but for what I paid, and the ease of process, I'm very happy with it. Regardless of the recording capabilities, I still think it is a stonking little headphone amp.
  12. I've just had an Ashdown TonePocket arrive and after a few minutes of noodling, I am very impressed! Has everything I need (simple EQ, aux in,) plus can be used as a DAW interface which I am hoping to experiment with over the weekend. Rechargeable so I don't have to be tethered to the wall, which is quite nice if I want to sit out in the garden and noodle. Only 'gripe' is that I had to buy an adaptor for the headphones, but that is really minor for me.
  13. General consensus is that Ashdown and BF pair very nicely. I think @Mertonhad one of the RM series heads? It is one of the few that I haven't had a chance to have a play with I'm afraid.
  14. Hope it sounds ace! Now the next question... Which grille are you going to change?
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