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  1. Thanks for the advice guys! I would love to get a proper vintage sounding pickup like the Aguilar P 60, the Fender Custom Shop '62 or something custom, but for now (having listened to a few demos and shootouts) I think I will try my luck with the DiMarzio Model P I already have. I'll also look into getting a set of flatwounds as I normally use Bass Centre Stadium Elite Stainless strings, which sound great but I would like to give the classic P Bass thump a go as well.
  2. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1467148686' post='3081562'] My fave Precision pickups are the Fender Custom Shop 62s that come in post 2012 Precisions as standard. I have them in all of my Precisions which are alder body/maple neck, and the sound is just great, real fat n chunky, but can be sharpened up without becoming too shrill. [/quote] Thanks Lozz, I'm hearing quite a few good things about this pickup. I may have to look into finding one!
  3. [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1467147482' post='3081551'] Hi BruceBass, Good luck with the build. What sort of sound do you enjoy? Do you like the Jamerson deeper tone or a more aggressive, Musicman type sound? [/quote] Thanks Grangur. I enjoy both, but do tend to lean towards a slightly more aggressive sound. I currently have a DiMarzio Model P left over from another build but I was concerned that it would be a little too agressive sounding (based on opinions of those that use it for rock/metal) for my ska band.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm in the last stages of preparing for a P bass build and I am in need of a pickup. I have very little experience with P basses generally as I have normally favoured a Jazz or Stingray style, but I now find myself looking to fill the P shaped hole in my stable. I know that a lot of people will say that this is totally subjective, but I don't really have a starting point for this, so could do with the advice of the ever-mighty Basschat community!! The bass will feature an alder body with a maple Allparts neck (for those that are interested) and a single P bass pickup in the standard location. It will mainly be used in my Ska and 2 Tone covers band but will likely see a bit of everything, so a versatile pickup as opposed to a 'one trick pony' would suit me better. I have also yet to decide whether I want this bass to be passive or active. I will probably rout the body to allow for a preamp such as a John East P Retro to be mounted at a later date, so for the time being, consider this to be a bog standard passive P bass with a single volume and single tone control. Can somebody please point me in a good direction? Many thanks!
  5. Looks awesome Merton! I'm going to start gigging my CTM 300 and ABM NEO 210 setup next month, but sadly my CTM is flightcased so the cab will have to be sideways
  6. I have one of the sealed NEO 210s and it is a cracking cab. Nice and punchy, very loud and very easy to lift. I've been singing these cabs praises on here recently in other posts and that is because they deserve it.
  7. I've got the newer ABM NEO 210 cab, which is sealed and rated at 1000W and I have to say that it is a truly fantastic sounding cab. Very loud and just a fantastic tone. I was previously gigging with an ABM 610 cab and I think I can say that it blows it out of the water both in terms of tone and volume. I would recommend these cabs to anybody looking for great tone and great maneuverability. They are great lightweight cabs that have definitely not compromised on tone or volume.
  8. I've gigged my ABM 600 EVO IV and ABM NEO 210 setup quite a few times since my previous post and can safely say that I am noticing more body and heft to my tone compared to my ABM 900 EVO III. This comparison is still being made with the same bass/string combo and playing similar sized gigs with identical PA setups. I think the EVO IV has just taken everything that was great from the EVO III and just given it a bit more oomph. A truly great sounding head, and the NEO cab is stonking as well.
  9. I can vouch for the ABM 600 being a cracking head and that is what the bass player for Death Cab for Cutie is using these days. I can also recommend the ABM NEO cabs. They have stacks of volume and great tone on tap.
  10. [quote name='grenadilla' timestamp='1444861976' post='2886896'] The sleeve really looks fine. I like sealed cabinets better too. In the States it is hard to know what version of Ashdown you're getting when you buy off the 'net. Does your new 210 sound better than the 4 8" version ? [/quote] I can't really comment on the NEO 408 as I haven't tried one but Ashdown said that it has a faster attack and perhaps moves a bit more air. I would love to try one though! With the NEO 210 and on its own just to see how they differ or conpliment each other
  11. I've got the ABM 210 NEO and it is a great cab. I've got a thread about it if you want a more in depth review
  12. Thank you very much The ABM 600 can be either rack mounted or sleeved without any modifications other than removing the rack ears as the chassis is the same for both the standard and RC versions, so there is nothing stopping there being more chrome loveliness about The chrome CTM however was a little more effort!
  13. Thank you very much for the follow Merton and the several Likes!! I have returned the favour And the cab only has the one handle on the top, but I haven't found it to be a problem at all as it is very light and shallow enough to be comfortable when walking with it in one hand. I know how the members of this forum feel about handles though
  14. And here is the amp, also Instagram filtered as Merton can't wait [URL=http://s848.photobucket.com//BruceBass3901/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20150921_175902.jpg.html][IMG]http://i848.photobucket.com/albums/ab46/BruceBass3901/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20150921_175902.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  15. Well here is the cab in all the sealed and Instagram filter edited glory [URL=http://s848.photobucket.com/user/BruceBass3901/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20150821_161447.jpg.html][IMG]http://i848.photobucket.com/albums/ab46/BruceBass3901/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20150821_161447.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  16. [quote name='skychaserhigh' timestamp='1442775858' post='2869405'] I have the neo 210 cab too and agree It's a great cab. I didn't realise they do a sealed version though ? [/quote] The new version of the NEO 210 is sealed. I tried a ported version in a shop after I received mine and I definitely prefer the sealed version
  17. Since joining a 9 piece Ska covers band, I found that my Ashdown ABM 900 and ABM 610 cab were a little bit overkill, particularly in terms of footprint, as some of the gigs we play don't have loads of room for backline as a 4 piece brass section takes up a fair amount of stage space. After chatting with the guys at Ashdown (as always, a pleasure to deal with) I decided that one of their new ABM NEO 210 cabs would be light enough, small enough and still loud enough for practice (where I don't go through the PA), small gigs where I don't have PA support and larger gigs where I do have PA support. So that was the footprint issue sorted, other than the purely aesthetic issue that the ABM 900 is wider than the cab when the cab is on it's end. As I am a fussy creature (and always looking for an excuse to add to my Ashdown collection), this would just not do, so I decided to also upgrade the amp to the new ABM 600 EVO IV and have this be a treat to myself for recently completing my degree in Product Design and Innovation. As I already have custom CTM 300 with a chrome faceplate, I asked the guys at Ashdown if it was possible to get the rackmount version of the ABM EVO IV mounted in a sleeve to match, and they said that it was entirely possible, so now I have 2 very special amps to mark a couple of big milestones in my life. So I have actually had the cab for about a month now and have gigged it three times and taken it to a couple of practices but the amp has only just landed and got its first couple of gigs this week. This is an amazing sounding rig! The cab is very clear with plenty of headroom and a huge output for a cab of its size. I reckon that it is at least as loud (if not louder) than my ABM 610 cab and sounds like a much larger cab. The NEO speakers make sure that it isn't a back breaker but don't compromise on the sound quality at all. This is the new version of this cab, so is sealed rather than front ported. I haven't had a chance to try this cab with my CTM yet but will hopefully be able to over the next couple of weeks. It sounded great with both my ABM 900 and the new ABM EVO IV. The amp is also well worth shouting about as it is just everything that was great about the ABM EVO III with more flexibility thanks to the extra 2 EQ bands and a bit more oomph from the redesigned input stage. It sounds much louder to me than the previous versions through both 8 ohm and 4 ohm cabs. It seems to have more highs and more lows on tap, but still the classic ABM sound that I just love, so very familiar territory with just a bit of an added tweak to really fine tune everything. All in all, I am completely thrilled with this new setup and would recommend either of these pieces to anybody considering a lightweight rig. I shall post up some pics once I can get my decent camera out as I know this thread is useless without them
  18. I've compared the two at practice with the same bass/strings/cab and the EVO IV seems to have more 'heft' to the sound to my ears. It just sounds fuller and richer than the EVO III and the 2 additional EQ bands are really useful for fine tuning your sound. The valve drive has been reworked as well and has more grit on tap than the EVO III If you like the EVO III, definitely check out the EVO IV
  19. Little Bitch by the Specials - Not hard in the slightest to play, except that it is repetitive octaves played quickly for the whole song. Wears my hands out pretty quickly when we play it
  20. [quote name='bassix' timestamp='1440180493' post='2848948'] The only decision now is whether to go for the RM420 or 800.. [/quote] You can turn the RM800 down to RM420 levels, but you can't get the same volume from the RM420 as the RM800 can manage Plus the RM800 is lovely, lovely chrome!
  21. BruceBass3901


    May be less likely to get fakes but it could still happen. Have a look at StringsDirect.co.uk though...great prices and will always be genuine
  22. Thought I would post this up as I am dead excited about this and thought that perhaps some fellow low-end worshipers would fancy a chance to get up and dance a bit So this is my first 'proper' gig playing with the fantastic Mighty Shrimp Ska Band playing Ska covers from the likes of Bad Manners, Madness, The Specials, Reel Big Fish and many, many more! I've played a couple of songs at another gig, sharing with the bass player that I am replacing, but this is my first time flying solo with these guys. We are on at 9pm and will probably be playing for a couple of hours (my longest gig yet!). This is also a Cider Festival, so I'm sure that there will be some great ciders to choose from. Here is the address: [font=arial, sans-serif][size=3]5 High Street[/size][/font] [font=arial, sans-serif][size=3]Hythe[/size][/font] [font=arial, sans-serif][size=3]Southampton[/size][/font] [font=arial, sans-serif][size=3]SO45 6AG[/size][/font]
  23. They look ace! You should get a case made up for your amp as well ao they all match
  24. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1438543695' post='2835356'] You'd need an svt and 8x10... [/quote] Just one? There were designed for two after all...
  25. Quite a haul there!! I'm waiting on some stuff from Ashdown as well but not quite as impressive as this! I really want to try the RM800 out as all I am hearing is great reviews
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