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  1. Look at it...😍
  2. Hey! I think we spoke on Facebook about your Alpher Mako. I am interested in Sandberg's especially this TM series you got, but I opted for a Maruszczyk and will probably bite at a dingwall in the not too distant future. I'm sure I'll get to Sandberg's eventually
  3. Bargain! If I didn't already have this bass I would jump at this...
  4. Thanks for the recommendation! I've tried a fretless before and didn't get on with it. I'm not a massive fan of the sound either.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation, been looking into Dingwalls and I'm very interested!
  6. I have played ricks before and they sound and play nice, but I'm not a huge fan of the look. Maybe I'll have another go. I was thinking about another Warwick but as I've never played one other than my Corvette I'm not sure if the others are different enough? I have been offered a 90s streamer for £1k..
  7. Hello I have an itch for a new bass but not really sure what I'm looking for, please help! I currently have (in order of preference) Warwick Corvette, Ibanez SR1400, and my Sire V7 which I use for gigs. I just sold an American Fender Jazz Select bass which sounded amazing but it just didn't feel as 'natural' for me to play as the Warwick and Ibanez. I think the frets being larger made it a bit clunky going between the necks, but I did really love the sound of the jazz...maybe I just needed to persevere with it more.. 😣 So now due to selling some gear I have around £1500 to play with. I've had a look and I'm quite interested in Sandberg CaliforniaTM series, but due to the current situation haven't been able to have a play on them so not sure what they're like to play. I'd love to hear any recommendations for any other bass guitars you think I should take a look at. As I said I have a budget of £1500 max and would rather shop second hand. In my spare time I mostly play interesting rock (Rush) and funky stuff, and I play in a 70s-00s rock covers band. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey, I'm interested in this bass but wouldn't be able to travel to Stoke to collect until lockdown is over. Just registering my interest!
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