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  1. Looks good , especially the size . Here's some others to think about [url="http://www.thegigrig.com/acatalog/SWS_Loopy-2.html"]http://www.thegigrig.com/acatalog/SWS_Loopy-2.html[/url] [url="http://www.brightonion.co.uk/products/Mini-Looper.html"]http://www.brightonion.co.uk/products/Mini-Looper.html[/url]
  2. I own 5 , but have only ever gigged the one (apart from maybe one gig) for 20 years . My graphite necked Stingray does it all for me . Don't need 2 pickup basses . I think it's possible to live with one bass , and really work it for all styles
  3. [quote name='robbiano' timestamp='1356957805' post='1915538'] Will be on a lovely old sailboat, The Albatross, moored off the north Norfolk coast working my EUB like there's no tomorrow... [/quote]Mate , that sounds like a lovely gig
  4. What does the SFX Blue Dragon do ? All I can find out is that it is a boost pedal , but you state that it's a loop switcher . May be interested in this , if you could tell me what it does . Cheers , Paul
  5. [sup]Yeah , but I'm one of the very few people who can tune an Air Bass . [/sup]
  6. All the time . I also Air guitar with my fretting hand in my van if a good solo is playing . Sad , I know .
  7. [sup]New guitarist's 2nd gig , 1st on home turf . So he thought he'd bring his full stack (2 x 4x12's) for all his mates . Trouble is , the other guitarist said he'd do the same . They tried to talk me into bringing more than the one cab , but I told them I wouldn't . [/sup] [sup]Always wear plugs - drummer side wedged fully in , and the guitar on the other side of me - sort of half in , to get a bit of gig buzz . Well both fully in tonight . [/sup] [sup]So effing loud - both of them , weren't happy at all . One 4x12 is really overkill in a small pub , but two (4 in all) , is just ..... Haven't got a clue these guys - I despair sometimes . Got ringing in my ears as I write this , and that's with plugs . Punter's ears must've been mashed . Thankfully just a one off . Guitards !! Cracking gig mind he he[/sup]
  8. These guys may be able to do a custom jobbie . [url="http://www.brightonion.co.uk/products/Triple-Looper.html"]http://www.brightonion.co.uk/products/Triple-Looper.html[/url]
  9. I've only the one . Si , I think it's less OC2 , more OCD
  10. Sort of a post gig , few days after . Working at an engineering firm at the time , and one of the lads came up and says - " eh Paul , you're in a band , aintcha ?" " Yeah , I play a bit " " Well I saw this really good band the other night (reels off band name) , I've seen them loads of times . You heard of them " " Yeah I have , cause I play in that band , you fcukin inbred " " No you don't " " Think I do " " No you don't " " If you say so twat " " Sorry mate , can't think how I've not seen you " We were only a 4 piece function band , with brightly coloured Zoot suits for the function gigs . Everyone had a different colour . I still can't believe the " no you don't " . Sums it all up . Even with a bright blue suit on , the bassist can still be ignored .
  11. E sharp


    Bought the SFX Burninator off of Martin (knew it'd be mine one day) . Great communication , and we worked around each other regarding payment methods . Good level of trust with us both , as is unique to Basschat - we're all gents on here . Great guy to deal with .
  12. I've got the WT400 , the one before , and it's all I've played in nearly 12 years . I've done blues deps , covers bands , and the like , and it'll cover everything . They're out of vogue at the moment , so they can be picked up relatively cheaply .
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. [url="http://www.sfxsound.co.uk/"]http://www.sfxsound.co.uk/[/url] He's on here - Silent Fly (Max is his name)
  15. [quote name='invicta59' timestamp='1348774301' post='1818119'] After a brief explanation of how most classical lefties learn to play rightie [/quote]What was the reason that he gave? I've heard this said also . But I've also heard classical players bemoan the fact that pop music is all about image first , then find that their employers won't hire a leftie , because of the look in an orchestra , with the symmetry - seems the same image first attitude with them too .
  16. Graphite necked bass with fan frets - I reckon there's a massive market for one
  17. Saw this up for sale - though can't remember where . Thought this was great , and even more so with that picture . Awesome bass there Bob
  18. Top buy this . Lasted longer than I thought . Always fancied one of these , but as usual , no money at the time
  19. That is a tasty Passion 3 , I agree . Sorry to hear about your job Dave . And your series II is lovely mate - tried it at the last but one East Anglian bash , and spent most of the day gravitating back to it for a noodle . When I get around to selling some gear , I'm gonna have to get me a nice Passion II
  20. The boss has spoken - told ya , all you need in one post
  21. I know a bit , but I'm not even going to try - Ped's your man for this . He knows all the subtle differences in the different 'marks' , ie Passion 1 , Passion 11 , Passion 111 . There are also differences within those 'marks' aswell . Give it a day or two , and all will be revealed , or maybe try and PM him . Paul .
  22. I know you weren't looking for answers as such , but this is it [url="http://www.status-graphite.com/"]http://www.status-graphite.com/[/url]
  23. [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VIGIER-ARPEGE-111-FIVE-STRING-CUSTOM-HAND-BUILT-BASS-GUITAR-/230834477005?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item35bece97cd"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VIGIER-ARPEGE-111-FIVE-STRING-CUSTOM-HAND-BUILT-BASS-GUITAR-/230834477005?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item35bece97cd[/url] Very nice and all , but some just have a vastly over inflated idea of what these are worth - lovely though .
  24. Dreadful . Bike rally with supplied PA , but unfortuanately came with 2 sound men that had no idea - and I mean NO idea . Worst rally ever .
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