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  1. In bad taste maybe , but did make me laugh . http://thehardtimes.net/2015/10/01/lemmy-waiting-end-tour-announce-hes-dead/
  2. I liked the one Waynepunkdude did , with the photo - asking for people to do as they will with it . There was some great photoshop bits done
  3. That sounds great - really good to demo it with the direct comparison to the DI . Demo shows no difference in models on the patches shown . I'll definitely be interested when it comes out .
  4. In the last few years , when one of our guitarists couldn't make a gig , we've had to re-jig the set around a bit . As the others have said - you'll have a bit more space to fill it out , and this can be like being suddenly 'untied up' . But if I'm honest , the best thing about those few gigs , was that I finally had a bit of physical room on stage , and didn't have to constantly turn to the side , whilst he carried out continual amp fiddling (normally to turn up!)
  5. [quote name='leroydiamond' timestamp='1446546971' post='2900124'] Was on a cruise several years ago and took this clip with my crappy mobile phone, so sound quality is not the best [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTpNWaDAs-s"]https://www.youtube....h?v=HTpNWaDAs-s[/url] These guys were using very basic gear and just a vocal P.A. No harmonising pedals or any sneaky stuff. [/quote] I've just checked this and some of their other clips on Youtube , and the harmonies are really really good . That Joseph has a great voice
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y37QgDY-MiY
  7. Bought myself another Eden 410XLT a year or so back , for £225 . Already have one , doubt I'll ever use the both of them together , but sort of couldn't turn it down . Mental money when you think about it , for an awesome cab .
  8. Well the pub in question never told us , it was in for this last weekend we played there - only found out when we asked . As far as they told us , it was from next year . Luckily they'd had an issue with the set up , so cash in hand . Any band playing there would be non the wiser , until they went to get the cash at 2am , to be told - "sorry , no cash . We require a full name , address , Email address , and Tel number . You then get an Email to a link , and do it all there" . They'll e a few annoyed bands I reckon , as that particular pub weren't for warning anyone !! I suppose many landlords were pocketing some of the budget - good for the brewery , but not for the bands .
  9. Being brought in by Greene King , across the board . There's info on what people think on the FB group - "Gigs for musicians to avoid" - just scroll down and you'll find it . A local GK venue to us is bringing it in from next year , and to be honest , no one want to be the one who gives out their info . I agree , if I was doing function work again , I'd be above board , but not for one pub gig a month , I do now (£45 in my hand) We're seriously considering binning our gigs there for next year - bollocks to 'em
  10. [quote name='TrevorR' timestamp='1443196664' post='2873069'] The Propellerheads cover is a cracking version... [media]http://youtu.be/7O1_0hikl-A[/media] [/quote] Loved this then , and now too . The bit at 6:50 when the bass comes in is awesome - especially with headphones cranked right up
  11. [quote name='JTUK' timestamp='1442078478' post='2864306'] I think the better amps ...IMO...don't have para metric controls..and I have two that don't, which I think is a very good thing. Having said that...my pre amp onboard does.. A 4 band semi parametric is old hat now.. IMO. [/quote] May be right , but still a lot of love for my old Eden head - really nice voiced Semi Parametric
  13. [quote name='steve-soar' timestamp='1436914200' post='2822102'] Saw him at Finsbury Park, useless twat, pissed off most of the crowd. Never again. Good debut lp though. [/quote] Was that the Madstock gig - '96 I think?
  14. [quote name='Jazzneck' timestamp='1436463453' post='2818392'] Any of you met Jack Bruce when he was having a bad day? [/quote] He lived in Suffolk . Not many of his neighbours had good words to say about him . Had a mate who was there once , and was quite shocked at the animosity towards him .
  15. This looks like the exact one that's advertised on Facebook (Bass Players Market UK) ; but the seller there , is Hal Carter .
  16. Well Mark King has had more signature basses , I reckon .
  17. Just read this on here . Really really lovely player - echo all of the above .
  18. [quote name='TheGreek' timestamp='1427137394' post='2726314'] It gets worse: [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Marshall-MBC-810-8x10-bass-speaker-cab-1200-watts-/201309703833?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2edefe4e99"]http://www.ebay.co.u...=item2edefe4e99[/url] [/quote] To think , that was bought/sold for £127 . Mental
  19. [quote name='spacey' timestamp='1427045606' post='2725031'] The issue I find with Rickenbacker basses. They are like a set of precision wood carving tools. If you are a really good wood carver, with tools that are precision made you will excel at what it is you set out to do. If you are a hammer and screwdriver wood carver, then, they will just make things harder to do and you will end up blaming the tool for your failings. Where these instruments have been placed in the hands of experts, we have some of the most distinctive sounding most recognisable baselines in the world. Those that can benefit from them, do so, the others, well they need something that does not require such level of skill to master. Not everyone can do it unfortunate, no point getting angry about it, just keep practising, you might make the grade . [/quote] This is meant tongue in cheek , isn't it? Cause you never know on here - especially lately , it would seem . God , this thread is a mess
  20. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1424783839' post='2700388'] Watch the US version of undercover bosses with Peavey... [/quote] I read about this - shocking . I tried to watch the link , but it said it couldn't be watched in my area/region , or something
  21. [quote name='51m0n' timestamp='1423069360' post='2680323'] Yes it would wouldn't it.... Apologies to everyone for being a part of pissing someone off who turned up out of no where and stated a fact that isn't actually true with an over enthusiastic rebuttel. I didn't knoiw he was a pro bassist who has done a million miles on the strength of his playing, and I dont really care, sorry. Then again why should that make any difference at all? What he said was his opinion (and stated incredibly rudely in the first place - although he subsequently deleted that post), he's welcome to it, my opinion was that what he said was in fact somewhat too black and white and not one he could back up with real data. The fact that he is a pro is not relevant to 99% of the people on this forum and the places they are playing so some of his advice wont marry up with their experiences, I gave the other view. Should we not have our own opinion and make it if it is in someway different from a player who can label themselves a pro for some reason? Seriously? We aren't allowed to respond to a pro if we don't agree with them. Can I suggest that everyone who is a pro must now declare themselves a pro in their avatar so I know when to keep my enormous gob shut then for fear of causing offense..... Or I could just follow him out the door if you'd all prefer Its rather like all the antagonism towards Bill Fitzmaurice and Alex Clabber though. And you wonder why they hardly ever post. [/quote]I'm totally with you on this . Though it appears I'm in the minority . The outcome was really unfortunate , especially for someone who's playing many of us have probably admired for years . Pro , or not pro , he really did himself no favours with his dogmatic approach . Everyone is entitled to their opinion etc , and I personally don't use that effect ; but nor do I use chorus , but I'm hardly likely to say that those that do , use it as a crutch , instead of practicing good vibrato . Think he alluded to something similar over on Talkbass - maybe a coincidence? Who knows . All in though , bit of a shame all round .
  22. I would say that , to echo what's been said , that most 'pros' would actually learn more about the intricacies of gear from us , than we would of most of them . The 'compression gate' thread , I would say proved that - I'd wager 51mon knows more than most .
  23. [quote name='xilddx' timestamp='1422560068' post='2674173'] He has complete independence doesn't he. Beautiful sounding voice too. One of the best reunions ever too, they sounded wonderful. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWh5ilLBs-k[/media] [/quote] Gotta love Copeland . Honestly , who wouldn't love to play with that guy behind them - such lovely player .
  24. [quote name='tauzero' timestamp='1420253674' post='2647291'] But did you see Dawn French and go "phwoar"? [/quote]I did . He he
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