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  1. [quote name='Maude' timestamp='1463261693' post='3050076'] All the instruments on the Def Leppard one really easy, I can even drum to it with one arm tied behind my back. [/quote]My mate used to play some Def Leppard in a band years ago , and used to pull one arm out of his T shirt for those songs
  2. I've sort of gone the other way . Had my little Eden WT400 for 15 yrs , and at the time it was a lightweight ; though some now would say no . I used as Eden 410XLT for 15 yrs , and skirted with NEO Epifani 410 and 610 , and gone back to the Eden as love the sound of it . Just bought a Crest CA9 this week , to go with an Eden pre amp . The sound is awesome , and the Crest , frankly , is not as heavy to carry as it's made out to be . The Eden cab is heavier at 3am , but I look at it like this - I play it for 3 hrs , and carry it for 3 mins .
  3. Only about an hour from me - nearest bass shop now ...hmmmm . Is there going to be a Web page Nick?
  4. [quote name='4stringslow' timestamp='1462913942' post='3046996'] What happened to the 'big man'? Did he go on to make a name for himself? [/quote]He's still on the circuit - a living out of it , I think . He was in Les Mis for a while in the West End , but never quite made it - twat .
  5. Fired , but sort of ready to leave anyway . Around late 80's early 90's (can't remember now) , I was called up to work with an up and coming new country guy , who , locally , was well known , and had a great reputation . Loads of Sunday rehearsals , and band was cracking . Did some really good USAF gigs , and a real buzz around the band was happening . Everything was evenly split , even though it was his name as the band - The ***** band , as such . This was never an issue with anyone . He then copped some big paying gigs , and decided that for them , we'd be on a wage , but an even split on the cheaper gigs . The guitarist wasn't happy , and caused a scene , as his mate , he looked at me , and I agreed . The other two just stared at the floor , not wanting to upset the 'talent' . This was primarily because there was an Albert Hall gig booked (as part of a festival) , and they didn't want to not play there . The guitarist got a call from the girl fiddle player the next day , as did I - big man never even had the guts to do it himself . There was talk about me helping them out with the Albert Hall gig , but I told them to **** off . So by complaining about £20 (I think it was) , I got fired . Even today when I get a shirty Landlord giving it the 'big I am' , I mention that I'm not bothered about playing their poxy pub , as I turned down playing the Albert Hall , all over £20 . He he
  6. [quote name='sunburstjazz1967' timestamp='1462355934' post='3042277'] I suppose this is where those six D&B monitors would really shine as long as they weren't hired out when you needed them? :-) [/quote] That's never going to go away , is it ...... he he
  7. [quote name='peteb' timestamp='1461699446' post='3036955'] He's not bad either... [/quote]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69EcnxJmnd4&list=PLSiv2uRgWAfKg5dhTiueLZQwdOKIIYGdd
  8. [quote name='chardbass' timestamp='1460475832' post='3026040'] They were the favoured amp of choice a while back. There have since been others and now there is someone else :-) I've played Eden WT heads since '99. [/quote] Me too - had my WT400 since about 2000/1 and it's all I've played since . Only lacked power on one gig - awesome little amp As said , they were flavour of the month for a while , and now not so . Good thing is , the 2nd hand market prices are now really low - good time to be an Eden lover
  9. I'm surprised no one has mentioned 'Let it grow' by Clapton
  10. I had this with Elites with my rear loaded stingray on the E sting only . I just now never buy strings with silked ends
  11. [quote name='colgraff' timestamp='1459164959' post='3013970'] I think this is a natural extension of a cashless economy. We all like to be paid in cash, but as we are providing a commercial service, being paid cash with no questions asked isn't really defensible in the 21st century for a band or a plumber / builder, etc. [/quote]Playing Devil's here - but does that logic then extend to buying a pint from the same venue? I understand this is the way it's going , and bands have been used to cash in hand ; but the payment surely 'has' to be both ways?
  12. [quote name='barneyg42' timestamp='1459196444' post='3014393'] I wonder if some of these venues get a cash allocation from the brewery anyway and "lose" it somehow! Very easy to fake a receipt! Cynical? Me? [/quote]And this now ties in with the other topic - about InvaPay and the Events payment method . Cash in hand pub bands losing out because of a few greedy publicans .
  13. Similar to InvaPay then . Doesn't work both ways though ..... Try ordering a round , then tell then you'll pay in 7 working days .
  14. [quote name='dood' timestamp='1458858800' post='3011712'] Well they are designed so that if you drop C (CGCF) they will still have a decent tension to feel like a standard tuned balanced set [/quote]Think I'll order some and see what they're like . Will have to see if they can handle multiple tuning up and down throughout a set - some strings go dead quickly doing that . Cheers for that mate- I'll give 'em a go
  15. [quote name='dood' timestamp='1458761172' post='3010648'] Absolutely use this set for Drop C and Drop C# [url="http://www.daddario.com/DADProductDetail.Page?ActiveID=3769&productid=380&productname=EXL160BT_Nickel_Wound__Balanced_Tension_Medium__50_120&sid=82837d8d-863c-4168-8e34-e84677425f6d"]http://www.daddario....34-e84677425f6d[/url] They are dead easy to get hold of and sound great. I've used them on album work and have had no problems with tension.. because this type of tuning is exactly why Balanced Tension sets matter. [/quote]They look good , but heavy gauge . I often do dropped D , and also down a whole step on all four - with a bottom C (so a sort of dropped D , with everything down a step) I've had 5'ers , and never found one I liked , and the graphite neck on my 4 , is just as taut on a dropped C , as any 5 I've tried . Dood - I'm getting a new set tomorrow , and fancy trying those strings . How much more heavy do they feel than the regular 105-45 set ; as I tried 110-50 , and felt a bit too heavy for me . Does the balanced set , almost make them feel less weighty?
  16. [quote name='pete.young' timestamp='1457896370' post='3002795'] Any desire I might have had to go and see Limehouse Lizzy has completely evaporated. Who the hell do they think they are? [/quote] I'll tell you in a few months - we're supporting them at a festival
  17. Used to do loads years ago . Did a dep function last year , and to be honest , I do miss it a bit . As already said - long hours etc , but money good , and normally everyone up for it . Also , when I was single , there was more chance of a 'take home' , than at the Tickled Trout pub - he he
  18. [quote name='EssentialTension' timestamp='1456521514' post='2990091'] Yes, certain things about the setup of the instrument will make so-called mwaah more noticeable but it's in your fingers really and it's possible to 'play it straight' on a fretless and it will still sound and feel different to a fretted instrument. [/quote] It's my life - by Talk Talk is probably a good example of this I reckon
  19. I'm seeing the same - this sometimes happens . It'll be up again later on
  20. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1454961932' post='2974669'] Well, that's just another kettle of fish. [/quote]Well I've been spectating and not participating (as per usual) , and I doubt I'll be able to think of an unused fish pun , coming into the game this late ; but maybe placing the cases in a ROE , to aid loading , is the best I can do
  21. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1454959824' post='2974646'] Racks are mansgeable but unless you are flying or putting your gear into a boarded out van (with loading ramp) go padded cases... Says the man with a flightcased Fender Twin. Even with a van, you've still got to get it into the venue... ...which no doubt has lots of stairs. Nobody needs flightcases to play The Tickled Trout. [/quote]But what if the Tickled Trout has flightcased D&B monitors being wheeled in by a bloke with fancy strides on?
  22. What a price for that - and an hour from me to boot . I mustn't tempt myself though . I bought one of these new when they came out , and it was an awesome amp - but really heavy . Gigged it for years
  23. [quote name='JTUK' timestamp='1453155203' post='2957008'] Bloody hell... [/quote] That's what I thought - shocked
  24. I saw the OP's first post as he posted , and genuinely thought that he'd fallen for one of those internet rumours . nothing on BBC and no one replied . Not a massive fan , but a fan nonetheless . Such a huge huge loss - really shocked today (pretty much all day) . Maybe this will lighten the mood . http://www.facebook.com/thedailystar/videos/1235790066437854/?pnref=story
  25. [quote name='bubinga5' timestamp='1452380636' post='2949529'] PM'd [/quote] I really don't blame you - an absolute stunning bass , that's always come up for sale when funds are light .
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