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  1. I used to years ago dep with a blues band as and when , and this leg motion was used all the time . Also arching of the head , for another turnaround to bring it to a finish . Deps , even function band ones are all about looking for cues - and picking up on them fast . Chuck Berry used to do the leg thing too I think .
  2. He won't be able to reply , as he's in hospital with Covid again .
  3. That’s a lot less that I thought. Have you tried one?
  4. Unless I'm being thick , I've not been able to find any prices anywhere on their web page . So no idea what the price ranges are for the KK EUBs
  5. What are your guy's thoughts on the Ray Ramirez EUBs? I know they're a sort of copy of the Ampeg Baby Bass , so leaning towards the Latin/Salsa type of sound . Are they limited to that sort of thump , or can they get an quasi DB sound too?
  6. Was that the one that was up on Facebook Marketplace - over in Colchester?
  7. Local to me , and if I had the funds , I'd be playing this tonight at band practice . All the 4 string you'd ever need . These new MM stingrays are lovely . GLWTS .
  8. Some of their Musicman basses are stating 10% off , yet are exactly the same price as last week , without the 'discount' .
  9. I bought one of these when they came out , after reading the review in Guitarist . £735 new . Just checked the Inflation calculator , and it'd be close to £1700 now . These amps are great
  10. I don't know how this compares to the heavier HD212 that I've got ; but if it's anything like it , it's a beast .
  11. Yes input sensitivity is key. I have a Crest CA9, that I can drive with just a bass alone.
  12. Yep , that's why I got rid of mine . Couldn't cope with pedals before it at all , and wasn't that great with my Stingray even on it's own - passive bass fine . Loads on Talkbass about this . Shame really , as I thought the tone of it was really nice .
  13. Tech 21 pedals will , if I remember correctly.
  14. SFX Micro EQ . Adds some lovely warmth , and just 'something' . I've never had it switched off in absolute years .
  15. Think it's probably mid to late 80's . Bought it nearly 30 years ago from a bloke who sold the body and neck off , then got Roger Giffin to make a body with a fancy top , then fit the neck . He had a fretted and fretless done - as a pair . I went for both of them , but the fretted got sold. So I had the fretless and got a guy called Steve Smith (from Southend) , to fret it . He was involved with Goodfellow if I remember .
  16. A sort of an aside , but still a graphite neck on a Stingray - Modulus neck with no trussrod
  17. I've seen a nice 20yr old full fat US MM Sterling with matching black headstock and piezo , up for £1200 . So even the Sterling prices appear to have risen - and I don't really know if it's a valid price or not . I suppose all MM prices have gone up . Trouble is , like most who've seen and liked the new ones , and would like one , but lack the 2K ; they're now looking for a really nice 2nd hand one . Maybe this has contributed to pushing the prices up?
  18. No idea what the bass frequency is set to , on the 3 band EQ's in my Stingray and Bogart , but it's higher than 40 , and very useful . I had a SEI Jazz years ago with an Aguilar 2 band that had the bass set at 40 hz , and it was utterly useless . Lots of people like these Aguilar 2 bands , and the Sadowsky one which is similar I believe , so what do I know - all taste as per normal .
  19. Do you think that they had as a technical adviser , "he who can't be named"?
  20. E sharp

    Show us your rig!

    Eden WT400 and 410XLT . Then Mesa 412 and rack . Truth be told even though I've only had one rehearsal with the Handbox , I'm not sure if it's for me or not - wait and see .
  21. I've only got one side handle on mine - not two like the one in the clip . Same case and all . Not sure if it's because it enables me to stand in up sideways for a bit , or it was sent out unfinished ?
  22. E sharp

    Show us your rig!

    Got myself a smaller rig for the new Northern Soul outfit . So 3 different rigs now , but can mix and match . No idea how I've ended up with so much gear - I'm supposed to be scaling down
  23. I know not everyone frequents a gym ..... But I've never understood why some players will happily pay money to lift heavy stuff , but don't want to get paid to lift heavy stuff .
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