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  1. Anyone noticed that they can't access Talkbass at the moment? Is it down?
  2. Front to back . 1st - master volume 2nd - piezo PU/magnet PU blend Then - Treble , Mid , Bass , as per normal . So the extra knob (which could be the bloke playing it) , is a pan , rather than a second volume .
  3. This would be perfect in a 4U rack with my big ‘ol Crest CA9, banging it out at a gig. But come up when I’m pretty much spent out this last year. Unaware if anyone uses these as a live pre- maybe a few over the pond? Haven’t got the funds at the moment, so a pointless reply from me really- he he. But a GLWTS, for one of the all time killer pre amps.
  4. Bought a last month , and just a few rubbish pictures - that are already up on the Musicman Porn page . Got a mate to do a set up , new strings , and it plays really really nicely .
  5. Crest CA9 does grunt in spades . I bought one a few years ago . Used to be in charge of band's PA over the years , so had lots of brands - from big 'ol iron heavyweight jobbies , to various switch mode ones . I bought it on a whim , really expecting all the hype was rubbish , scratch the itch , and move it on . It's a beast . Never a better time to buy a heavy power amp that really does the business , if you don't mind the weight - good bargains to be had .
  6. I might be wrong , but I think Marillion ask people to send them say £15 or the like , this pays to record the album , then they post it out to the person . I think that model , makes them a half decent living . Also , I know nothing about streaming , as not interested at all in it ; but has anyone actually refused to have their songs on Spotify or the like? Thus maybe forcing people to actually buy something?
  7. These are far better than the Ampeg ones , that they copied . Main thing being that you still get the lovely sound on the 'thru' , rather then just the clean . If I remembered this correctly . If I wasn't skint , I'd be all over this , as they hardly ever come up for sale .
  8. E sharp

    Vigier Porn!

    I much prefer the looks of the Passions like that , to the Arpeges overall. I'm spent out for a while , but whenever one came up for sale , always every time coincided with me just buying something else .
  9. I see summer festivals are being organised and booked - in case anyone's interested .
  10. Your Dad fretted my Musicman that had a Modulus Quantum fretless neck on it - my main bass since around '91/92 . The fret work was impeccable, and It's been gigged hard all that time , and only required a single little dress up in 30 years . He was the only one I contacted who was up for doing it - this was pre internet , and even Rob Green wasn't interested . My memory is sketchy after 30 years (I was around 22 at the time) , but I do remember a massive shed , with stacks of Goodfellow bodies and necks hanging up . He offered to make me one , but I was skint after borrowing the money for the MM/Modulus hybrid . He had some great stories about Goodfellow , Peter Green , Graham Gouldman , Heartwood guitars and I think even Nigel Ross Scott - who I think he gave a Heartwood to as a freebie , in lieu of TV exposure playing it . I only met him twice , and he was a proper gent .
  11. I'm not sure if this has been said before - it probably has , on here at some time or other . But is the Courier industry , the only industry , where you pay for a service , and then have to take out extra insurance at cost , in case they don't do the job that you've already paid them to do in the first place ?
  12. Just a note to add on to the pictures . I'd sold some gear , and was then saving up a bit more (as and when) , for either a 2nd hand Stingray Special , or an Old Smoothie , that I'd seen up - and was in contact with the seller . A Sterling wasn't particularly on my radar , but it was less than the Stingrays I was looking at , and it's got the piezo bridge ; which adds quite a bit sound wise . Added to the fact that Piezo Stingrays are quite rare , and a Sterling one , even more so . It'll be a nice contrast to my graphite necked Stingray . So in true BC style - I couldn't help myself . Proper skint now though .
  13. Picked this up a few weeks ago . Yet to clean and set up etc , as been busy . Excuse the rubbish photos
  14. They did a good version on Duran's Rio in North Korea though ....
  15. I used to years ago dep with a blues band as and when , and this leg motion was used all the time . Also arching of the head , for another turnaround to bring it to a finish . Deps , even function band ones are all about looking for cues - and picking up on them fast . Chuck Berry used to do the leg thing too I think .
  16. He won't be able to reply , as he's in hospital with Covid again .
  17. That’s a lot less that I thought. Have you tried one?
  18. Unless I'm being thick , I've not been able to find any prices anywhere on their web page . So no idea what the price ranges are for the KK EUBs
  19. What are your guy's thoughts on the Ray Ramirez EUBs? I know they're a sort of copy of the Ampeg Baby Bass , so leaning towards the Latin/Salsa type of sound . Are they limited to that sort of thump , or can they get an quasi DB sound too?
  20. Was that the one that was up on Facebook Marketplace - over in Colchester?
  21. Local to me , and if I had the funds , I'd be playing this tonight at band practice . All the 4 string you'd ever need . These new MM stingrays are lovely . GLWTS .
  22. Some of their Musicman basses are stating 10% off , yet are exactly the same price as last week , without the 'discount' .
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