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  1. I thought that might've happened . In the middle of moving stuff around at he moment , was going to be in the market for yours in a month or two , and you had to go and do something stupid , like play it again - he he
  2. Do people actually buy these , do you think? Well I suppose they must do
  3. I'm not sure if it's Bogart that made the Shack necks , or Shack who make the Bogart necks . I think Stefan ships a lot of his work out , so might be worth asking him . You might be lucky and get a result - not stuck still waiting 18 months for a bass and given the right royal run around , like me . But that's a story for another thread .
  4. It'll never sell without saying what the string spacing is at the bridge - amateurs I say
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Slight derailment here , but how do you guys think that this would compare to a Sadowsky? https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/don-grosh-jazz-5
  7. I've got some gear on the cusp of selling , and was looking to hit the button on one of these from PMT ; but this has put me right off really . Not very good from them - how would I know that they'd not send me another knocked about one?
  8. I'm with Al on this one . The thought of faffing about with a PC or laptop just turns me off . I also don't own a smart phone , so some of these synth pedals will have functions that I can't access - and before you think I'm a luddite ; I'd say there's more people like me than you might think . I've though about the C4 or the FI , but I'd only be using the patches it comes with .
  9. This is exactly what I'm finding out about my pending Bogart build (when and if it finally gets finished . Surprised me
  10. This is one of the great debut albums I reckon . Similar to the Police's first effort , in that is sort of said - we're here . I'll have to check this out again on YT - vinyl has long gone alas .
  11. When I was 13 this was an influential album .
  12. Something similar here in Bass Direct . https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/ENKI_Cases.html
  13. I'm holding my 751 for him - until lockdown is over and we can meet up
  14. Vail Johnson did himself no favours at all - IIRC
  15. I bought one of these a few years ago , and still have it boxed up. Tried it again the other day straight into a power amp , then speaker . It has a lovely sound (really nice) , but found that it doesn't like pedals before it at all - just seems to overload it way too much . And also that 12 or 15 volt power supply is a bit of a pain - why not 9 or 18 volt?
  16. This sort of topic has come up on and off over the years on here . I can see the logic on multi band nights , using a DI box for speed . But as BigRedX (think that's the correct name) has said , they never do it with the guitar do they? Why do us bass players have to put up with just a horrible DI only box sound (in most of these multi band dos) , and never a nice mic off our cabs?
  17. Another lovely bass Dave . You do have an awesome collection . I'd say good luck with the sale , but I know that this is one of your main basses , so not being sold lightly . Best of luck . Paul .
  18. Dave Swift's one is here - yummy . https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/sadowsky-nyc-p5
  19. Jimmy Dewar had one of the greatest male rock voices of all time - just my opinion . Just epic
  20. I learnt this finally for a dep the other month ; and that middle bit is a real finger twister, and I found it difficult at proper speed - still unsure about it . Had a run through with the guitarist/good mate a few days before , to be told that they miss that bit out completely - he he
  21. Higher and Higher is the same for me too - not in itself tricky , but my left hand always aches by the end . Keep the Faith - used to play this years ago , but like a lot of players , I tend to 'rake' moving down across the strings . This makes it a bit trickier than it should .
  22. I don't understand how a pub gig can be cancelled , whilst the said pub , decides to stay open .
  23. Then they should check out some of the lesser known album tracks - delve in with headphones and soak it up .
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