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  1. Yep . I worked out the other day that I've sunk over a grand on pedals in the last 5 years . Apart from the tuner , 2 are always on (SFX Thumpinator and Micro EQ) , and one only one gets used for a Muse song (Prunes and Custard) . Still got them all - either sitting on the board , or at home in my wardrobe . I agree , it's obscene he he
  2. That's very light. I bet it's like you're hardly wearing it at all
  3. Nope , another company . It just has a similar feature set as the Noble - apart from the lack of pedal power . Also a fair bit cheaper too .
  4. Not strictly the same (ie no pedal power) , but this looks nice . http://www.n-audio.net/tube-preamp-di-box
  5. This in mental . As I said earlier ; if this was 19mm not 17mm spacing , I'd be gigging it already . Checked my main 2 basses last night just to be sure , and they're both 19-20mm (depending on what eye I have closed) . Saying that , I'm almost tempted by it , just to see it go - this is just crazy guys
  6. Someone's got a steal here . As previously said - a Sadowsky in all but name . I really ummed and ahhed about this - didn't need it , but wanted it he he
  7. I agree . I'm a real Modulus fan boy , but I think that the string spacings are too narrow for me on these Quantum 5's - I like 18-19 mm Killer bass , and killer deal
  8. I'm about half an hour north - near Brandon . Eden's will be too heavy ; but I've got a couple of Epifani 210's if you want to borrow one - I never use them
  9. An old mate from school's mum , once told me that she saw Hendrix play down the road from me - in Watton Norfolk . (true story) Perhaps when she goes , we can harvest her optic nerves , and flog them on Ebay
  10. I like that . What sort of LEDs were they - the strip ones?
  11. I remember Stuart having this up - reckons it's an awesome slap machine . I was half thinking about this at the time , and still unsure whether to save up a bit for a 5 headless commission . Where are you based James?
  12. 4 ohm . One of my Eden's that I never used . Tom's a great guy , and selling it on , for the price I sold it to him for - not many would do that
  13. This was steal at this price , and I'm surprised that you'd had so many lowball offers - but sadly , even on here now , you just get wasters . Glad you could sell in the end though mate .
  14. Where are you? Also , what model is it - A,B or C?
  15. I'm pretty sure that the valve colouration this DI gives , is also on the 'thru' too . I was buying this , until the seller came to his senses - he he
  16. Old thread update . I've been looking at valve DI's , and I don't think the REDDI gets the lovely goodness through the 'thru' jack. Is this right? In which case it's not much use to me , as I'm gearing up to a pre-amp pedals to power amp rig , and would like the nice sound on the thru also . The Khan has the valve sound on the 'thru' , and the Groove Tubes Brick does I think too - though not sure on that one .
  17. Just looking at the pictures - are all of those basses yours , or are they ones you've previously owned?
  18. Actually Dan . I can do my own Paul Toneprint I can upload for you - CRAP . Crap tone , dodgy timing , and inappropriate use of technique . On to winner I reckon
  19. I'm not sure why this hasn't gone yet - might have a changed bridge , but all PEB (even though a mis match with the neck) This to me , makes it a nice working bass that has the mojo , sound , and up to a grand cheaper . If I weren't saving for a certain bass , I'd of snapped up this . This may end up being one of those basses that does the rounds on here . GLWTS
  20. This above is the correct way . I was always amazed at what I could get into my old Astramax van . Though I tend to carry this into real life too - my wife thinks I'm anal , as I 're pack' the dishwasher after she's done it , just to get a few more bits in . Old habits
  21. I've just checked Phil . You hardly have to be Poirot to work it out . Al a bi strange for the OP
  22. That's my thinking too . Gone the NEO route and always reverted back to my Eden 410XLT ; but it's a bugger to lift - especially at 2AM . Going for the 610 version when funds allow - heavier , but far easier to shift
  23. Bit of a bugger that I'm still waiting for a sale , or I'd of been all over this - looks like I've been beaten to it he he
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