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  1. These are lovely basses Neil . Is the ramp with the bass too? Also liking the Eden rig - I still have mine . Is that a 610 XLT?
  2. Moved all over place . Anyway , aren't these massive line array jobbies supposed to enhance dispersion? It was just a crap sound
  3. Just got in - Sunday only ticket , taking 15yr old daughter to first concert . I've no idea who does the sounds for this (especially the main stage) - dreadful . Airbourne sounded crap - just all bass drum mush . Steel Panther had a decent mix . Then Alterbridge started OK , then dissolved into more mush . Nifty bass work was seen , but no chance of hearing a note . Who'd of thought that a EBMM SR5 can't cut through - woeful mixing . Then Aerosmith came on and I thought were great - still a bit drum heavy at times , but pretty good mix . I know there have been live gig/festival sound threads before , but I was genuinely shocked at how bad the sound was .
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. You gigging the Eden tonight already Tom? If I can sell something else sharpish , then I'll have this . But don't hold out mate , 'cause stuff isn't selling like it used to . Consider this a bump then after 15 minutes he he
  6. Oh dear , I must've missed that bit . Shame , as I used to enjoy the 'reviews' .
  7. What was the reason for us not mentioning this master craftsman? One day, we were ticking along nicely, reviewing his 'elegant work', then suddenly he was off limits
  8. In case Alex is perusing this thread , then my Aguilar is now gone - sold a Status a few days ago , found out an issue with the pre, so chucked it in with the deal .
  9. I've got an Aguilar 2 band pre-amp , that's been kicking around for years . What's the deal here? Do you want us all to just send the stuff to you? Or will you contact us to say what you'd like?
  10. Or also , that Randy Hope Taylor Modulus twin pick up Flea bass . I bought a 5 string SEI Jazz at The Gallery, when it was a toss up between both of them . In hindsight , I bought the wrong bass . It's another bass that has popped up on here for sale a few times over the years , but had silence now for ages . One of the best basses I've ever tried .
  11. I sold one exactly like this around 15-20 years ago , for £600 I think (that should be a tale for the other thread) . Stunning bass , but couldn't get used to the very narrow bridge spacing
  12. I'll double what Andy said Dan . I've got a pair of Epifani 210 UL's if you want them on a borrow until your new cabs arrive
  13. There's some really nice stuff there - some well priced . Nice quirky bits too . Though not too sure about the McCartney tax disc - he he
  14. I've never played through an Ampeg 810 , but the rehearsal room we use in Ipswich , has an Eden 810 XLT (a quite rare and discontinued cab) , all driven by an old Ampeg V4B . Absolutely superb . Guy is selling up , and keeps asking if I want to buy it . He he . If it was 610 XLT I'd be all over it , but the 810 is just that bit too impractical
  15. Status necks are great . I've pretty much always used a Stingray with a Modulus Quantam neck ,that has no truss rod - never touched it. Only required a tune when I changed strings (before I started putting it in a gig bag , rather than the case I got with it)
  16. Nice picture Skank - just as we're all going to remember him ... legs astride , banging away . Never a massive fan , but for some reason this has pissed me right off . RIP
  17. My mate has one of those Crowns , for his rehearsal rooms - heavier than the Crest . The Crest is not lightweight at all , but neither is it the backbreaker it's made out to be . I've stuck it in a Boschma 2U case with lovely wide smooth handles , and it's a doddle to move around
  18. I've not long ago bought a CA-9 . Should I now hide?
  19. I've used one of these as my only amp for the last 16 years . Function work , plus years of drop tuned heavy stuff . These amps will do anything . Like Merton , if I hadn't just bought a power amp , I'd of had this . Awesome amp , for a great price .
  20. Yep . Not much is said against Phil Spector ; and he actually killed someone .
  21. You could always buy a 210XST - not half the weight , but lighter . Maybe even two of them
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