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    Echo all of the above . And they've got to be some of the most in depth pictures on a bass sale , that I've ever seen .
  2. Bought a Copilot Orbit off Dan , and a really smooth transaction . Good communication , and arrived when expected .
  3. [quote name='JTUK' timestamp='1415522396' post='2601034'] Crikey..... quite an influence of his design, I'd say... [/quote] Pretty obvious is an understatement he he . But .... They look good , and at a fraction of the cost
  4. I nearly bought that one at The Gallery , years ago - ended up with an all white SEI Jazz 5 , that I couldn't get on with and sold . Always wondered what happened to that Modulus , as it was an absolute corker .
  5. Raking for me . Going down the strings , I tend to naturally rake . If there's a complex piece requiring strict alternate fingering , I find that I really struggle . Though when I see other players , ie NWR on 'Rhythm stick' , he tends to rake . It's a habit I suspect that I'm not alone in
  6. [quote name='dood' timestamp='1412268919' post='2567378'] I once had a chat with that Dan Veall guy. I mean, nice chap n' everything and certainly knows his stuff about all things gear-wise.. but come on... trying to get him to go home. He'll never make money by over running all his lessons... [/quote]I met him too . Bought some gear off of him , and I suspect dozens on here have a similar tale to tell
  7. It did get close at times , but some of the remarks did make me laugh - was probably one of my favourite running topics .
  8. Now's as good a time than ever to buy one on here . Cheaper than I've ever seem them
  9. I'm getting nothing . No pictures or sound , just a pop up wanting me to install something
  10. [quote name='yorks5stringer' timestamp='1408991197' post='2535313'] Remember now when I was back up int'Yorkshire..we played a Wedding at a Wedding venue near Halifax. As we finished 4 merry guests came up to us and asked if they could use our instruments. I asked the guy who wanted to play my Bass if I could have his car keys. He asked why, I explained if he damaged my gear I would need to have a surety for compensation. He obviously thought I was being arsey ( which I was a bit!) and said forget it. As we packed away one of the other guests told us that was the drummer and bassist from Embrace and their mates...! [/quote] Shouldn't make much difference - would he let you use his gear . Most known 'pros' , know less about how to use gear than your average weekend warrior , I reckon . Point in case is Norman Watt Roy , who everyone still insists is a diamond geezer (and he may well be) , even when there's countless tales of him using the support band's rig , and half breaking something - with no talk of paying for it .
  11. I've just listened to a massive build up for Killing in the Name , and they never got to even the 2nd verse , before stopping it . Waste of time
  12. I'm probably in the minority , and gonna get slated - but this racket , is pretty much how I hear most of Led Zep . I've just never 'got' them at all . At least with this vid , they're nicer to look at
  13. The Grapes , in Bury St Edmunds . Last gig after 21 years - singer had enough . One of the best gigs , and a monster turn out . Sort of elated and flat at the same time . Going to look for someone else , as it's too good a band to stop , but it's just going to feel a bit strange . Onwards and upwards though .
  14. Penultimate gig with the band last night - 22 years . New venue , and first and last time , strangely enough . Next week is the last one .
  15. That's great when that happens . I gave an old Trace head to a young kid starting up who I knew , and also other bits and pieces away . It's just nice to do it if you can . I remember being helped out when I first started , and I've never forgotten it . I vowed to do the same , and I have - tuners , stands , books , videos , and the like . Not much , but just stuff lying around . I think the person giving gets almost as much as the person receiving , and if I'm anything to go by , by doing this , you're almost ensuring that that person does the same further on down the line .
  16. [quote name='sykilz' timestamp='1403993400' post='2488446'] Whenever I get a bit " Meh, Metallica aren't what they were" I see a live performance and then think " Oh yeah, THATS why I loved em!" The riffs, the riffs!!! [/quote] Yeah , I've never been a big fan , even though we do 2 of their songs . But I'm really enjoying it . Also flicking back and forth to Bryan Ferry , with Gut Pratt on bass - the bass sounds really good .
  17. [quote name='Roland Rock' timestamp='1403685786' post='2485183'] Where's best for the conventional (solderable) right angled 'low profile' (flat) plugs? This type, with guaranteed quality. [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hosa-IRG-100-5-Low-Profile-Right-Angle-1-4-Jack-Patch-Cable-6-/281343823905"]http://www.ebay.co.u...6-/281343823905[/url] I've had a few where the jack column can rotate in its casing - not sure that's a good thing? [/quote] These are what I use . I had loads of George L's with cable , spent an age making them up (really carefully) and they kept going wrong . My mate had the same issue . I know many folk swear by them and have no troubles with them , but TBH , I found them a load of rubbish (over 100 quids worth , I got so annoyed I threw them away) . Hosa for me now - even more room on board and excellent quality .
  18. I liked that , but I'd say about half of the songs , I've never heard of - probably showing my ignorance . But well played
  19. [quote name='Happy Jack' timestamp='1402384942' post='2472752'] Is he playing the inflatable beer can? [/quote] Ha ha - no idea mate . He arrives every year - sort of an institution if you like . Maybe this thread can be pinned , and be a sort of ongoing thing , where people post pictures or footage of punters with the band .
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNONLCWNKtI .. 50 seconds in - this bloke appears every year he he
  21. [quote name='lefrash' timestamp='1402091204' post='2470081'] Very cool! All very different. I'm off to search for more about the prunes and custard, that sound very interesting. [/quote] It's a unique pedal , with a few different sounds to it
  22. Only also really only work off the same ring main . If you've got a house with more than one , If they're each using a different ring , then they may not work at all .
  23. [quote name='skankdelvar' timestamp='1399653625' post='2446393'] [size=3]Where's Seth? Try asking Ernie Shuttleworth... (sniffs frostily)[/size] [/quote] Saw that coming a mile off , but still made me laugh - good call
  24. [quote name='Merton' timestamp='1398270037' post='2432315'] Good work! They are cracking basses, if I ever consider selling mine please shoot me [/quote] Just got the kids to bed and had a little play for the first time , and it's just a lovely bass . Was after a high end jazz keeper , and in my mind it's up there with the real top stuff , for a fraction of the cost .
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